The Increasing Demand of On-Demand Laundry App Development

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On demand app development

Today, on-demand laundry services business has become one of the largest marketplaces. There are laundry apps like Cleanly, Laundrapp, and Taskrabbit offering washing, dry cleaning, and laundry services across many countries in the world. In fact, due to high consumer demand for such mobile apps, there is a huge opportunity for Entrepreneurs to create a laundry app from scratch and establish a successful business.

Such on-demand apps are everywhere. Helping people in each aspect of their lives. Ever since Uber became successful, hundreds of entrepreneurs shifted their focus and entered the on-demand space with their unique Uber for X mobile apps.

Today, the cooking problem is resolved by on-demand food delivery apps such as Doordash and Postmates, and the house cleaning job is taken care by house cleaning apps such as Taskrabbit and Get Maid which helps you find professional cleaners. And now, we also have on-demand laundry apps such as Cleanly and Laundrapp which provide online laundry services.

In fact, a laundry app called Washmen based in Abu-Dhabi received $400,000 in seed funding. The app was launched in October 2015 and has an incredible user base since then.

The Uber for dry cleaning app has also expanded its offerings to more than 100 cities worldwide. Not only this, but the startup has closed two rounds of fundings, each worth £1.5 Million, and planning to receive more.

All these examples of startups clearly indicate that there is a need for laundry cleaning apps development or Uber for laundry service in different markets worldwide. So if you want to build a laundry app, and looking for laundry cleaning apps development company, then Space-O is the right place.

Top Laundry & Dry Cleaning Apps

On demand laundry services market has already been filled by a number of cleaning apps. However, this doesn’t mean that there is not enough room left. You can still build laundry cleaning apps for a specific market or city, and establish a successful laundry mobile app business.

Following are the top online laundry cleaning apps in the market.

How a Laundry App Makes Money?

It’s a common question we often come across. But the answer is quite simple. Most of the laundry & dry cleaning apps earn revenue by setting a standard prices for each item. Top laundry cleaning apps have created a platform for customers who can directly order through app, request for pickup, and get their clothes washed within 24 hours. They hire freelancers who wants to make extra money by doing pickup and delivery jobs. In fact, laundry apps like Taskrabbit have also created a platform where you can directly hire freelancers who will personally pickup, wash, and deliver your clothes at your doorstep. So if you’re looking forward to build a laundry app, select your targeted marketplace, decide your business model, and features you want include in your laundry app to get started.

Top Features of Popular Laundry Apps

One-Tap Pickup Request Button

To make a successful laundry app, you need to make the process of washing clothes as simple as possible. For this, you can use single tap-approach. It is already used by almost all available laundry dry cleaning apps.

Today customers are in rush and they cannot afford going through long processes for such simple jobs. Thus, you can help them save time by implementing one-tap pickup request button.

top features of laundry app

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Laundry App?

Starting from washing clothes at home to using public coined washing machines; and from going to a dry cleaner to a couple of taps on the smartphone, it’s now easier than ever to get your clothes washed.

Today, the on-demand methodology has changed the customer behaviour so much that they won’t accept anything less than a VIP treatment. So if you’re planning to get into laundry business, it’s important to tap mobile technology to meet consumers’ requirements. And by now you might have already got the idea that the laundry app development cost depends on many factors.

For example, UI and UX design, on which platform you want to build your app (Android / iOS / Both), which features you want to implement, how do you want to build your admin panel, and so on.

However, below you can find a rough estimation for an On-demand Laundry app development.

laundry basket
  • laundry app design 80-100 hours
  • alundry app in iOS(User / Washer): 380
  • laundry app in Android(User / Washer): 400
  • Laundry app API development60 hours
  • Laundry app admin panel200 hours

Why Space-O Technologies?

With 11+ years of experience in blending technology together in clients’ app projects, our mobile app development team has become well versed to meet high expectations.

We, at Space-O, always stay up-to-date with latest technologies such as Augmented Reality Apps Development, Machine Learning App Development, and On-demand app development by organizing different seminars and workshops so that we can take on challenging and innovative app projects, and turn them into reality.

Our expertise, experience, and proficiency in building mobile apps make us the top mobile apps development company in India.

So if you’re planning to build a mobile app for laundry and Dry cleaning business, fill out Contact Us form, and our sales representative shall get back to you within 24 hours.

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The Space-O team were great to work with. Every part of the process went as per the agreed schedule, and the finished prototype met, and in most cases, exceeded my expectations. While Space-O wasn’t the most price competitive of the quotes I received, the quality of their work, professionalism, and product, was well worth the additional cost. Highly recommend, and will continue to use their services for future projects.



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They performed in all aspects excellently. They have given well-appreciated discounts at various stages of the project and also with suggestions that saved cost. When it comes to delivering, they were always ahead of time. We don’t know how they do that but that’s very impressive. Their agility and customer support is on a different level, well appreciated.


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Space-O Technologies showed genuine interest in the project. The efficient team delivered quality results at a cost-effective price. We wanted to develop a minimum viable product that would be ready for scalability. It was a great experience working with them. We are so happy that we had the chance to meet Space-O. We love their work. Their project management and structure were amazing. The team loved what they were doing. There was passion behind every single piece of work.