Augmented Reality App

using ARKit for iOS 13

Augmented Reality App development has become one of the next big moves in the mobile app market. During WWDC 2019, Apple also announced that its new Augmented Reality tool (ARKit 3) will bring AR apps to iOS 13. This means the next version of Apple’s mobile platform will be AR-focused in a big way.

The Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iPhone enables mobile app developers and businesses to overlay digital data on top of the real world object. In fact, it has already started to prove its disruptive force across many industries from retail and finance to travel and fashion.

How Can a Business Benefit From ARkit 3?

ARKit 3 is a mobile AR platform for developing augmented reality apps on iOS. It has a high level, session-based API providing a simple interface to a powerful set of features. More importantly, it’s a new framework that allows you to easily create unparalleled augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad.

With the rise of Augmented Reality, showcasing products has become the most important. For years, retailers and manufacturers create an atmosphere in their respective showrooms to help customers visualize how, for example, would a living room look like with a new armchair and a sofa-set. Now, this obviously creates a cost for businesses and is a disconnect for customers in terms of what a product will look like in their own home.

What Does Augmented Reality
(ARKit 3) Offer?

What we see around us is the world in its natural form, and the Augmented Reality is exactly the opposite of the same. It is a mixture of the digital and real world that gives inception to a new world. The ARKit takes apps beyond the screen.

What Augmented Reality does is that it adds certain advancements like the picture, sound, motion along with the GPS data to components and makes the available view more alluring as well as informative. In fact, ARKit uses Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) to accurately track the world around it, and VIO fuses camera sensor data with CoreMotion data. And ARKit runs on the Apple A9, A10, and A11 processors.

In simple words, it offers an ability to a changed view of reality by augmenting the components present in the environment. So, by developing Augmented Reality apps, businesses can take its customers in the middle of a digitally manipulative and interactive surrounding which can be overlaid into the real world.

Augmented Reality Features

How Augmented Reality Development Will Open Up a World of New Possibilities For Your Business?

With Augmented Reality app, you can take your business to the next level by establishing a better connection with your existing customers, and also attract the new ones. Augmented reality apps offer an interactive experience that paves the way for two-way communication between your customers and your brand.

The best part about developing an Augmented Reality App is that it allows virtual objects to be placed in the real world. An example of this might be a car design, where those draw up plans for the car can be manipulated for creating 3D virtual parts which then are projected into the view using an AR mobile app. Also, it offers the advantage of the optimizations for ARKit in Metal, SceneKit, and third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine.

Which Industries Can Leverage
The Benefits of ARkit 3?

Hiring ARkit app developers to create augmented reality apps is becoming increasingly popular for certain industries. In fact, according to an article published on Digi-Capital Blog, the AR industry is expected to hit $83 billion by 2021. Here’s how different industries are benefiting the most from Augmented Reality.

Medicine and Healthcare

Medicine and Healthcare

The healthcare industry is benefiting greatly from building Augmented Reality Apps. From assisting in finding the veins to viewing the symptoms through a patient’s eyes, AR apps are making the process a lot easier.



With AR apps development, it’s possible to make Education more enjoyable for children. While children have always learned from blackboard, paper, and videos, now with the help of new AR apps, they can almost engage with the subject.



Gaming is meant to be an immersive entertainment experience. In the past recent years, particularly after Pokemon GO, gaming has become mainstream. And it’s still gaining momentum. In fact, combining AR in mobile game development can be useful for putting first-person views in better perspective.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Whether it’s an app for iPhone or iPad, Augmented Reality Technology provides real estate professionals as well as businesses the ability to showcase properties, apartments, and buildings from 3D perspective, which used to do on flat print materials in the past.



The use of Augmented Reality within the Automotive industry is no longer just restricted to advertising. In fact, the automotive industry has adopted the Augmented Reality technology for a wide variety of purposes like creating digital showrooms to showcase different model variants.

Retail and Manufacturing

Retail and Manufacturing

In retail and manufacturing, Augmented reality can be used in many ways that help businesses move customers through the purchase funnel. Think of it like this: it’s a lot easier to spend money on an expensive dress when you know it’s going to look good on you.

How Augmented Reality Can Enhance The User Experience of Your Mobile App?

