Enterprise Mobility for the Media Industry

Enterprise Mobility for the Media Industry

In today’s fast paced, rapidly changing business world, mobility has become a key necessity for many companies. Industries all over the globe are embracing enterprise mobility, and one such industry is the media industry.

But what exactly is Enterprise Mobility?

This is a trend, a shift in work habits. Mobile enterprise applications help employees stay connected to other employees and perform various functions through their own portable devices, without being physically located at the office. It allows customers to benefit from the company’s services through their own devices without having to leave their homes. Enterprise mobility is undoubtedly a breakthrough in technology.

Media Industry as a domain for Enterprise Mobility

The media industry has expanded very rapidly in recent years. There are head offices and sub divisions spread over a vast geographical landscape, and this means the need for enterprise mobility is even more urgent in this industry. There are applications that help media companies stay connected like Push notifications of minute-to-minute updates. Furthermore, there are applications that help receive live ratings and feedback which is very important for media channels to improve their services. Thus, the media industry is a perfect domain for enterprise mobility..

Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

Enterprise mobility can benefit the media industry in three particular areas:

For the Business to Consumer Segment

Enterprise mobility can provide up to date social networking tracking and alerts. It can get TV channels live rating updates and feedback as well. These applications can help personalize content and further distribute such content among the targeted audiences through smart phones or other mobile devices.

The media personnel can receive blogs and polls updates on their devices and can get alerts and push notifications, too. It can help transform websites that already exist so that they can be viewed on mobile phone and multi-platform devices. Furthermore, there are news applications giving breaking news and updates round the clock. Moreover, such applications integrate ad modules and give better customer service techniques.

For the Business to Business Segment

The biggest advantage that enterprise mobile applications will bring for the media industry is the one in the domain of business processes such as automation of sales force, work flows, integrating supply chain and providing up to date dash board reports. These reports give updates of project phases, completion status, and other related activities, all combined under the roof of a single custom built application.

Furthermore, there are specific platforms called Mobile Enterprise App Platforms (MEAP) that help design and implement the logic objectives of businesses on an application. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models and device management structures help these organizations give more flexibility to their employees thus improving productivity, efficiency, and performance.

For the Publishing Segment

We can develop mobile applications that can work on iPads and all sorts of tablets, and manage content efficiently for the publishing sector of the industry. Furthermore, these applications can be very narrowly customized and be integrated with the social networks that the company has its presence on or wants to extract information from. We can also design applications that allow third party integration, editing of content on those devices, push notifications, reporting tools, and video advertisements integration as well. Designers, editors, publishers, marketers, etc. never have to use bulky devices and be available in the office to integrate the process. These apps do just that for them.

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FAQs Media Industry FAQs

I am unsure about enterprise mobility, its usage and the kind of apps that will suit my organization. What do I do?

We provide enterprise mobility consultation. We will work with you to develop an enterprise mobility architecture or framework that works best with the kind of company you are.


What If these applications do not deliver value?

We ensure that the applications we design are developed after careful understanding of the needs of your organization. In the media industry, companies that have deployed enterprise mobility solutions have reported higher productivity levels and revenues. We ensure that we will help you achieve the same.


What if all my employees have different kinds of devices? Do they have to get new ones to adjust to these applications and frameworks?

That is not needed at all. We can design applications that work on multiple platforms and subsequently, different devices as well. In fact we can help you promote BYOD culture as well. Also, in a way, it will help you save a chunk of your investment while acquiring new hardware for your employees.


What do I do if I want only some of my organizational departments to use enterprise applications?

We can implement the transition in phases. The entire organization and its employees do not have to use applications for every process. This is merely to facilitate and shift the way organizations operate.


What should an ideal Enterprise Mobile partner be worried about?

Your enterprise mobility partner should ensure to implement end to end security measures. Media industry has databases that are of sensitive nature. Security should be the first priority.

Secondly, they should know how to integrate the framework with the design layers and should be able to tailor custom mobile applications for your use, i.e. they should be able to code and develop applications that work best with your objectives. Space-O has all the traits of trade required to implement enterprise mobility for a media organization.

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