Enterprise Mobility in
Public Sector

Over the years recently, there has been hype about embracing enterprise mobility in the private sector. Corporations, big and small alike, began to adapt to this new, unique idea that was revolutionizing the way things worked in companies.

Although the public sector was not as quick as the private sector to realize the benefits of enterprise mobility and embrace it, the trend is surely catching on. A large number of government agencies all across the globe have been reported to have switched to the use of enterprise mobility and reaped multiple benefits out of it.

Enterprise mobility refers to the mobilization of resources in an organization. It is not just a technological advancement but is also a trend, a work habit. Employees use applications to stay connected and updated even from remote areas. Consumers and other employees use mobile enterprise applications to perform various tasks quickly and more efficiently.

The Public Sector and Enterprise Mobility

As the public sectors in various countries all over the world struggled to lower their national debt and cut down on various costs, the need for a solution to their problems grew even stronger. Enterprise mobility solution has been reported to have helped formulate a strategy for these organizations to ensure better integration of data and user collaboration. In this sector, it is also very crucial that there was meaningful and constant communication between the organization and its external stakeholders, something that enterprise mobility has helped this sector achieve.

Furthermore, through mobile alerts, mobile case workers, mobile benefit payments, queuing up, mobile billing, appointment generation and handling, property tax handling, etc, this sector has been able to perform various functions very conveniently. It has been able to allocate time very efficiently and save a lot of costs as well.

As always, use of enterprise mobile apps also helps boost the productivity and efficiency levels of the employees and also helps the authorities in decreasing the number of building assets that are needed.

Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

The Consumers

Using enterprise mobile applications in the public sector will mean better accessibility and convenience for the consumers. Services like social housing, repairs and services, domiciliary care, use of trading standards, highway management, environment services, community welfare, waste management services and information, etc. are just a handful of the many ways this industry could keep serving its customers well, ensuring better customer care.

The convenience is all that matters in today’s world, and enterprise mobility provides you with exactly that.

Bear in mind that your mobile enterprise partner should understand the absolute need of the strongest security measures for your organization and sector. He must also be able to design applications that suit the needs of your company well. Moreover, he should be able to understand the different layers that go into the design phase, and how to develop effective mobile enterprise architecture or framework.

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FAQs Public Sector FAQs

I want to get a better picture to see why I should use these applications. What do I do?

We offer free consultation, so, you should contact us and clear away any doubts or misconceptions.


Will all our devices be compatible with the applications you design?

Applications can be designed to be customized and work with a wide range of devices and software


Is Bring Your Own Device culture suitable for the public sector?

There are many implications, positive as well as negative. Set up a meeting with us and we can discuss further, keeping your particular organization in mind.


How do I convince my employees to use these applications and that they are good for them?

Usually these applications are welcomed with open arms because they make employees’ jobs a lot easier, hence increasing productivity levels. However, if somebody does not like the idea, the best way is to explain the different benefits to him, and relate the whole idea with his specific job or role in the organization. Many public sector companies have reported that even those employees who were not computer literate have happily learnt and adapted to the use of these applications.

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