A Simple Guide to Write Mobile App RFP (Request for Proposal)


So far, during these 8 years, we have seen and studied innumerable requirements. We know which requirement works and which does not. Using this experience, we decided to write a blog on it.

In simple language, Mobile App Request for Proposal (RFP) is a well-stated requirement document.

Why is it important to write a Mobile RFP?

  • A detailed mobile application RFP helps to eliminate ambiguity and set the foundation for a project, which is more likely to stay on time and within budget.
  • An efficient and well-written Mobile RFP document helps us to give you the best app solution for your ideas.

Consider These Requirements While Writing Mobile App RFP Document

A little bit about your idea: Clearly define the problem you are trying to solve. A couple of real-life examples that relate to what is the real problem and how you are trying to solve it through your idea (by providing a mobile app/website)  will be essential.

Example: I want to create an app like Uber for my taxi business to book a ride directly from the app.

Audience: Tell us a little bit about your audience.

Example: I have decided to develop an app like Uber and my audience is those people, who commute by taxi.

Platforms: Do you want to make your application on Android, iOS, or on both the platform? If you want to make your app for both the platforms, please specify in this section.

Example: I want to develop mobile app on both Android and iOS platforms.

Features: Tell us which features do you want us to develop.

Example: I want to include some of the common features like Social Integration, Push Notification, Chat Option, Offline Mode and Reviews and Feedback.

Timeline: Usually, we analyze the idea and suggest the timeline, if you do not have any timeline in your mind, don’t worry. We will assist you. If you have any timeline in your mind, mention it here.

Example: I want to make my application live within 5-6 weeks.

Budget: Do you have a tight or flexible budget? Any range? If so, please share. This will help us to evaluate your idea properly.

Example: My current budget is very tight. Initially, I am planning to invest around $2000-$3000 for this project.

What If I already have…

  • Wireframes: If you already have wireframes or hand-drawn screens with you, you can provide us to get a better idea of your expectations like how you want your app to work.  
  • Design: In case, if you already have a design of your application and want us to use those designs and develop an app, you can save up to 10 to 15% money. Even, you can also get your project in less time.
  • An app that I want to update: Do you want to update your already developed app? Do you want us to include new features, functionalities, or any technology in it? Please let us know which features or functionality you want to update in the app so that we can further assist you.

So, this is the basic information that you can include in your requirement document to give us a clear idea about your project. Feel free to use this template and edit it as per your requirement.

Use our custom mobile app development services, in case, you want to validate your app idea. Fill this form and write “I have prepared my requirements.” in the message section. We will get back to you within a day or two.

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Bhaval Patel

Bhaval Patel

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Bhaval Patel is the Director (Operations) at Space-O Technologies. He has over 15 years of experience in business management and sales. He has expertise in the taxi booking app solution and on-demand applications. Under his guidance, Space-O has developed 50+ Uber-like taxi apps on both iOS and Android platforms.


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