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Do you want to be the next big sensation in the social media app world? Well, congratulations! You have found the right blog. To find out everything you need to know about creating an Instagram clone app, you just need to read this blog. Here, you will read about-

  • Important facts and numbers regarding social media apps
  • How to Create an App like Instagram [5 Simple Steps to Follow]
  • 7 Basic features of Instagram to Create a Photo-sharing app
  • How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Instagram?

Everyone is an Instagrammer. 

These days, people click a picture and the first thought that crosses their minds is – Is it Instagram-worthy? Yes, Instagram-worthy is a common adjective now. 

Before going out to dine or even buying a house, millennials wonder if it is insta-worthy or not. We are not making this up. According to an article by Forbes, “a lot of younger consumers admit that they specifically seek out decor items that would look good on social media.”

The best part about social networking apps like Instagram is that they can be used as an eCommerce app or a business platform as well. The Instagram mobile app is a strong platform to reach millennials and drive business results at the same time. 

From major brands to local, family-run shops, businesses around the world are driving proven results with the Instagram app.  With 20 million businesses present on Instagram, it is hard to estimate even roughly how much revenue the platform gets.

Photo sharing apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook are leading in the race of the best social networking apps. Before we answer the burning question of how to build an app like Instagram, let us see how these social network apps are faring in the market.

That’s A Strong Network!

  • According to Emarketer, 90.4% of millennials, 77.5% of Generation X and 48.2% of Baby boomers use some sort of social media.

social media users by age

Credit: Emarketers

  • According to Statista, Facebook is the top social network in the US, with 169.76 million mobile users.
  • Instagram and Facebook Messenger ranked second and third with 121 and 106 million users respectively.

popular social media apps

Credit- Statista

  • According to Instagram’s official website, it currently has 1 billion monthly active users, 60% of which log into their profiles every day.

To answer the question- how to develop your own app like Instagram, we have a simple 5-step explanation. 

Let’s begin.

How to Create an App like Instagram [5 Simple Steps to Follow]

We will bust the myth that it is too difficult to make an app like Instagram. We have compiled 5 steps that are easy to follow for successful app development. By the end of this process, you would have an Instagram clone at your disposal. Here is how it goes.

  • Step 1. Define your objective
  • Step 2. Market research
  • Step 3. Decide the features of your MVP
  • Step 4. Hire mobile app developers
  • Step 5. Promoting the app

Step 1. Define your objective

Define your objective

As we mentioned, Instagram is not just a photo share app but it is also an eCommerce portal and app for influencers and brands for their marketing campaigns. Before you jump into the development part, you must contemplate on your objectives. be sure about what exactly is it that you want to accomplish through this app.

Step 2. Market research

Market research of app features

We need to be blunt. You are not the only one who wants to be successful by making a social networking app. There are many already trying and there are many who will soon join the race.

You need to research your competitors. You need to know about what are the features and functionalities these apps have, you might download them and study them. You must also find out what you need to do differently to set yourself apart from the others.

Most importantly, do not compromise on the needs of the users. You must know exactly what your future users want from you and cater to their wants. During this step, you also decide if you want an Android app or an iOS app or an app that runs on both the platforms.

Step 3. Decide the features of your MVP

Decide the features of your MVP

After defining your objectives, researching the competitors and contemplating the needs of your users, you must have an idea about what does the Instagram clone app looks like to you.

Just make a list of the features you think are uncompromisable. Of course, there will be changes in the actual product but it is always better to have a reference for your final product.

Step 4. Hire mobile app developers

Hire mobile app developers

Now that you have a brief idea about your project, it is time to hire the best app developers for your project.

It is preferable to hire a mobile app development company over freelance developers as the company would provide a dedicated team for your project. This team comprises of-

  • Project manager
  • Mobile app developers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Quality analysts

You must go for an experienced app development company and also check out their previous work and client testimonials before making your final decision. The company will take care of the development and deployment of your app on different app stores.

