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Rakesh Patel

Co-founder and CEO of Space-O Technologies

In his two decades of long career, Rakesh has played important roles in versatile areas of the software business assuming responsibilities as System Analyst and Design Architect, Project Manager, Functional Consultant, Head of Business Development and a Business Unit Leader.

Rakesh has been into Mobile App space for the last 7 years and overlooked delivery of more than 3000+ Mobile Application Projects. He has defined successful business models for the clients that worked flawlessly for them.

As an entrepreneur, he started Space-O in 2010 and has now 140+ developers working on Mobile technologies in 2 state-of-art Development Centers, each in India and Russia. Rakesh also contributes to the overall vision of the organization as a mentor.

Apart from his role as an entrepreneur, Rakesh is an author, speaker, and role model to many aspiring entrepreneurs. His book can be viewed and made available from Amazon, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and Flipkart. His unique ideas and vast experience have helped his organization, clients, stakeholders and many others to thrive and achieve a progressive level.

Prior starting Space-O, Rakesh was Asst-Vice President at IndiaNIC and was responsible for business, mergers and delivery for all IndiaNIC Services.

Atit Purani

CTO & Co-founder @ Space-O Technologies

Atit Purani (AP) is an IT professional for last 14 years. AP has worked with small-medium-large companies. He co-founded Space-O Technologies in 2010 and currently, he manages the delivery part of its business being CTO of the organization.

After finishing his Master's in Information Technology, he spent early years of his career in education institutes as a tutor and later on, as a consultant to many companies and organization solving their day-to-day Programming problems.

AP is visiting faculty to some of India's most prestigious education institutes. His work speaks for itself. AP has travelled in India, US, UK, Russia and many other parts of the world to Meet in Person with Clients and strengthen Business Relationship.

AP's key strength is fixing software delivery problems being a "tech" guy, team building, daily operations, training and development, capacity building and analysis for IT industry at large.

The Motto AP believes in is "Winning People rather than defeating them". With huge experience and working with offshore clients in last decade, Atit focuses on getting things done as he says that " Intentional perseverance overpowers talent."

Utpal Vaishnav

Co-founder and CEO of Space-O Digicom

Utpal “UV” Vaishnav is a lifelong learner, entrepreneur and blogger based in Ahmedabad, India. UV is the co-founder and CEO of Space-O Digicom, a mobile app consulting & product development studio that has a bias towards UX over engineering.

The journey for a typical Space-O Digicom client is different. Lot of other consulting studios in the app space are technology biased which is exactly opposite to Space-O Digicom's operational approach. Space-O Digicom is born from the belief that technology is a wonderful servant but a terrible master - and the most important thing to focus is on user experience.

UV also consults startups on bringing their app ideas to life. UV has been instrumental in creating multiple technology startups, many of them have failed and some of them have succeeded. His latest startup, which is a portfolio of 126 mobile apps, which is generating hundreds of thousands of impressions (and some $ too) every day, is in the process of being acquired by a US based buyer.

In his lifelong learning journey, UV has got a firm grip software development, digital marketing, writing, and startup consulting: all of them are reflected in the products and services that Space-O Digicom offer. Find out more about Utpal on his personal blog.

Jasmine Patel

Chief Financial Officer of Space-O Technologies

Jasmine Patel leads International Taxation, Financial Planning, Budgetary Control and Financial Risk Management of Space-O Technologies.

Her major responsibilities include assurance of projected revenue goals, cash-flow management and adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements.

She provides strategic leadership for the new initiatives and partnerships that Space-O considers investing in time to time. Her view becomes a key decision factor because it is finance-biased and new initiatives are likely to fail if the finance point of view is not given the attention it deserves.

Jasmine's attention to detail is almost fanatic when she projects, evaluates and ensures the financial health of the organization.

Eugene Erin

Co-founder & CEO of Space-O Technologies, Russia

In his career of 14+ years, Eugene has played different roles in techno-leadership functions including Web Developer, Project Manager, and Technical Director.

