Why Top Enterprise Needs Custom HR & Employee Management App (5 Critical Problems+Solutions)


This blog is for those companies and enterprises, who want to develop custom HR & Employee Management app to automate the HR and employee management process. Here, we have mentioned 5 critical problems that HR and Employee Management app solves.

Introduction to Employee Management

From time management to training and managing data of all the employees of the company, human resources and employee management are quite daunting and time-consuming task. Mainly, the HR department performs functions like:

  • Recruiting and Training Employees
  • Managing the Payroll
  • Employees’ Productivity
  • Attendance of all the Employees
  • Other Important Functions

Employee management is far from an easy task. Yet at the same time, it’s vital for every small and big company. Various companies still manage all such function and data manually using Excel sheet, spreadsheets, and folders that are taking much time and efforts of HR managers.

Today, companies and enterprises prefer to have their own custom HR and Employee management app solution to help HR managers in managing all the employees, payroll, recruiting process and attendance and time data of employees.

In this blog, we have mentioned different problems that companies and enterprises solve through customized HR management app.

5 Problems That Companies Solve Through HR & Employee Management App

Problem 1: Managing Data of all the Employees Manually

According to the report from Wakefield Research and Concur, 84% of small businesses still rely on some kind of manual process for everyday task. The HR team follows a long and lengthy process to recruit the employee, manage the payroll, employees’ productivity, and calculate the working and sick days of the employees.

The HR managers spend their maximum time on maintaining an excel sheet of such data of employees in which they keep count of total working hours and sick days of each employee, payroll, and appraisal data. In addition to this, they maintain the record of the current number of employees in excel sheet according to division/department and keep updating the figures manually whenever employees join or leave.

Solution: The companies can use a complete HR and Employee Management app solution for enterprise, including Employee and HR application and admin panel. The mobile and web-based app help companies to automate the entire process of employees’ payroll, productivity management, attendance & time data through performance management and attendance & time management modules.

Let’s take an example, currently, HR managers maintain an excel sheet or document of all the employees’ leave data, including paid leave, sick leave, casual leave and earned leave, and update it manually in order to keep the record of pending and taken leaves of each employee.
But the customized HR management app automates this process, maintaining the record of all the employees with their pending and taken leaves.

Even, the app allows HR managers to check the total number of employees, who are on-leave, at one glance. So, companies can change the way HR department manages data and information with automatic tracking and approval of employee leave request.

Problem 2: Employees’ Productivity Management

Increasing employees’ productivity is considered one of the main tasks for any HR team. The productive employees create productive environment and healthier bottom line. However, it is not easily possible for the HR department to manually manage the performance of all the employees and track their overall productivity.

To ensure a productive environment in the company, HR team needs to follow the performance management process, monitor performance of all employees, collect supervisory feedback, and daily employee reviews. Performing all these tasks manually and collecting data on papers and forms is not an effective way as it wastes the maximum time of the HR team.

Solution: The app changes the way HR department manages employee’s productivity. With productive workforce and environment, the companies cut wasting-time, improve communication, boost engagement, and raise contentment levels across the organization, resulting in higher profits and decreasing overall costs.

The app comprising with time management tool helps the HR managers to get real-time tracking of tasks that employees are working on and prevent wasting time. The app-based solution also helps the HR department and management team to track the remote team’s task and overall productivity. In addition to this, continuous feedback system in the app evaluates and monitors the progress of each employee.

Problem 3: Recruitment Management

Today, every organization is looking forward to hiring only the best talent for their companies.
With increasing startups and companies, the pressure on HR teams is increasing to recruit the right talent from a pool of available candidates.

However, it is difficult to find the perfect fit that can fulfil the responsibilities of the described job. In addition, the HR team find it difficult to post jobs on the daily basis, manage the hiring process, schedule interviews and keep track of talented candidates.

Solution: To automate the recruitment process, the companies customize HR management app with recruiting module that helps HR team to prepare vacancy announcement and distribute it on different job boards with just one click.

