3 Lessons of Jow App to Consider During Your Grocery Ordering App Development

E-commerce apps have changed the perception of shopping. Whether it is online shopping for clothes, beauty products, home appliances, or grocery, everything is now available at our fingertips. Among all these online shopping trends, groceries are gaining much more popularity and instant growth. Being a grocery shop owner, if you are aiming to expand your business, then the grocery ordering app development is a boon. Herein we have rounded up 3 lessons of French e-grocery startup, Jow, which recently raised $7M with its instant grocery shopping solution.

Grocery shopping is evolving with the advent of mobile apps like Instacart and Peapod. These grocery apps have made an impact on the on demand grocery market. It has become a shopper’s market where online users are demanding new, innovative experiences from check-out to home delivery, curbside pickups, and meal kits.

Now, being a regular grocery shop owner, you might be thinking about why should you advance into a mobile app for groceries. The reason behind is- an excellent opportunity to do business and increase revenue like never before.

The online grocery industry is gearing up with trending technological advancement like Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and have made tremendous growth. Thus, investing in such a tech-savvy world will give you systematic inventory management, a loyal consumer base, customized menus and recipes made by your groceries. You will reach more people in less time and also place discounts, offers, and avail more profits out of it than your brick and mortar business.

Before you plan to develop grocery app, let’s dive into some industrial statistics related to the apps for online grocery shopping and know about the scope.

Statistics of Online Grocery Shopping

  • According to Nielsen Data, click and collect represents nearly half of the online grocery sales. The sales are up by 18% from past couple of years.
  • In 2016 the global online grocery market generated approximately 48 billion U.S. dollars. It is expected to reach approximately 150 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

grocery ordering app development

  • According to Businesswire, the global online grocery delivery services market is expected to grow at an annual growth rate of 22% during the period 2018-2022.

Such statistics are proof that the on demand grocery delivery is a flourishing market for the coming years. Being a brick-and-mortar startup, you can easily vouch for user engagement as the online ecommerce platforms are increasing the trend of delivering things at their doorsteps.

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According to recent news by TechCrunch, a French E-Grocery app startup, Jow, has raised $7M in additional funding. You might get a question of what is so unique about the online grocery app? Let’s have an insight into the Jow app, before diving into the lessons for your grocery app development.

Jow App- Grocery Ordering App

  • The e-grocery app started in 2018 and is now serving five leading grocery retailers in France Monoprix, Carrefour, Auchan, Chronodrive and E.Leclerc.
  • The grocery app claims to make a user’s online grocery shopping in less than a minute.
  • Their food recommendation engine along with customized menu fills a user’s shopping cart with the required ingredients. Thus, the user does not have to scroll down searching for items into the app’s product category, and sub-category.
  • The recommendation engine of the app considers the tastes, kitchen appliances, whether or not the user has children, and also will check the availability of the ingredients in the supermarket.

After knowing a gist about the grocery delivery service app, let’s have a quick look at its 3 lessons.

3 Lessons of Jow App to Consider During Your Grocery Ordering App Development

  1. Provide users with customized menu and avoid in-app scrolling

    In this competitive grocery ordering and delivering app space, you need to provide clients with a whole new online experience. There are apps like Instacart and Peapod that are delivering and ordering groceries, what new will you bring to the app world?

    The answer to this is a customized menu. No one wants to waste time scrolling through the grocery menu every time they login to buy a particular time.

    For that, you can develop a customized menu of an online user’s repeat purchase, and then through ML technology, you can choose the exact quantities needed to avoid waste.

    If at all, a user is not satisfied with your customized menu, you can allow him to make his own and add that to your app catalog. To create a niche of your own grocery ordering app development, it is necessary to add such functionality as user perks into the app.

    If you are someone who is managing grocery and food genre blogs, you can easily convert blog into app and can make such custom grocery menus for health-conscious people. In this way, your grocery app will become a combination of buying the right items with apt information.

  2. Integration of smart algorithms like recommendation engines

    In today’s world, people are getting a lot of technological pampering. 

    Through smart algorithm integration, you can consider your user’s taste, their use of kitchen appliances, whether they have children or not and check the availability of the ingredients in the supermarket.

    You can automatically fill their shopping carts with all the ingredients they need for cooking a specific meal. There are two ways you can easily ace at the recommendation of the game.

    • Recommendation survey form: Let your online users fill up a manual form the very first time they sign-up in the app to know their preferences.
    • Buying pattern: Through search engines, you need to study the user’s buying pattern and then initiate recommendations via trained algorithms.
  3. Provide users with online grocery shopping and delivery from their chosen supermarket

    For becoming the most relevant and convenient grocery ordering app, you can collaborate with some of the best supermarkets nearby. In a single click, synchronize your user’s ingredients list to their favorite buying place and facilitate it with a delivery or pickup service. 

    Users will not have to rush to their favorite grocery place, they can access it from their couch. Such collaboration and integration of functionalities will bring more engagement in the app. And will also affect your online presence.

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So, you just checked on some important lessons to consider for developing a successful grocery app. This niche has a lot to offer and is also expanding as the trend of e-commerce and online shopping is increasing. It is evolving the service providing industry by changing consumer perceptions into 

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