Step 5. Promoting the app

Promoting mobile app

No business prospect can succeed without people knowing about it. Even if your app is better than your competitors, it is of no use if people are not aware of its existence.

This makes it mandatory to market the app well. You do not need to promote it everywhere. Use your resources in the right places and promote your app wherever your target audience is. Whether it is in the news, TV advertisements, other social media apps or take the help of the young influencers who have a good following. You may also get it reviewed from the app reviewers, bloggers and critics.

To help you out with the third step of the process, we have listed 7 basic features that you need in your app like Instagram.

7 Basic features of Instagram to Create a Photo-sharing app

7 Basic features of Instagram

#1. Signup

The first screen that any user encounters is the signup screen. Any app like Instagram for Android or iPhone has this same screen despite the OS.

The signup feature requires a new user to register using verified email id or phone number. One thing that you must make sure of is that you must not extract complete information in the beginning. 

You can create Instagram like app that works without much information and later ask for the phone number for security purpose or alternative login credential. 

#2. Posting pictures 

Best photo sharing apps have access to phone cameras and enable the users to click photos with the app itself and post them. In fact, you must create a photo-sharing app that has photo editing features. 

The users must be able to customize photos by cropping, rotating, adding filters, stickers and text on it. Before posting a photo, the users may tag other users in the photo, add location and write a caption with hashtags for the image.

Instagram app design is such that it lets the user like and comment on the posts. The users must also be able to edit any post after uploading it. 

#3. Messenger

Your app must also act as a social media app that can be used to send messages to other users. This feature helps the users to stay connected with each other without even having to share their contact details. 

messenger feature of instagram

Credit- Instagram

When you create an app like Instagram, you must integrate this feature. We will advise that this feature is of the version and the users can easily send text, photo, audio, video, stickers, gifs and any other media files.

#4. Push notification

You do not want your users to miss out on important updates- whether it is the response on their posts or a new post by their favourite user. 

If you want then to keep coming back to your app and ensure that they spent a good amount of their digital time using your new app like Instagram, push notifications are your way. 

Send a push notification to the users for any updates that they would be interested in. This feature is a must for you when you create an Instagram app clone. 

#5. Stories

This is the feature that has gained a lot of popularity among Instagrammers. If you are to believe statistics as shared by Instagram’s business website, 500 million accounts use this feature every day. 

This is the most engaging form of user-generated content that helps the users to improve their social media skills as well. They can be used as an invite-to-engage feature by Instagram like app 

#6. Search option

The search option lets users search for profiles, places, and tags. In fact, the app may also provide suggestions in the search bar to make it easier to find the right people.

When you create an app like Instagram, this feature must be in your MVP.  This feature will also help you leverage the search results to know the followers for a particular user. These followers might be interested in getting updates from this user.

search option instagram

Credit- Instagram

This is another way of providing personalized feed to the users that will keep them coming to your app. 

#7. GPS integration

Your target audience, millennials love to travel to places. More importantly, they love to show off where they have been travelling. You can use this to your advantage when you create an app like Instagram. 

You can go for GPS integration in your photo-sharing app. Being dynamic in nature, users can automatically fetch the location they’re at or add it manually when the internet connection is poor.

These were 7 features that you must integrate into your app like Instagram. There are others that you can consider but just tried to give a glimpse of Instagram software architecture. 

Let us now move on to the other important aspect- the cost to build an app like Instagram.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Instagram?

The cost of developing any app is different. There are various factors that determine this cost. The number and complexity of features, and the per hour charge of the developer are the main factors.

Here is a simple formula that will help you calculate the cost to make an app like Instagram.

Estimated Development Hours * Developer’s Hourly Cost = Total Mobile App Development Cost

The number of hours depends on the features that you need to include while the developer’s hourly charge depends on the mobile app development company.   

Suppose it takes 226 hours to develop an app.
Now you can use the formula to calculate the estimated app development cost.

App development cost= Estimated hours*Developer’s hourly cost

For example, as a best app development company, currently, we do charge $35, based on the requirements.

