How Booksy, Poland-based Booking App, Has Snagged $13.2M in Series B Funding With These 3 Influential Solutions


This article lies information for startups and entrepreneurs. We have curated the top three influential solutions by Booksy that is a well-known appointment booking app. Check out these solutions that will help you during an appointment booking app development.

Whether the user wants to book a taxi, order food online, or needs to book a spa, the mobile apps cover almost every category, especially for the daily needs. Users book an appointment for a haircut, teeth cleaning or a massage, too. Today, the tendency of people has increased to do all things done in the fraction of minutes.

Nevertheless, “appointments” can play a major role, especially when it comes to booking an appointment for self-grooming service or need health and beauty professionals.

However, if you are one of the newbies, who want to create a booking appointment app, then it is worth to see the booking application like Booksy where app user can get all things done through an app. Well, Booksy is an app, which enables appointment-based businesses such as hairdressers and beauty salons to take online bookings. This makes online appointment scheduling extremely easy.

In addition, we can say that Booksy is a booking appointment app for findings, scheduling and managing appointments. According to the report from TechCrunch, “Booksy is a Poland-based appointment booking app for the beauty services that has raised $13.2 million in Series B funding”. In actual, it provides a platform or creates an easy and convenient connection between app users/consumers and their health and beauty professionals through beauty app.

Moreover, Booksy is the best online booking app to make booking appointments easier to connect users with various specialists as per their required services related to grooming and wellness. The company has a partnership with the salons, barber shops, makeup artists, tattoo artists, spa and massage parlors.

Booksy-App-for-AppointmentImage Source: booksy

Booksy – The Worldwide Booking System

  • Launched back in 2013, Booksy is a Poland-based appointment scheduling app for beauty and wellness services. The company’s co-founders are Stefan Batory and Konrad Howard.
  • In 2017, Booksy launched in the U.S. and it has become the #1 booking app in the world.
  • Currently, Booksy is seeing 2.5 million bookings per month.
  • According to the SimilarWeb, “The Usage Rank and Google Play Rank of Booksy app are #5 & #6 respectively. As it reflects the growth of the app.


  • Not only this, talking about the next report from App Annie as the graph shows that App Rank history is in iOS App Store. We can say that the Booksy app is quite popular among its iOS users.


As you can see in the above-mentioned statistics that Booksy app has already achieved its milestone, and also recognized as the ‘‘Yelp for haircuts and more”. Moving ahead, let’s check out the top 3 solutions of this successful appointment booking app.

3 Influential Solutions by Booksy App That Startups Need to Check Once Before Developing an Online booking App for Appointment

1. Simplified The Experience for Both Merchants & Their Customers

The appointment booking app like Booksy does not provide ordinary solutions, but it works on simplifying the experience for both the merchants as well as customers/app users. So, one of the influential solutions provided by Booksy is for both businesses and users. Now, talking about the merchant side, the app enables merchants or businesses to handle their customer-facing schedules, including being able to take and accept booking via the mobile app.

If you are planning to create booking app for the appointment, the app should have a smooth and straightforward interface. It will allow users to easily book the appointments through the app. Apps like Booksy for both merchants and app users provide a seamless experience of booking appointments.

2. The Convenient Booking Process

To create a booking app, another solution that you can provide to your users is the convenience while booking the appointment because it drives the business and more customers to use the app for booking. The word ‘convenience’ is the fusion of affordability, the speed of service, and availability. For example, in beauty booking app, convenience is must for providing seamless customer experience.

As long as the booking process is concerned, it is a must that your users can book the appointment smoothly. It is the fact that more seamless booking process is, the more users can book the appointments without spending hours on the app.

Convenience also improves customer loyalty and increased customer engagement and frequency of bookings. Businesses also able to accept bookings apart from their working hours. In such business models, startups also take care of merchants to make their life easier. In short, it is important to provide solutions in terms of convenience for both the customers as well as businesses.


Furthermore, 24×7 booking appointment also provides the convenience to app users. Naturally, users will be inclined more where they would get flexibility and more convenience at the same price. Thus, allow users to easily reschedule and cancel the appointments without calling to the businesses.

3. Offers a Handful of Usable Features

Behind the success of every successful app, there are a handful of usable features that make it stand out from other apps. Talking about the famous booking app, Booksy, it embraces usable features that add value to the lives of users (both merchants and consumers). Booksy is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service-Model) app for appointment-based business management, allowing merchants to handle their customer-facing schedules, including being able to take bookings through a mobile app. When it comes to scheduling, it is also important to provide businesses or merchants with a number of others features, which are designed to support and improve the process of their business through the app. Other features can be included as:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Inventory Management
  • In-app Payments

The app features should save time for users and merchants while booking the appointments. Unlike Booksy app’s rivals, it is not a marketplace, which is get paid per booking. Rather, it is a SaaS model, which charges a simple monthly subscription with a number of tiers dependent on the size of the business.

Apart from this, startups need to provide app features that do not create hassles in the lives of consumers and merchants via the app.

To Sum Up

You have just gone through the influential solutions of the appointment scheduling app, Booksy, which is one of the best appointment booking apps for salons. Being a startup, if you want to empower your business to digitally manage the appointments and customers, make sure that you provide your app users with such solutions that help users in booking appointments and add value into their life.

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