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“The serendipity of our own procrastination”

A couple of years ago a group of people decided to make an app that could assist travelers and tourists to choose the restaurants and dining places they want to dine at. All the database, including the pictures of the dishes, of all the restaurants, was feed in one app and one app only; ‘The Grafton Group App.’

And as Patrick Lee says, this app was born out of, “The serendipity of our own procrastination.”

“Mobile has become a part of doing business that guests expect from Jamba”

Jamba Juice is spread over 800 restaurants across 26 states, and soon enough the Jamba app’s first phase that covers California, New York, Chicago and Hawaii will be rolled out. According to the owner of Jamba Juice, the world is going more and more mobile and that the customers of Jamba Juice expect their favorite restaurant to go mobile as well. Any restaurant moving towards mobility expects that this move will change the way their restaurants sell. And while it's a wild guess, they are all probably right.

Deep Linking a better User Experience

Zomato split its app into two parts; Zomato Restaurant Finder and Zomato Order

Zomato, a revolutionary restaurant booking app that has changed the way people choose restaurants and cuisines, has created a landmark in the history of restaurant finding apps. And yet, there was one complaint everyone had with the king of restaurant apps. The issue was that it did not allow the explorers to choose and book a table or order food for home delivery, which has been worked upon with the launch of Zomato- Food Order.

Zomato believes in keeping it clean, so having 2 separate apps focused on different features provides an unconquerable user experience. Also, without any clutter, the users won’t have to travel a mile in the app to find what they need. The two separate apps will be light weighted and the users will have the freedom to download the app they want. Any update required for one function does not affect the other. Both the apps can be updated at separate times, according to the requirements. Also, by establishing Deep Linking, a better User Experience can be provided to the users, who can easily switch from one app to another, for the need to switch functionalities.

Existent Features

Check out everyRestaurant in town

Follow foodies for trusted reviews

Create and share your personal food diary

Explore restaurants that deliver to your doorstep

Follow your orders with real-time notifications

Enjoy your meal and rate your delivery experience

Zomato has definitely made a mark on the history of restaurant apps and most of the restaurant owners think how to create an app like Zomato.

Possible Twisty Innovations for Your Restaurant App

In-store Payment Integration

While dining at a restaurant, you can place an order, get it served on your table and pay, using the restaurant app with the In-Store Payment Feature.

Geo-Targeting with iBeacons

If your app is downloaded on the passerby’s device, then push notifications, vouchers, discount information can be sent to attract more customers.

Foursquare API for Restaurant Data

Integrating Foursquare lessens the efforts from the app owners side, as all the information and details of the restaurants in concern, can be directly drawn from Foursquare.

Reservation with Cab Booking Option

Any restaurant app can be integrated with a cab or ride sharing app, making food and transportation services available to the clients.

Apps like Zomato, UberEATS, Open Table, GrubHub, and PostMates have always been at the top of the table. Every restaurant and cafe wants to develop a mobile app that matches up to the standard of Zomato. However, at the same time, the diners that keep high hopes from your restaurant expect an elegant service from your end that may also sate the techno-savvy side of theirs. And doing so does require the Zomato standards.

If a company, however, can propose the best food ordering app as compared to Zomato? There would be no better opportunity for the app of your dreams, and the realization of those dreams starts here.

Your simple and small suggestions have proven to be game changers for my project. They really contributed towards making my product a success.  But what I really liked working with Space-O is that the project manager - Jignesh's high work ethics. He handled my project amazingly well even when he had a medical crisis going on in his family. Overall, I would never think of any other company but Space-O for my future projects.Vishal Parikh
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