Want to Develop Food Delivery App? Stop. Consider These 3 Lessons to Successfully Expand Your Food Delivery Startup Online

develop food delivery app

With the advent of food delivery giants like UberEats, Delivery Hero, Zomato, door-to-door food delivery service is at a customer’s disposal. In this digital age, we all have probably developed a pattern of ordering food online atleast once a month. The online food delivery market is ruling the app world and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 7.5% resulting in a market volume of US $164,002m by 2024. If you are a food delivery startup wondering to enter the food app genre, consider these 3 lessons to develop food delivery app which will provide your Uber for delivery business with more online revenue-generating opportunities.

The concept of ordering food isn’t new. From ordering telephonically to using dedicated online delivery platforms linked to a particular restaurant, the process of food ordering has become as easy as heating a frozen TV dinner. 

With this constantly evolving on demand food delivery solution, we at Space-O Technologies, have observed a steady growth increase in the interest of “Uber for delivery.” This signifies the indulgence of people for such “delivery near me” options.

develop food delivery app

One of the biggest advantages of Uber for food delivery platforms is they save in labor expenses as the staff is not tied up on the phone or at the counter. Along with labor savings, other benefits like enhanced accuracy of online orders, increased convenience for the guests, simple order processing, has helped the food delivery apps to create its own niche.

Furthermore, our food app developers narrowed down their search and founded the top five countries that are leading in the ‘Uber for food delivery’ segment. Thus, if you have made up your mind for a food delivery app development, set your eyes on these regions to get reliable and quick business online.

develop food delivery app

When it comes to online user engagement, the delivery apps are acing the growth charts. According to a Statista report, the number of users is expected to amount to 858.0m by 2024. Thus, there will be an ever-increasing engagement on your food app development.

With such encouraging market size, the investors are also eagerly waiting to grab a bite of this cake. Recently, according to The Investor, one of the best food delivery apps, Delivery Hero, raised almost 2.3 billion euros (US$2.56 billion). The online food ordering is known to combine food and tech. Their local teams are constantly searching for new innovations, when it comes to logistics, exploring new kitchen concepts, finding smart ways of using data. The app like Zomato is present in over 40 countries around 5 continents. They strive to provide online users with an amazing delivery experience.

Now, without doing any further due, let’s dive into some important lessons that you should keep in mind to develop food delivery app to engage more audiences in your online food platform. 

3 Lessons to Develop Food Delivery App Like Delivery Hero, Zomato, Postmates

#1 Provide users with appealing interface, attractive food photos, and vast menu

In order to engage more audience to your app like Uber for delivery, it is necessary to design a user-friendly intuitive app interface. There is a reason why these top food delivery apps like Zomato always rank the online delivery charts.

Being a food delivery startup, you need to consider integrating certain attractive elements.

  • Attractive food photos: Your app must contain attractive food photos with their food joints. This will build trust for your delivery app and the collaborative food startups that are registered through your app.
  • Variety of menu: Provide your users with a widespread menu, and the seamless navigation through it. You can curate your menu category wise so that it becomes easy for the users to surf through.

develop food delivery app

  • Search bar integration: Allow users to find their favorite cuisines, dishes, food joints, directly through a search bar. This will eliminate the scrolling time of the online users in the app. And will provide the convenience of ordering the food as quickly as possible.
  • GPS map locator: The map integration will help both the owner and the user to keep an eye on the delivery process from making the food to pick up to drop. Thus, you can easily get a hand over the loopholes if any in the food delivery procedure.
  • Multilingual: Provide your users with a translation feature to toggle on for a better understanding of the ingredients and the dish. Your users will be well-informed in their native languages and will have no confusion while ordering food online.  

These are only a few of the attractive elements which help in enhancing your app development. If you want to know more about the features and functionalities and get an exact food app idea, you can discuss it with our expert app consultants. 

#2 Allow users to add multiple addresses

To develop food delivery app, you need to think as an online user. Imagine all the possible scenarios in which he can order food online. It can be late-night work calls or house shifting errands or surprise parties or family get-togethers. 

Your delivery app should provide users with the convenience of adding more than one address. Allow them to enter the address manually and save multiple delivery addresses in the app. Such functionality will retain your customers for long. 

Expert tip: Integrate a ‘view previous orders’ and allow them to order the same food at the same or different address. This will work as a perk for the users to use and retain the app, as they only have to enter the address once and it will remain in the app as long as they use it. 

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#3 Let the users evaluate their delivery services 

Before placing the order, let the users evaluate their food joint according to the approximate food making and delivery time. With the help of geolocation, you can show them the delivery guy’s route along with the stipulated time. Let them make a decision from where to order food as per their time convenience.

This will make your last-minute deliveries accurate and result in no late delivery complaints, as the users themselves will choose the apt timing for the delivery to arrive from the food joint.

Bonus: Dark Kitchen Concept

develop food delivery app

The rise of food delivery has given birth to a completely new concept “dark kitchen.” This is probably a new business opportunity for your food delivery startups who are planning to develop food delivery app soon. 

Food delivery apps 2020 have expanded its horizons in the form of virtual kitchens. These are basically kitchens that sell meals exclusively through delivery. Rather than cooking for eat-in diners, these dark kitchens cook purely for delivery. Thus, the food produced there can only be consumed elsewhere. 

With the ever-growing demand for food delivery at one’s doorsteps, to make faster deliveries or even to have your own food delivery and logistics platform such a concept will help you expand your delivery business. There are two scenarios if you opt for such a business plan.

  • You can collaborate with restaurants locally and open such delivery joints from where your app like Uber delivery service can operate at its ease without going to multiple food joints for collecting the parcel. This way you can save on vehicle expenses and save your workforce’s time and energy.
  • You can open your food production and delivery through a dark kitchen establishment at an equal distance in the vicinity. Thus, you will create your own online niche through such a cloud kitchen service.

If you have any query related to app like Uber logistics, you can discuss with us as we have developed over 50 logistics apps and have contributed over 20 unique features to the app world. 

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