3 Opportunities That You as a Travel Startup are Missing Out by Not Creating a Travel Planner App

travel planner app

Read this article if you are running a travel management company. Herein we have rounded up opportunities, reasons, and features. If you are planning to enter the app genre with an idea of a travel planner app, consider this information for the app development.

When it comes to traveling some people really get cold feet. A typical questionnaire arouses like.

  • Which places to visit?
  • At what time to book tickets?
  • How much will it cost for local travels?
  • How much time to spend at an art museum and is it close to the book store you want to visit?
  • What is the transport available in the XYZ country we are visiting?

We know all these questions can be easily Googled to obtain the relevant answers. But, in this mobile app age, people are addicted to app-based solutions. Gone are the days, when people used to be on calls for long to book a room for hotel or a railway ticket. 

The travel industry has been disrupted several times by top travel planner apps like Trip Advisor, Google Trips, Tripit, Roadtrippers, Kayak. By the advent of these trip planner apps, we saw an easy way to portray the tourism and hospitality industry, in a very compact yet effective manner through app platforms. 

News: Travel industry experts predict that the digital travel space over a span of 10 years, worldwide will expand at an annual rate of 3.8% to reach $114trillion.

We are in that phase where the word “mobile” literally means “mobile apps.” We all are spending on some or the other apps from food delivery apps to social media apps to road trip planner apps. Being a travel startup, why not you invest in app development and hire an app developer that can efficiently help you with the app solutions.

Reasons on why travel apps are considered more over mobile websites

Recently, we came across a tremendous growth of a travel planner app named TripActions. The report was stated by TechCrunch which mentioned that the travel booking service is tailored for large enterprises, at $4 billion with a $250 million Series D.

travel planner app

The question that first strikes our mind is why such huge investments are taking place in the travel app industry? What is the major reason that users are attracted more to travel apps? The findings revealed that native travel apps are a ‘go to’ for traveler engagements. They are way ahead than the web as it provides speed, better UX, and other functionalities.

3 Opportunities You are Missing by Not Developing a Travel Planner App

#1 Organized travel details for both the parties

We are sure that it is getting pretty hard for you to manage all the excel sheets of the travel bookings you have got so far. Maybe, right now you are driving crazy with all the paper printouts of your users and are marking names on them so that you don’t mix them. Now if you had your own trip planner app, there would be a different scenario of your business.

The travel planner apps save your time by mentioning every detail under one umbrella. These apps are made to automate your mundane work of listing into excel sheets and to constantly watch prices in a desktop screen. 

With mobile app developments, you can have the convenience of roaming around the world with the business in your pocket. The travel booking apps are an easy way to organize your hospitality and travel business along with increasing user engagements. Users can also manage their travel itineraries through your travel itinerary app.

#2 Constant track of pricing & bookings at the disposal

Being an online travel agency or a tourism startup, now you do not have to call every time there are cheaper rates of transport or hotels for your regular customers. Now, the users can immediately download your travel planning app and go through the bookings to book one for themselves. On your part, you can place a “notification feature” for your users to get pricing alerts of the cheapest deals available in the travel economy. Other notifications that an app can provide are.

  • Trip status
  • The reminder of booking or purchase in the process
  • Loyalty points update
  • New feature alert 

Through travel mobile app development, users can directly book from the trip planner at their disposal. Thus, being a travel business owner you can concentrate more on branding your travel planner app development to get the maximum out of your app development.

Tip: A travel planner app is a one-time investment. It is like owning a house, a constant source of income in this digital-driven world. Users and the business can have their own freedom to manage their share of work and excel in other areas by wasting less time in the booking process.

#3 Expand your business through the travel planner app

Right now, you must be dealing in one of the genres like booking for transports, hotel bookings, car rental business. What if we say you can handle all through a trip planner app development. An app can help expand your business and flourish them among the correct target audience.

We at Space-O Technologies specifically make sure to consult our clients with proper market research and opportunity of growth in the app genre. Just to make an app does not work, you need to have a constant nurturing partner who can technically support and evolve to meet the real-time digital needs.

We have gathered some interesting facts about the travel industry for you to rely on the travel app development success ratios.

Travel Trends- Statistics of the Tavel Planner App Worldwide

travel planner app

Don’t just make another alternative like Google Trips & AirBnBs. Provide your customers with the best user travel experience with your travel application.

Utilize the engagement abilities of an app. Necessity is the mother of the invention if you have a constant urge to expanding your travel business on every digital platform like web-based solutions, mobile app solutions, you can reach out to us.

At Space- O Technologies we have all the answers in the form of digital solutions to grow your business and make it an online brand. You being a travel management company, if you are in a search of a technical partner than our team of developers can provide you with excellent native mobile app development

With a thoroughly professional process, we keep our clients in the sink with the app development phases. If you have any query regarding the cost to develop a travel booking app?  importance of creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the app during travel booking app development? Or want to know the developing hours for apps like Airbnb and Klook, fill the contact us form. Consultation is absolutely free.

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