By developing augmented reality apps, you can reinvent your brand and establish an interactive relationship with your customers by offering them a richer user experience.

We, at space-O, blend research, creativity, and innovation to churn out the most persuasive Augmented Reality Apps with an absolute attention to detail. We can create immersive experiences by overlaying digital information on your products and let your customers interact with that information in real-time.

How Augmented Reality Can Enhance User Experience

Top 5 AR App Development Tools
Used by Our Full Stack Developers

When it’s the matter about Augmented Reality apps, using AR libraries with open-source API is the best way to simplify the AR app development process.

Here is the overview of AR tools that we used to develop Augmented Reality Apps.


Vuforia is a complete SDK(In fact, best augmented reality sdk) for any Augmented Reality app development company and we use it for its best functionality: the detection of various kinds of object targets as well as text and environment recognition.


This is another great tracking tool that we always turn to when we have to perform Single-camera or Stereo-camera position tracking, tracking of planar images and tracking of simple black squares when developing Augmented reality app.


Whenever we have to deal with an extended tracking, positioning, and advanced camera options in our AR app projects, we always prefer Wikitude’s latest version of powerful SLAM solution, which helps us reconstruct places at the virtual map of an AR app.


As its name suggests, LayAR allows our developers to watch the terrain through layers that are mapping on the mobile device screen. Besides this, the LayAR tool allows expanding the ability of printed products. For instance, by using an LayAR based mobile app, you can make an order in a printed catalog or listen to a song mentioned in a magazine.


When a situation occurs where we have to choose a particular framework that not only is faster than others, but also allows us to import 3D models from a modeling software, we always use Kudan AR tool. This library helps AR apps to map multi-polygonal models in reality, importing 3D models, and also requires less memory to store files in a device.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop Augmented Reality Apps?

When you are searching augmented reality apps development cost, it depends on many factors, including your goals and expectations. There are cheap and even free solutions available to implement the functionality of Augmented Reality, but those solutions fit only in initial testing or gaining skills. In fact, with free solutions, you won’t be able to build a custom unique product.

However, if you want a one-of-a-kind user experience, increase your brand awareness, and improve customer loyalty, you should better turn to custom augmented reality apps development with a top mobile app development company. The results will just outcome your expectations.

Now since it’s the matter of cost, the price of developing custom augmented reality app development depends on the features to be implemented in the app, user experiences, and required deadline.

Why Space-O Technologies for
Augmented Reality Applications?

As of today, the demand for mobile application development capability has been increased. So, one of the best ways to get your Augmented Reality apps to market in the shortest timescale possible is to hire a top mobile app development company for your Augmented Reality Application Development.

Free Expert Consultation Limited or No No Yes
NDA Yes Yes Yes
Project Success Ratio Depends 90-100% 100% on Upwork
Project Failure Risk High 70-100% Very Low
Expert Suggesstions No No Yes
Domain Expertise Limited Broad Broad
Pricing Hourly or Fixed Price Fixed Price Dedicated, Hourly,
Fixed Price, On-site
Central Point of Contact No Yes Yes
Communication Depends Good Expert Customer
Escalation Policy No Yes Yes
Coding Standards Depends 100% reusable 100% reusable
Mobile App Testing No Yes Yes
Maintenance & Support Depends Yes 90 days free support
Liability & Commitment Uncertain 100% 100%

We, at Space-O, have already started organizing daily seminars and workshops in which our Sr. iOS app developers take part to understand and learn about creating Augmented reality mobile apps. Having have 100+ mobile app developers and project managers with 10+ years of experience. We’ve formed an expert team for Augmented Reality Mobile App development who can grasp new technologies quickly and can take on challenging Augmented Reality app projects. Recently, Space-O has been recognized as one of the Top Augmented Reality App Development Companies by GoodFirms, a B2B Research and Review Firm.

Top Augmented Reality Companies in Goodfirms

Our augmented reality developers have already created various augmented reality app development tutorial and have been working on top camera-based mobile apps developed by us in the past to explore further opportunities. In fact, many of our client’s photos and videos apps have been on the top list of Photos and Videos Category in the Apple App Store. And we intend to achieve the same for our Augmented reality development projects.

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