Enterprise Mobility for
Manufacturing Industry

Ever since its inception, enterprise mobility has been a hot topic for many industries. Companies all over the world have been in the process of embracing this latest technological advancement. One such industry where enterprise mobile applications can be extremely useful is the manufacturing industry.

Enterprise Mobility

is a breakthrough in technology which has changed the way employees function as a team in an organization. Developers create applications that can help different departments stay connected even when located in different geographical areas. These applications enable companies to perform critical tasks and make important decisions in real time processing. Even consumers can be offered various applications by businesses that enable them to be better connected to the organization.

Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

Benefits for the Manufacturing Firm

Operational Benefits:

Mobile Enterprise applications have been proven to increase productivity levels in a company. They also ensure that costs are reduced, and there is greater efficiency, thereby increasing sales and revenue levels for the company. These applications allow data to be captured and stored faster, and enhance employee access to the critical and significant databases. They also help individuals in a firm collaborate better, and the quality of key data is improved through apps that can help validate the input right at the time the data is entered. Lead time is also reduced because firms now have automated systems thanks to enterprise mobility solutions, and so, a company can gain competitive edge in the market. It can also increase customer responsiveness, which again reflects directly on its profits.

Benefits to employees:

Users find the interfaces on mobile phones or other hand held devices easier to operate and interact with, thus increasing their efficiency by quickening their performances. Furthermore, these applications are more fun to use and motivate employees to be as innovative as they possibly can. As mobility gives greater flexibility, employees can spend a balanced amount of time outside the office as well. A BYOD type corporate culture increases staff engagement. In fact, various studies on the subject from around the globe have shown that employees prefer flexible working conditions more than higher salaries.

There are many applications of enterprise mobility in the manufacturing industry, such as asset management, field sales management, field service provision, and shop floor or warehouse management. So, whether you are a part of the process of manufacturing, or engaged in discrete manufacturing, these applications will surely prove useful to you.

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Improving relationships

In today’s corporate world, building better relationships is extremely crucial. How you offer your products or services is a lot more important than what you actually offer. One part of mobile enterprise is the ERP systems implementation, which enable business to manage their relationships in a highly feasible way. Easy communication and collaboration with business partners, vendors, suppliers, and customers, means better results for the business as a whole.

Your mobile enterprise technology partner…

should be an expert at this field. It is better to enter a new territory with someone who knows the land well. Furthermore, he should be able to lay down feasible and practical mobile enterprise architecture for you and must have thorough knowledge of the various design layers and steps. He should be able to custom design applications to suit your manufacturing firm – you may not have the same scale of operation as other companies in the industry, for instance. Also, he should provide you with the best end to end security available in the market.

FAQs Manufacturing Industry

I am not sure if this is the right IT solution for me. What am I to do?

We offer consultation to our customers to help them gauge the feasibility of these applications. Feel free to contact us for any queries.


I want only one aspect of my firm to be using enterprise mobile apps. Is that possible?

Yes, we can custom design applications for you so that only one part of the business relies on these IT solutions and the rest of it is operating the way it was.


I am not sure if the applications will be compatible with the devices my employees have. What am I to do?

Enterprise mobile applications can be designed to suit multiple interfaces and platforms. You can tell us what devices and software your employees have and we can design the applications according to that.


My organization manufactures products, but we want to reduce stock storage and warehouse space. Can applications help us with that?

Yes, we can develop mobile applications that will update the authorized personnel in the organization about the stock at hand, the stock that has been sold, and the stock that is required. Through these real-time updates, the organization can order stock only when it is just needed, and hence avoid piling up unwanted stock or even facing delays in stock arrivals.

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