So to develop an app, it will cost

226*35= $7910

Again, the developers’ charges vary, but it is up to you choosing the best and experienced developers who have already worked on such applications.

If you want to know the estimated hours, you can use this table.

Estimated Man Hours
DevelopmentGraphics DesignQC/TestingProject ManagementTOTAL
(I) iOS Application1. Business Analysis & Communication162.42.41.622.4
2. Base Code & Architecture243.63.62.433.6
3. Screens:
3.1. Sign Up/Log In243.63.62.433.6
3.2. Tab Bar60.
3.3. Home:
3.3.1. Feed182.72.71.825.2
3.3.2. Photo324.
3.3.3. Comments4066456
3.3.4. Stories253.753.752.535
3.3.5. Videos304.54.5342
3.3.6. Direct60.
3.4. Search:
3.4.1. Photos152.252.251.521
3.4.2. People121.
3.4.3. Search223.
3.4.4. Search Results101.51.5114
3.4.5. Hastags20.
3.5. Capture:
3.5.1. Camera182.72.71.825.2
3.5.2. Editor: Editor121. Filters162.42.41.622.4 Manage Filters101.51.5114 Tools60. Lux, Brightness, Contrast, etc.101.51.5114 Adjust304.54.5342 Tilt Shift121. Cover Frame81.21.20.811.2
3.5.3. Share To Followers162.42.41.622.4
3.5.4. Share Direct324.
3.5.5. Tag People2033228
3.6. Activity263.93.92.636.4
3.7. Profile:
3.7.1. Posts182.72.71.825.2
3.7.2. Map284.24.22.839.2
3.7.3. Photos Of50.750.750.57
3.7.4. Followers/Following81.21.20.811.2
3.7.5. Edit Profile243.63.62.433.6
3.8. Options:
3.8.1. Options60.
3.8.2. Follow People304.54.5342
3.8.3. Liked Posts30.450.450.34.2
3.8.4. Feedback60.
3.8.5. Help, About, etc.101.51.5114
3.8.6. Share Settings2033228
3.8.7. Notifications81.21.20.811.2
3.8.8. Video Options101.51.5114
3.8.9. Story Settings101.51.5114
3.9. Tip Popups243.63.62.433.6
4. Business Logic & Data Model:
4.1. Data Model355.255.253.549
4.2. GPUImage Integration142.12.11.419.6
4.3. Video Recording182.72.71.825.2
4.4. Video Playback81.21.20.811.2
4.5. Filters Engine304.54.5342
4.6. Adjust Straighten152.252.251.521
4.7. Adjust Perspective101.51.5114
4.8. Tilt Shift253.753.752.535
4.9. Lux, Brightness, Contrast, etc.
4.10. Photo Filters (2 x 24)487.27.24.867.2
4.11. Video Filters (1 x 14)
4.12. Web Service Interaction6099684
4.13. Social Networks:
4.13.1. Facebook Integration152.252.251.521
4.13.2. Twitter Integration182.72.71.825.2
4.13.3. Tumblr Integration121.
4.13.4. Flickr Integration152.252.251.521
4.14. Address Book Interaction81.21.20.811.2
4.15. Push Notifications162.42.41.622.4
4.16. Appirater Integration50.750.750.57
5. Graphics Design Integration253.753.752.535
6. NameTag2033228
(II) Android ApplicationAndroid considered as 120% of iOS development1910.16
(III) Web Services (API)1. Business Analysis & Communication162.41.620
2. Base Code & Database121.81.215
3. Web Services (API):
3.1. Auth81.20.810
3.2. Social Networks Integration40.60.45
3.3. Recommendations81.20.810
3.4. Hashtags/Likes-related Functionality81.20.810
3.5. Posts / Comments81.20.810
3.6. Flag50.750.56.25
3.7. Followers50.750.56.25
3.8. Profile81.20.810
3.9. Search60.90.67.5
3.10. Direct40.60.45
3.11. Push Notifications81.20.810

Let’s Post Your Story

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