Create a Video Calling Messenger App Like Facebook Messenger Kids With These 5 Unique Features


Today, messaging and video calls are considered as the most important functions that any smartphone user wants to have on their device. Currently, there are various best video calling apps on the web, but when it comes to talking about the messaging apps for kids, you can hardly find any.

Considering the increasing demand and safety of kids, Facebook has launched a privacy-focused application ‘Messenger Kids’ that is mainly designed to neutralize child predator threats, which wave youth-focused competitors like Snapchat.

The all-new Messenger Kids app allows parents to download the app on their child’s device, create a profile for them, and accept friends and family members with whom they can video call and text using messenger app.

Recently, Facebook has declared that its kid-friendly messaging app named Messenger Kids is expanding to its first countries outside the U.S. The company is launching the app in Canada and Peru, and it is also introducing French and Spanish versions of its app with some of the new features. The newly included features are focusing on promoting respect and empathy, including a Messenger Kids Pledge and Kindness Stickers that are mainly developed to inspire positive emotions when communicating online.

As per the recent news by TechCrunch, Facebook is making some changes to its most popular Messenger Kids application. The changes will allow young users to initiate friend requests through an application. The friend request changes have not made the app less secure for parents and kids, but to speed-up the friending process.

Developing a messenger app like Messenger Kids is a great option if you have any video messenger app development idea in your mind. You can grab maximum attention for your messaging app if you prefer to include unique features in your app.

Below, we have covered the top five features that you can include in your video calling and messenger app like Messenger Kids and give strong competition to other apps.

Top Features for a Video Calling Messenger App

1. Safer & More Controlled Way to Connect

One of the most important features that you can include in your messaging app is safer and more controlled way for kids to connect with their relatives, friends, and family members.


With the safe and secure environment, you can grab the attention of maximum parents and build a trust that their kids are using a completely secure messaging app. Moreover, you can allow parents to fully control the entire contact list in the app, making it for just close friends and family.

Make sure that you don’t allow kids to hide their messages and video call entries in any case if parents want to check it. Apart from this, you can also try to make it safer through passwords or finger-prints lock so that parents can also keep the app password-protected.

2. Try to Make it as Simple as Possible

Another essential feature that you can provide to your app users is – try to make it as simple as possible, allowing kids to use it easily without any hassle.

If you will make it complex with difficult UI, kids will get confused and face complication while using it, so better you make it easy to use for both parents as well as kids. You can allow kids to message and video call using Wi-Fi, so there is no need for a phone number even.

3. Make It Fun Loving for Kids

When you develop a messenger app for kids, you can try to make it fun loving for kids. You can include different frames, emojis, smileys, and stickers that are appropriate for kids and allow them to send it to their friends and have lots of fun.


While doing a video calling to their friends, relatives or family members, allow them to try different masks or filters as Snapchat so that they can have more fun. In addition to this, they can click pictures and edit it through different filters, frames, stickers, and smileys or they can also create small videos to send anyone to the contact list.

4. Group Chats & Channels

Another essential feature that you can include in your messenger mobile app is allowing parents or kids to create a group, group chats, and channels so that they can talk in a group of friends and have more fun.


They can also have a family group chat and enjoy a lot. Moreover, you can also allow them to have a video call in the group so that they can talk to a group of trying different filters to have fun.

5. Option to Report or Block Contacts

Giving an option to report or block contacts is also an essential feature that allows kids and parents to report or block contacts and report inappropriate content.

In any case, if the kid or his/her parents find something unsuitable while chatting or video calling to their friends or anyone in the family member, kids can submit a report, and their parents or guardian will be notified for it. This feature can allow to view and chat about appropriate that kids like.

Above-mentioned features can make your messenger and video calling application a perfect choice for the kids. They can chat, video call, and have fun with their friends and family members.

Benefits of Including Above-Given Features in Your Messaging App

  • Single App For Multiple Purposes: By including above mentioned features in your video calling and messaging app, you can provide one single platform for multiple purposes like chat, video call, group chat, conference, send photos, and fun with filters.
  • Safety Comes First for Kids: When it comes to developing an app for kids, one of the first things to be considered is the safety of kids. By making a safe and secure app for kids, you can attract more parents and let them know that your kid is completely controlled by them.
  • Fun Activity for Kids: By including numerous filters, stickers, smileys, and emojis, kids can click on different pictures and videos to send it to their friends and family members. They can have a lot of fun with their friends by trying different masks as well.

Now, What’s Next Step to Take?

Once, you get an idea about the features that you want to include in your messaging/video chat app, you can discuss your project requirements with any Android or iPhone app development company, depending upon the platform that you want to develop on.

Along with these mentioned features, if you any unique feature in mind that you think can play an important role in the video calling app, you can discuss it with the mobile app developers and they can also suggest with more solutions.

In case, if you have any query or confusion related to social media apps development, the messenger application, and its features, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form and we will get back to you within 16 hours. The consultation is absolutely free of cost!

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