Enterprise Mobility and M-governance

From revenue growth to productivity gains, businesses and government programs who use a defined mobile strategy are seeing significant results.

Healthcare Industry

Global corporations along with numerous smaller industries have been embracing the latest breakthroughs in technology for the past few years. Therefore it really should be no surprise that government agencies are also looking for ways to use enterprise mobility solutions to their advantage. M-governance has become a buzz word these days, and enterprise mobility is a concept that is quickly gaining ground around the world.

Enterprise mobility is a whole new idea for workforce mobilization and improvement in personal interaction. Using various applications to improve access point communication, data sharing, and information updates, only begins to describe how transformational enterprise mobile apps can prove to be for a country.

Mobile governance : The use of mobile phones and mobile-related software is being used to carry out a variety of government activities and to facilitate communication between government officials and citizens as well as between citizens of a community.

Mobile enterprise applications can be custom designed for various m-governance activities depending on the particular needs of a community, state or country. For example, you could use an application to file a complaint, stay in touch with your mayor, vote online, apply for a license, register your business, pay taxes, or a variety of other things.

Another major advantage to mobile enterprise in government agencies pertains to law enforcement or investigation agencies. Various applications have been designed to allow these public servants to stay abreast of real time information pertinent to their job. Collection of databases on one local server, which can be accessed by authorized personnel from anywhere, can also prove beneficial to these agencies.

Time is running away. If governments all over the world were to really take a step toward modernization and compete with the private sector, they would have to build an enterprise mobility strategy for themselves. Agencies and governments which choose not to invest in such technology today lose out massively on productivity increases, easier data sharing, and other benefits associated with enterprise mobility.

Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

Governments need reliable mobile enterprise partners

Naturally the greatest concern a government agency has when it comes to enterprise mobility is that of security. That is why Space-O works with each agency or government entity to customize their software, accessibility features, and security measures; ensuring the safety of citizens as well as the government agency itself.

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FAQs M-governance FAQs

What should I do if my agency is still confused about the whole idea?

Set up a free consultation session with us and we will make things clear for you.


Will everybody in the region accept these applications?

Enterprise mobile applications facilitate a lot of activities and make people’s lives easier. Many applications have replaced the traditional manual ways of doing things in different parts of the world and they have received extremely positive feedback.


What devices will these applications support?

We design custom built applications which can support whatever device you want them to.


What software is compatible with these?

Again, custom designed applications can be made to work on various platforms. It all depends on what you want.

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