How to Develop Best Drawing App for iPad like Procreate App


“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.”
― Oscar Wilde

Artists search – which is the best iPad apps for artists?

There are many iPad apps that used by artists for sketching, drawing or painting. However, here we have one of the best iPad drawing apps that secured its place on top charted paid apps on app store.

Procreate Art Drawing iPad App


Procreate App – Apple Design Award Winner App

Procreate app is one of the best digital painting applications that designed for iPad.

Being the most powerful sketching, painting and illustration app, Procreate offers powerful layers support, an elegant user interface, hundreds of different types of brushes and of course, exceptional performance.

An app like Procreate helps artists to create beautiful sketches, stunning illustrations, and beautiful paintings. This Apple Design Award winning app is powered by Silica, which is the fastest 64-bit painting engine on iOS.

Users can create a canvas and start painting through Procreate’s exclusive dual-texture brushes. Even they have smudge tool that blends color with any brush in your library. If any users want to print the artwork of big size, they can with high-resolution canvases. Procreate is not optimized for iOS, it is also developed for iPad. Check out Procreate app review, tutorials and app features here.

Apple’s tablet has moved beyond just being for media consumptions. It is one of the fastest ripe for content creation. Many people are moving towards to develop art application for an illustrator, artist or graphic designer, as it helps them to sketch, paint, prototype and annotate photos. It is excellent to develop art apps for iPhone with a better quality stylus and Procreate is one of them.

Why Should You Invest in Art / Drawing iPad App Development?

Drawing iPad App Example

Art can be an excellent investment if it is purchased in the smart ways. People will get a huge return and search for alternative ways to start investing in art. It also turns an existing art collection into a valuable asset.

There are many fairs taking place across the globe and thus, art collectors, enthusiasts, and sophisticated investors have same questions whether to acquire the works of fine art as investments. As vital appreciation emerges from the art market, the interest has increased about incorporating art through their investment portfolios.

If you are investing in drawing app means you are offering an opportunity to the artist to expose their work.

Moreover, Procreate app helps them to create some truly stunning digital art on the iPad. These types of application save time and allows artists to concentrate on what they are drawing rather than getting distracted to find brushes, color type and so on.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an iPad App Like Procreate?

Developing drawing app for iPad gives a freedom, which delivers is certainly welcomed and that it brings a wealth of different possibilities to the artist’s arsenal. We cost $28 to $46 per hour based on the requirement and to ballpark estimate we need to understand the features, complexity, and platform.

We should able to give you the exact cost based on the features you would like to integrate, before that we would like to share the mantra of ‘Design-led-engineering’ where we sketch and prototype the idea and match the exact idea into app design for your exact match delivery.

Our UI / UX team would be more interested to know your target market / audience to make a nearby user interface to delight the app user experience. We have apps which speak our work through their design and user downloads. One of our app in iPad which delivers a revolutionary solution for improving the efficiency of emergency medical workers and firefighters via an iPad Mini. “It’s never been so easy to make changes so instantly for field users. I’m amazed!” said by System Administrator who administers the iPad app Backend.

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