Uber for Weed: Embrace These 5 Unique Features Before Developing Weed Delivery Service App

eaze - Uber for Weed delivery service

This post includes information for those businesses who run medical dispensaries and want to sell cannabis online. Herein we’ve embraced five features on which you can pay attention while developing a weed delivery app.

The niche “Medical Marijuana” is named among one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Furthermore, weed is scientifically known as cannabis, and “marijuana” is a generic term for weed. However, the word “weed” is currently in vogue. Therefore, there is no room for doubt in that weed ordering and delivery is also at your fingertips like other apps that are based on food delivery and taxi booking.

How Strong is the Marijuana Market for On-Demand Weed Startups?

Basically, an app like Uber for weed ordering delivers medical marijuana to the consumer’s door. So, being an on-demand weed startup, if you are planning to create an app like Uber for weed that allows consumers or medical dispensaries to order medical marijuana in less than 10 minutes, then you need to check out the following figures.

  • The global legal marijuana market is expected to reach USD 146.4 billion by the end of 2025.
  • One of the largest groups of cannabis buyers will be in North America.
  • In addition, one of the largest marijuana markets is in California. According to the report by PR Newswire, “Legalizing marijuana in California could create $6.5 billion markets by 2020.”
  • According to Statista, “By 2023, Both forms of the drug will be higher than $20 billion before hitting $24 billion in 2025”.

Uber for weed

It is no surprise that the “Uber for weed” is so inevitable. And, there is plenty of opportunities for marijuana or weed startups.

5 Unique Features That Startups Need to Include Before Developing an On-demand Weed Delivery Service App

If you have made up your mind to develop an app under the category of “on-demand weed delivery service”, then explore the following features that you can incorporate some of these features into your own on-demand weed delivery app.

1. A Simple User Registration

The popularity and success of an app depend on many attributes, which are included in the app. Simultaneously, having a simple user registration can make or break the impression of the app. So, it is cleared that this feature is useful, which you need to consider while developing a medical marijuana delivery service app.

Let us go back to basics. One of the major considerations is to make a simple user registration or signup field. All you need to keep it a minimum. This field must be simple that allows app users to register their accounts and easily manage it by simply filling basic details, including name, email address and contact number.

On demand weed delivery

Image Source: canarydelivers

However, make sure to make it easy for users so that they would get fewer efforts. Therefore, it is highly recommended to let users log in with Facebook or sign up through an email.

So, this is one of the important yet basic features, which you need to include while developing an app like Uber for weed. This is due to the fact that a quick and simple user registration attracts more users and keep them to retain for a long time.

2. Provides Safe Access to Browse a Wide Range of Weed Products

Another essential feature that makes on-demand weed delivery app different is safe access to browse a wide range of weed products. By including this feature, your app users can browse an array of weed products and check their benefits & costs.

Weed delivery startup

Image Source: canarydelivers

During an on-demand marijuana delivery app development, it is a core feature, which is the heart of weed delivery app. In addition, you can display a number of cannabis products as per your users’ demand.

3. Simple Verification

Provide a simple verification in your app. When user signs-up, then it is important to have proof that the buyers or app users are genuine. All user needs a picture of ID proof or medical marijuana card during signup and sends it to you for verification. Once the user is verified as genuine, allow him/her to place an order.

This feature enables you to keep the record of genuine app users only. Also, the end consumers need to verify status as a legal cannabis app user by scanning the user’s ID.

4. Track Order in Real-time

If you are planning to develop an app like Uber for weed delivery, then don’t forget to include order tracking feature that allows marijuana buyer or app user to easily track their orders in real time.

Eaze Apps on Google Play

Image Source: eaze

By considering such features, buyers or app users can get real-time updates of their orders. Once the driver delivers the order, the user needs to show his ID or the medical card to re-verify his identity. Additionally, you can also include the delivery option, including within 10 minutes, an hour or allow users to customize the order delivery time as per their needs. To make the app more useful to users, you can add chat support to assist and help them out with the selection and ordering process.

5. Different Payment Modes

Once the order is placed by the user, it’s time to pay for it. So, it is pivotal to include different payment modes, including credit/debit card, cash, net banking or e-wallets like Google Pay or Apple Pay. With different options, your customers will get a number of payment options when it comes to making payment of the order.

Also, you can take extra care of providing maximum security and safety to app users for making payments online. While developing a medical marijuana delivery app, you just need to ensure that ordering marijuana must be as simple as ordering a pizza. And, the user does not face any hassle while using the app to order weed.

Wrapping Up

With the emergence of an on-demand weed delivery service application, patients do not need to wait in line for long as such app eliminates hassles from their lives by just delivering medical marijuana in a few minutes. By considering these above-mentioned features, you can develop an app that is more usable and meaningful to your users.

If you are planning to dive into an on-demand marijuana delivery business and got an app idea, which you think can add value to users’ lives, then you can discuss it with us as we are a leading mobile app development company and have already developed over 50 on-demand app solutions with unique features and functionalities.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to create an app like Eaze for marijuana business, how long does it take to make an app like cannabis on-demand delivery, Android app development cost in India, how to make money with an app idea based on the on-demand weed delivery, the average cost of developing an app or the mobile app development timeline for cannabis delivery service, then you can get in touch with us through the below-given form. Our sales representative will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is totally free cost.

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