Uncover the Unsaid Stories of Our Team

It’s not only about the work we do. It’s about how we make each day count.



As we commence the year 2020, our event team has planned a year full of fun events, starting from a one-day picnic to games, fashion shows, Ganesh Mahotsav, and other festivities followed with fun activities. We strive to provide a fun, encouraging, and creative work culture. Let’s have a glimpse at the year-round celebrations.


This year, we are going stronger than ever by welcoming many new talented members in our Space-O family. 2019 is not over yet and we have already organized a lot of events and celebrated different festivals. We celebrated womanhood on Women’s day. We celebrated our colorful culture by playing Holi and welcomed Lord Ganesha in our premises as our tradition. We also organized Tri-Series 2019- our yearly fun games tournament. Yes, we never forget to have fun. Here, we played games like table tennis, chess, carrom and many more. Take a look at the happy faces!