Product Manager

Experience: 6-10 Years
Job Type: Full-time
Location: Ahmedabad
Posted: November 20, 2022


Product Manager

Job Description

Product Manager is responsible for the vision and profitability of a product line. Looking for an experienced Product Manager who is passionate about building products that customers love. You will join a dynamic and fast-paced environment and work with cross-functional teams to design, build and roll-out products that deliver the company’s vision and strategy. He work closely with various teams to make business decisions and create product strategies that ensure the company’s long term sustainability.

Required Qualifications

  • Must have technical product knowledge and Mobile app domain expertise.

  • Lead the strategic direction of the team and build the technical strategy/roadmap by working with the key business stakeholders
  • Optimize application for performance and speed
  • Experience with source control management systems (Git/SVN)
  • Good time-management skills & verbal and written communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work in Agile environments, regularly review completed work and checks with customers to ensure that it meets the customer expectations.

  • Develops the business case for new products, improvements to existing products, and business ventures.
  • Runs beta and pilot programs during the qualify phase with almost final products and samples.
  • Develop the core positioning and messaging for the product
  • Ensuring high performance of applications and provide support
  • Communicate thoroughly with all the involved stakeholders for the success of product


USA Office

222 East Main St, Suite B-2
Mesa, AZ 85201
+1 (650) 666-3071

Canada Office

2 County Court Blvd., Suite 400, Brampton, Ontario L6W 3W8
+1 (437) 488-7337

India Office

Headquarters - Service Division

1005, 10th Floor, Abhishree Adroit, Mansi Circle, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
SALES: +91 9023469775
HR: +91 9316757277 / +91 9601433998

India Office

Product Division

B-301-307, Sankalp Iconic Tower,
Near Iscon Cross Road,
Ambli - Bopal Rd, Ahmedabad,
Gujarat 380058