Prior to taking up the leadership role with Space-O, Eugene has led development teams who produced data-intensive web based applications and linux based server set-up,configuration and maintenance. He was graduated Computer Science Department at Tomsk State University

Eugene has 7+ years of hands-on experience in Mobile Apps Development. His strengths include handling large client accounts, project management and technical leadership.

In his leisure time, you’ll find otherwise workaholic Eugene in technical conferences or traveling across Russia or nearby countries by Car.

Vladimir Belov

Co-founder and CTO of Space-O Technologies, Russia

Vladimir Belov aka Vlad started his career as Delphi and Microsoft Access developer in 2006, soon to learn the data-intensive Flash/Flex based Rich Internet Apps Development and eventually found his comfort on iOS Apps Development world.

Prior to taking up the leadership role with Space-O, Vlad excelled himself by not only technically leading complex iOS projects, but delivering them on time with budget respected and expectations exceeded.

Vlad has 6 years of hands-on experience in Mobile Apps Development. His primary strength is to unearth the hidden technical risks that complex projects might encounter and implementing solutions that reduce or eliminate those risks.

Unlike most other technical officers, Vlad is a very emotional leader. Not surprisingly, he has figured out a way to express his strong emotions thorough the technically competent mobile apps he leads the development of.

In his leisure time, you’ll find Vlad either playing poker on international poker websites or in one or the other technical conferences in different parts of Russia.

Bhaval Patel

Assistant Vice President of Space-O Technologies

Having 15 years of rich career experience, Bhaval who joined as a Project Manager with Space-O in 2011, has climbed the ladder of success to AVP now. No matter what his title is, he is ready to make things happen and he is not just ready but he actually makes things happen.

A hard sales master by profession but wears different caps depending upon the companies needs. Being a hard worker, and ability to energize & boost the teams working with him, and a person who believes in continuous learning leads different functions of business by assuming personal risks and making decision that has resulted with tremendous good business.

Bhaval believes that when a person joins Space-O which aims to be India’s fastest growing Mobile Apps Development Company, he has the same possibilities that Bhaval had. That is to make their dream come true, by putting in whatever it takes, by assuming personal risks while creating value for the stakeholders, by doing the things because they are right, not because their senior has told them to do… When you choose a company to work with, either you will be taught to “comply” with the rules and be a cog in the wheel or you will be given freedom to create your own destiny. Work with a company who fulfills your dreams.

A true leader is one who takes out time to share their knowledge to others and Bhaval does the same, he likes to motivate and gives management training to his team members and keeps them updated with the latest business and management traits.

Narendra Purohit

Delivery Head of Space-O Technologies

Narendra Purohit aka NP, Having in-depth knowledge about Software Delivery and 12 years of experience in Web and Mobile App development industry, joined Space-O as project manager and was soon promoted to Delivery Head. NP having a sound delivery management skills, where he is able to extract work from team members and deliver to the clients on timely basis; even under tremendous pressure he performed without leaving any stone turned from planning, to monitoring and reporting, resource management, quality and risk management etc.. he is able to take a clean sweep and able to meet or exceed stakeholders needs and expectations.

Being a hard task master in dealing with clients he is able to convenience clients and sweep them in his hands and client are very much satisfied with his communication and action, he involves in making compromises with different groups in order to meet or exceed stakeholders needs and the pace at which he is able to deliver the projects are unbelievable. He makes sure he keeps up with his client commitment at any given point of time.

NP believes in working on people and that makes him being very supportive towards his team members. Keeping the value of Space-O that believes in culture of getting the SHIT done; fast, which means, no matter how ugly the problem is, NP makes sure it is done (and smartly) even if it has to get head over heels.

Space-O went to a lot of effort to turn my vision into clear product requirements. They took my idea and asked many clarifying questions and suggested improvements. They were also always mindful of timings, with them proactively following up on getting my feedback.Janine
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