Create Restaurant App For Your Business and Grow Your Table Bookings Amongst Millennials

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The article is for the restaurant business owners who wants to increase their revenue by following the latest trend of restaurant mobile app development for their business.

The main reason many restaurant owners create restaurant app is because it can increase the amount of new and frequent customers.

A report by RetailMeNot says that 25% of people have at least 1 restaurant app on their smartphone.

According to Food Institute’s analysis of U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Expenditure, the Millennials spend around 44% of their food money on eating out at restaurants and fast food chains.

Millennials also say that they actually end up spending more on restaurant and food ordering apps like Seamless and Grubhub.

The Food Institute’s President and CEO, Brian Todd also said that “As millennials grow older, they’ve more expendable income for eating out, contributing to that increase in year over year expenditures.”

This phenomena is not only in the United States, but The Australian also revealed that most millennials are not buying house because they eat out too much. In fact, many Australian citizens points out that they try to avoid eating out excessively to finally be able to buy a house.


For whatever reasons millennials choose to go or not to go to restaurants, the amount of food money spend on restaurants and take-away has steadily increased over the years.

However, with the increased spendings in eating out, the competition has also been increased for restaurant owners.

We bet that it will take less than 10 minutes for you to reach a closest eatery, whether it’s a pizza place, cafe, or a casual restaurant.

Nowadays, many of you might have witnessed the food craze. In social media apps, on TV, and in almost everything.

This means, currently it is the golden age for restaurant owners. Still, making profit in restaurant business is not so simple.

As the competition grows, restaurants needs to find new approaches to attract new customers and retain the old ones, increase table reservations and spread brand awareness.

To achieve this, you don’t actually have much of a choice. Moreover, there are enough examples of successful restaurants that generated millions of income, but also ended up in the worst way.

So how would you avoid this situation?

The best way is to constantly follow the latest trends (or event create them).

Here are the top 3 reasons to create a restaurant or an online food ordering system app as soon as possible.

3 Reasons to Create a Restaurant App

A mobile app can give restaurant business a competitive advantage to boost customer engagement and also grow their revenue. But, to explain further in the details, here are 3 reasons for restaurant business owners to build a mobile app.

1- Grow Revenue

Every business owner thinks of increasing the incomes of their business. But since the scheme of “spend less than you earn” is true for every business, the business owners should only follow those trends that can boost revenues.

For restaurant business owners, developing restaurant app is among those trends.

Want proof?

Take a look at the statistics by Appinstitute.


Despite these facts and figures, many people still want to see real-life examples.

So here it is:

Are you aware about the Taco Bell chain?

In 2014, they launched Taco Bell application on both iOS and Android platform. And within a year, the app had hit over 3 million downloads and greatly increased revenue.

Not only that, but it was reported that the in-app orders were more than of $10 which is about 20% higher than the average order made in person.

2 – Retain Customers

The great advantage of a restaurant app is the ability to retain customers.


Let us explain.

When customers enter your restaurant, for them you only exist when they’re at your place. Once they leave, you literally disappear for them. In simple words, most of the times they forget about your restaurant.

This is not same with restaurant apps. Now of course a restaurant app is not Facebook or Instagram that people are going to use it daily. But, there is one thing that completely changes that thinking – Push Notifications!

How Push Notifications can benefit your restaurant business?

  • The push notifications can remind your customers to complete an unfinished in-app order or to pick the already prepared ones.
  • Push notifications can interact with a specific group of customers.
  • Lastly, push notifications can inform your customers about special discount offers, ongoing events, and send new coupons.

Now if you’ve already developed a website for your restaurant in the past, and you’re doing email marketing regularly, then you may object that why should you build a restaurant app and send regular push notifications also?

Your concern is absolutely legit, but what you don’t know is that push notifications can do all of the above things more effectively.

The research of PushEnage also proves it:


Not only this, but push notifications are far more quicker and smaller, compared to emails. Thus, people are more likely to read them.

3 – Increase Brand Loyalty and Spread Awareness

Restaurant mobile app development allows to target two goals with one stone.

  • By creating a restaurant app for your business, you can increase your brand awareness. And by increasing brand awareness, you will make your customer base more wider. To achieve this, make sure your app icon is always on the sight of your customers. And with push notifications, encourage your customers to share their thoughts about your brand.
  • Restaurant apps helps in increasing the brand loyalty. And with increased brand loyalty, you will establish a meaningful relationships with your customers. The main tools to increase brand loyalty is by providing regular discounts, coupons, and points which can exchanged for extra dishes.