Moreover, the app can be integrated with Google Job Board, so whenever HR managers post any new job opening, it appears on the Google Job Board too. With just one click, the HR team gets more responses. So, companies unify and automate the entire recruitment process and acquire only appropriate individuals onboard.

Problem 4: Unable to Track Employees’ Attendance & Time

There are lots of companies and enterprises that have multiple locations, so employees need to work from different locations. They might have to work in different shifts, so it is not easily possible for the HR department to manage employees’ attendance and time, who are working from different locations.

Moreover, it is next to impossible to manually maintain and track all the employees along with their total working hours, and the total number of employees with different shifts without a mobile timesheet app.

Solution: The companies and enterprises prefer to make their own HR and Employee tracking app with real-time GPS tracking that helps HR team to manage employees’ attendance and time, who are working from different locations.

Integrating feature like GPS attendance tracking will help-out companies to keep track of employees’ attendance and location-related activity both onsite and from remote job sites. In addition to this, HR managers use the web-based solution to track all the employees with a quick glance and see the statistics for the total number of present/absent employees.

Instead of maintaining an unreliable document of employees’ attendance, HR managers generate accurate and concrete data using HR and employee attendance tracking app.

Problem 5: Lack of Proper Communication Tool

If you are running a company or an enterprise with lots of employees and staff members, it becomes quite difficult for the HR department to communicate with all the employees regarding their shift timings, performance, payroll, personal details, annual performance
reviews, tax payments and federal forms filling services, and any other issue.

Meeting all the employees face-to-face and discuss such things is chaotic and the time-consuming for HR managers. With the lack of proper communication tool, all the employees and the HR department face a lot of problems when it comes to discussing anything important.

Solution: A mobile and web-based HR and Employee Time Management app solution solve this problem by providing a proper communication tool. It will help both HR managers and employees of the company to communicate without any hindrance.

Even, the application will notify all the employees about some urgent news related to meetings, conferences, seminars or events in the company. All your employees will stay up-to-date with the latest information you have for them.

In short, HR and Staff Management app play an important role when it comes to automating the entire process of attendance tracking, record keeping, managing schedules and shifts and other data related to employees.

Some Common Features of HR & Employee Management App Solution

  • Activity Log: It will help HR managers and employees to check all the recent activities in the app like new employees, staff members, upcoming meetings or events and other daily activities.
  • Time Tracking & Attendance: It will help HR managers to track total working hours, in and out time, and overtime of all the employees. Moreover, it will also automate the attendance process of employees, allowing them to mark directly from the app.
  • Live Stats: The HR department will get the live stats of the total number of employees, who are present, on-leave, and remote job sites with their current location.
  • Performance Evaluation: The HR managers supervise the work of all the employees and track & evaluate the progress and setting goals for different team members by department-wise.
  • Daily Reporting: Allows employees to report their day-to-day task and work to their seniors and report about sudden leave to the HR manager. They report their extra time and late coming to the HR department.
  • Messaging: Employees and HR managers have a one-to-one chat directly from the app. They discuss any problem or issue with each other without meeting face-to-face.
    Push Notification: All the employees will be notified and updated with any new announcements and news related to any meeting, urgency, seminars, and events.

Ready to Develop Your Own HR & Employee Management App Solution?

Today, HR and Employee management solution has become an essential assent in almost every company and enterprise. The main reason for having this employee management app solution for an enterprise is to automate the whole human resource and administration process and maintain at one centralized location.

It will help all the managers to assign the task, monitor, and evaluate progress and rewarding the best performers of the company. Mainly, this HR and staff management app will take your business ahead by improving decision making and tracking all employees’ performance.

Being an entrepreneur and owner of the company, if you are ready to start automating your HR department and having an idea on developing your own customized HR management and Employee tracking app solution, you can discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile application development company and have already integrated these features endless time.

Still puzzled or confused about HR for small business development? Get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly, helping you to turn your ideas into reality. Just get ready to put your HR department on autopilot. 

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