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We use the latest technologies and tools to develop custom solutions for iOS, Android, Web, Cloud, and other platforms. We design solutions from the ground up, specifically for your business needs to cater to your clients.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Enterprise Mobility Solution

Facing issues with employee management, training your new employees, doing performance analysis, appraisals, customer relations, and product management? We develop enterprise apps, HRMS, CRMS, SCM, POS, ERP, and sales & marketing solutions for our clients. Check out the following enterprise mobility solutions that we offer.

  • Supply Chain Management
  • EV Solutions
  • Healthcare Solution
  • HRMS Solution
  • On-demand Solution
  • Fleet Management Solution
  • POS System
  • eCommerce Solution
On-demand Solution

On-demand Solution

Running a business where people require on-demand products or services? We develop on-demand apps for handyman, package, food, grocery, and alcohol delivery, basically everything on-demand. We have developed 40+ on-demand apps like Glovo, Lacy, and Bevy. Have a look at our offered custom on-demand solutions.

  • Food Delivery App Solution
  • Laundry Management Solution
  • Taxi Booking Solution
  • On-demand Home Services
  • On-demand Telehealth App
  • On-demand Fitness Solution
  • Grocery Delivery App
  • Beauty and Salon Services
Taxi-booking Solution

Taxi-booking Solution

Have a taxi service business? Want to develop your own on-demand cab booking apps like Uber or Lyft? We develop taxi booking solutions that help improve the services you provide to your customers. We have developed several taxi booking apps like Braxi, Venuxx, and 2Placez. Here are the custom taxi-booking solutions that we offer.

  • Customer Management App
  • Real-time Tracking Solution
  • Taxi Scheduling Software
  • White-label Taxi Management Software
  • Driver Management App
  • POS Solution
  • Ride Fare Estimation Solution
  • Taxi Maintenance Software
Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management Solution

Need to optimize your enterprise fleet operations? We develop mobile apps and web-based fleet management solutions to track and analyze your fleet performance. We have developed 15+ solutions like Driven and Cruise for fleet management businesses worldwide. Check out our offered fleet management solutions and share your requirements with us.

  • Route Optimization Software
  • Driver Management Software
  • Fleet Scheduling Software
  • Delivery Management Software
  • Fuel Management Software
  • Fleet Maintenance Software
  • Fleet Dispatch Software
  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking Apps
Healthcare & Medical Solution

Healthcare & Medical Solution

Are you in the healthcare industry? Planning to develop a custom healthcare solution? We develop solutions with features like appointment scheduling and patient data management. We have also developed on-demand doctor apps like Conduet-Med and MedCall. Here are our offered healthcare and medical solutions.

  • EHR & EMR
  • Hospital Management App
  • E-prescribing Software
  • Cloud-based Telemedicine Software
  • Medical Database Software
  • Medical Billing Software
  • Medical App & Software
  • Appointment Scheduling Software
Ecommerce & Shopping Solution

eCommerce & Shopping Solution

Want to take your business online? We develop apps like Amazon and custom eCommerce web portals to create a digital presence for your brand. We have built solutions like Pearson Dental Supply, Sahanbooks, and Carco, helping our clients grow their revenue in less time. Now, check our following offered eCommerce solutions.

  • Custom eCommerce Solutions
  • eCommerce Website Design
  • B2B or B2C Marketplace
  • Shopping Cart Development Services
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Auction & Bidding Platform
  • Retail eCommerce Solution
  • Multi-vendor Marketplace Development
Restaurant & Food Delivery Solution

Restaurant & Food Delivery Solution

Have a restaurant or food delivery business? Want to create a customized app like Zomato or Uber Eats? We develop food delivery and restaurant apps that make delivery operations streamlined. Our top food ordering apps are Fungry and Wok On Fire. Contact us for the following restaurant & food delivery solutions.

  • F&B Manufacturing Software
  • F&B Traceability Software
  • F&B Quality Management Software
  • Logistics Management Software
  • F&B Distribution & Delivery
  • Restaurant POS Systems
  • Inventory Software Development
  • F&B Service Management Development
Finance Solutions

Finance Solutions

Are you in the finance sector? We develop finance solutions to deal with cyber frauds, big data management, tracking payments, analyzing stocks, and monitoring market fluctuations. We have developed apps like PayNow for Stripe and Cryptocurrency Wallet. Get in touch with us for custom finance solutions.

  • Fraud Prevention System
  • Wealth Management Software
  • POS Solution
  • Lending & Mortgage Software
  • Investment Solutions
  • End-to-end Banking Solution
  • Stock Trading Solutions
  • Digital Wallets
School Management Solution

School Management Solution

Running an educational institute like school, college, or coaching classes? Do you want to develop a custom school management solution with features like attendance tracking or ERP? We develop LMSs and e-learning solutions like Prime Revision and Counting in Japanese apps. Check our offered school management software solutions.

  • Attendance Tracker Solution
  • Language Learning Application
  • Fee Management System
  • Examination Management System
  • Learning Management System
  • Faculty Management Solution
  • Student Admission System
  • School Information Management System
Sports & Fitness Solution

Sports & Fitness Solution

Are you a fitness enthusiast and an entrepreneur? We develop sports and fitness solutions to keep track of health, sell fitness products, spread awareness about myths, and give fitness tips. We have developed apps like Ryan Spiteri Fitness and Coachanize. Explore our custom sports and fitness management solutions.

  • Sports Training Software
  • eSports Community App
  • Sports Betting System
  • Nutrition Management Software
  • Fitness Tracker Mobile Apps
  • Sports Ticket Booking Solution
  • Sports Live Streaming Solutions
  • On-Demand Trainer Booking App

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