Planning For a Travel App? 3 Aspects to Keep In Mind to Make the Best Travel Planning App Development

best travel planning app development

Are you planning to digitalize your tours and travel business? The online travel market is estimated to garner $1,091 billion by 2022, at an annual growth rate of 11.1% during the forecast period of 2016-2022. People are perceiving the notion of an organized trip planning through online travel booking platforms like apps and websites. Thus, the app world has an opportunity for your travel business in the form of travel apps. Herein we have rounded up 3 aspects that you should consider for the best travel planning app development.

Gen Z is all about availing instant services from hailing a cab to ordering food at their doorsteps. Mobile apps have given an organized and systematic platform to all the consumer-centric genre. One such genre is travel and tourism, with the change in lifestyle, people are no longer after travel agents or stretching out a giant folded up piece of paper across their car dash. 

Many industries have been disrupted by rapidly evolving technology, but few have had full transformation like the travel industry. Now, smartphones are pocket travel agents for millennials. According to statista, by 2023 the number of users is expected to amount to 30.7m.

The online travel world has some handful of top travel apps like Hopper, Sky Scanner, Trip Advisor, Roadtrippers. To be among these best travel planning app developments, you need to provide your users with an end-to-end mobile solution like mapping a route, offering travel advice, bookings, reservations, price comparisons, and more.  

Instead of vining over a call with customers explaining them packages, payment follow-ups, fleet management. After the advent of Uberization and the like apps, logistics can be managed easily on a small screen. 

If you are planning to make the best travel planning app, you are stepping into a promising online platform that has much more to offer you that is beyond bookings. You can generate revenue through advertising and in-app features. 

  • Advertisers will engage more in your travel app development, as they can obtain location-based data of the users and know their exact region and audience to deliver their services. 
  • In-app features like destination videos, personal recommendations, price comparisons. Such features become helpful in generating more online revenue for the app.

Now, let’s look at some aspects that you should consider to develop travel planning app for your tourism business. 

3 Aspects to Consider For the Best Travel Planner App Development

#1 Provide users with AI-based travel assistant 

Let’s say a traveler in a very new destination is stuck and is not able to figure out where to have food or is not able to find local transport. Through an AI-based voice or message assistant, you can guide him instantly.

You should integrate such a feature for better user experience. Provide your users with a hassle-free travel and 24/7 assistance at his disposal. This particular aspect will help your online travel business to manage the chain of tourist requests and also address direct loopholes in the system. Through the chatbot, you can also help users create a last-minute booking by knowing their requirements through in-app text or voice messages.

#2 Integrate personalized suggestion for flight, stay, and other amenities

Provide your users with good deals through personalized suggestions.

This aspect will work as a perk for the users for downloading the app. They will also retain the app to know the best flight, stay, hotel prices, and can act over it as per the deal. Your suggestions will work as a price comparison tool for them. 

We at Space-O Technologies are known for our native app developments in almost every genre from Uber like apps to app like AirBnB for hospitality. The travel industry has much more to offer than travel bookings, Airbnb alternatives, it is supposed to have the smallest suggestion like flight prices to road trip assistance. 

If you are planning for the best travel planning app development, you need to keep in mind such niche aspects. This approach will built a trustworthy relation with the online users as you are suggesting to them the actual price and are saving their time, energy, money, surfing endlessly in your app or on the internet.

#3 Add destination videos, on the journey recommendations for better engagement

This aspect will help your vacation trip planner to engage more audience. By adding this functionality to the travel app you will attract the users who are eager to know about the places, for more destination-based knowledge. 

If a traveler is already on a journey, you can send personalized recommendations about the place directly to the user. This will save a lot of time for the users to find places on Google maps or on the internet atlarge.

On a Concluding Note

So, these are some of the important aspects that you can consider while developing the best travel planning app that makes it easy for your users to send travel plans to their calendar and never forget about it. There are some interested regions like North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, where the travel apps are trending. Thus, you can consider these regions for your app development.

 If you are having a traveling app development idea or travel organizer app idea, then you can discuss it with our dedicated mobile application developer, who have already developed over 15 successful travel and tourism apps with exclusive features like GPS & Navigation, Maps, Search & Filters, Booking, Push Notifications and Social Media Integration. 

Still puzzled and have confusion related to best travel planning app development cost and money-making with travel app or how to develop free trip planner app? Don’t worry, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. Our technical team comes up with a strategy to build it together. Our developed on demand apps like Glovo, Jabrool, and Bevy are covered by the top new websites like Tech Crunch, Bloomberg, and BBC News. The consultation is totally free of cost.

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