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Space-O is one of the best data analysis companies that attempts to reduce costs, improve plant floor efficient and increase product safety with advanced analysis tools, and improved concepts and analytics’. We aim to accelerate business growth by reducing process failures and improving yields. We constantly monitor quality, and keep up with your business requirements, helping you achieve your goals.

Data analysis includes inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data, before analyzing it to help in business forecasts, and conclude decision making. There are multi-facets and unique approaches that dominate data analysis, and the techniques differ based on the unique domain type and the industry requirement.

Data mining, a technique used for data analysis, focuses majorly on data modeling and data discovery, which helps in predictive analysis. Business Intelligence is another aspect of data analysis which majorly focuses on aggregating business information. There is predictive analytics and text analytics which helps decipher information from structured and unstructured data available. Without data integration, the analysis remains incomplete. The analysis is again synced with data visualization and dissemination for proper analysis, and better decision making.

Why Data Analysis?

Data analysis helps enterprises maximize the output, and unleash the hidden potential. It helps create new and relevant opportunities for the enterprises in their go-to-market, thus offering them better growth and accelerating their scalability. High-performance, flexibility, and better decision making is a result of proper data analysis.

Offering better value helps improve customer experience, and it is possible with better utilization of data analysis. Let us take you through three reasons why data analysis is important for enterprises.

Reduced Costs

Reduced Costs: With the availability of data analysis, you can gain significant cost advantage for your enterprise, by accelerating decision making, increasing efficiency, and giving your business an insightful edge.

Informed Decisions

Informed Decisions: Combining data analysis with in-memory analytics, you can gain insights on your customers and other aspects of business in real-time, thus enabling you to make informed and better decisions, increasing productivity.

Better Products

Better Products: With clear insights on existing gaps, customer needs, and the benchmark for satisfaction, you can create better products that will give your company the desired edge, and help you meet customer needs.

Benefits of Data Analysis

  • Improved yields
  • Better monitoring facility
  • Reduction in process failures
  • Accelerating time-to-market
  • Decreased variability
  • Cost-effective product development

Data Analysis Procedure

Data analysis procedure consists of three main steps- data collection and preparation, data exploration and finally data analysis.

Data Collection & Preparation: This is where data (structured and unstructured) is collected, stored, cleaned and prepared for analysis. The steps involved include:

  • Data collection
  • Preparing the codebook
  • Setup the structure for the data
  • Enter the data
  • Screen the data
Data Collection

Data Exploration: Here we characterize the data sets through visual analytics and advanced statistical analysis. This consists of two steps:

  • Descriptive analysis
  • Graphical representation
Data Collection

Data Analysis: Finally, we analyze the data to come up with relations between the data, and decipher insights that can help towards making decisions

  • Exploring relationships between data variables
  • Comparing groups
Data Collection

Services We Offer

  • Data and statistical analysis
  • Automation
  • Quality control
  • Business intelligence
  • Full lifecycle product development

Why Space-O?

With our data analysis services, we aim to offer business intelligence and automation to your enterprise, thus accelerating your time-to-market, with a definitive edge. Our service attempts to close existing gaps in the market, with real value solutions, and capability of informed decision making.

We aim to build your business with go-to-market strategies, redefining your brand, and giving you a better image. Our team of data analysts, scientists, and business analysts offer you top notch solutions combining business needs with industry knowledge and data analysis expertise. 24/7 availability, quick fix solutions, and enterprising abilities give us an edge over our competition, thus increasing business capabilities. As a data analysis service company, we aim to transform your business and the experience you offer with our unique and innovative data analysis services.

If you want to analyze the data relevant to your business, and get real-time insights to build your business, connect with our data experts.

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