Moments When We Came Together & Celebrated

Here’re some of the happiest memories to share and cherish for the long!


2018 was the most successful year for the Space-O Technologies because we introduced an educational training series, GoBeyond, for developers’ community. With this 3-months training program, we tried to help many developers to learn the latest trends and technologies. Moreover, we also welcomed Ganesha in the office, celebrated Diwali with the mega-event and organized a one-day picnic. Here’s the glimpse of the days we enjoyed happily.


We, at Space-O Technologies, constantly strive to deliver a conducive work environment to our employees that bring out the best in them with complete satisfaction. To give them a perfect working environment, we encourage, celebrate and rejoice with different games, fun activities, festival celebrations and organize picnics. Let’s go through some of the days that we enjoyed together!


Photos are memories – it’s true. We have collected memories of Space-O and shared under the collection of 2016. We have Joy at work and with colleagues. Here is our first album of the session #JoyOfWork, an initiate by Space-O to share feeling of happiness in the premises.


Who can forget the iconic ‘Black T-shirt & Blue Jeans’ – a figure of great inspiration “Steve Jobs” – Where Space-O astronauts walking the path of innovation with a same attitude and winning approach...


The Rise of Space-O into bigger office
New events with new hopes & Expectations...
R&R, festival celebrations, Sports & much more... at Space-O

Winning the expectations are habit of us, because we hate to lose, we work passionately. And we reward and recognize best talents every time they perform.


Space is certainly about low gravity but from Space-O, you are going to experience a great gravitational pull. Experience the real thrill to work, challenges, experience & happiness from the growing industry.