By reading the above reasons, it looks necessary to create restaurant app if you want to grow your revenue, increase loyal customers, and keep your customers informed about your special offers.

And now that you know the main reasons, let’s move forward to the features part of your restaurant application.

Restaurant App Features – Your Must-Have List!

The list of your restaurant app generally depends on the specifics of your restaurant business. However, in this section we’re going to review the most popular features that a restaurant app must have.

1 – Restaurant Information


The first impression is always the most important one. So, rather than asking your customers to register themselves, make the first screen an eye-catching and beautiful restaurant information screen which offer some value to them.

What value you can offer them here?

You can begin with a brief description of your restaurant, location details, pictures, cuisines you serve, and your specialty.

While you’re working on the first screen, don’t forget to provide instant access to the main features of your restaurant app such as restaurant menu, booking, and delivery service.

2 – Menu Screen


The menu is going to be the most visited screen of your restaurant app and it’s also the most important part of your restaurant app development. Therefore, make sure that the UX and UI of this screen is most appealing to influence users’ behaviors and incline them to make an order.

Since menu screen is going to be the most powerful tool of your restaurant app, the subfeatures of this screen should also be meaningful.


Don’t list your dishes in a way that desserts are shown in between steaks and sandwiches. Categories feature is an indispensable tool for any mobile restaurant application to make the process of finding specific dishes smoothly.


Many times users only want to search for a specific dish, so provide a searching feature so that they don’t have to surf through all dishes to find their desired one.

The search feature might not seem like an important part, but many users will uninstall your application if they have to spend too much time on manual searching.

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Filters & Sorting:

Filters feature can basically allow your customers to exclude dishes which contains meat, or exclude dishes that costs more than $20.

The sorting feature is another useful tool for the customers. It allows to choose specific parameters such as popularity, discounts, price, etc. Customers can change the order in which dishes are displayed.

3 – Booking a Table


Again, this feature may seem like meaningless if you’re focusing on food delivery and takeaway food. But, this feature can still be useful if you also want to improve serving food indoors.

There are two ways that our restaurant mobile app developers recommend to follow.

  • The first way is more convenient for restaurant app builder, but it’s less interactive and user-focused. In this approach, users can choose date and time of the reservation, but they can’t choose the exact table. It is usually chosen by the restaurant staff according to which table is available at that specific time.
  • Another way is to let your customers also choose the exact table along with date and time. You can provide an interactive map of your restaurant to let your customers choose their own table.

Tip from our most experienced restaurant app developerOffer your app customers to order beverages or starters when they’re making a reservation, so they can have a bite while they wait for the main course.

4 – Order Delivery


The table booking feature is quite necessary for your restaurant, but no so important if you own a fast food store, instead of a casual dining restaurant. Take Pizza for example. According to Pizza Joint, 83% of pizza franchises in U.S. offer delivery, but only 51% of them offer dine-in service.

Now when it comes order deliveries, the process becomes bit complicated. For example, issues are raised such as whether to hire own delivery guys or use freelance drivers.

5 – In-App Payment


The payment is the last screen of your restaurant app. Now if a customer has come so far, he will definitely finish his order. However, the following statistics says different thing.

  • 24% of customers abandon their orders at the payment stage because they couldn’t see the total order cost including all taxes and delivery charges (if any).
  • 27% of customers also complain that the reason they don’t complete their orders is because of the long checkout process.

What do we learn from this?

  • Make the payment process as fast as possible.
  • Always show total cost at the end.
  • Make it easy to add or remove items at the payment stage.
  • Provide multiple payment options such as Credit card, Debit Card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, etc.
  • Don’t ever ask to sign up before processing the payment. Let the new users make an order without having to sign up.

Create Your Own Restaurant App

We’ve finally discussed all essential parts of a restaurant app development. As you saw, it’s not that difficult to create restaurant app for your business after all!

Moreover, it can significantly impact on your sales and grow your business in multiple ways. So whenever you decide to create your own restaurant app, pay special attention to all the must-have features from the above list to keep up with the modern restaurant app trends.

We believe that this article has given you insights for developing a restaurant app for your business. However, if you’ve any concerns, or want to discuss the exact cost to create restaurant app for your restaurant, our business development executives can guide you through the complete mobile app development process and suggest the best possible restaurant app solution for your business.

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