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Rakesh Patel

Co-founder and CEO of Space-O Technologies

In his two decades of long career, Rakesh has played important roles in versatile areas of the software business assuming responsibilities as System Analyst and Design Architect, Project Manager, Functional Consultant, Head of Business Development and a Business Unit Leader.

Rakesh has been into Mobile App space for the last 7 years and overlooked delivery of more than 3000+ Mobile Application Projects. He has defined successful business models for the clients that worked flawlessly for them.

As an entrepreneur, he started Space-O in 2010 and has now 140+ developers working on Mobile technologies in 2 state-of-art Development Centers, each in India and Canada. Rakesh also contributes to the overall vision of the organization as a mentor.

Apart from his role as an entrepreneur, Rakesh is an author, speaker, and role model to many aspiring entrepreneurs. His book can be viewed and made available from Amazon, Google Books, Barnes & Noble and Flipkart. His unique ideas and vast experience have helped his organization, clients, stakeholders and many others to thrive and achieve a progressive level.

Prior starting Space-O, Rakesh was Asst-Vice President for IndiaNIC and was responsible for business, mergers and delivery for all IndiaNIC Services.

Utpal Vaishnav

Co-founder and CEO of Space-O Digicom

UV is the co-founder & CEO of Space-O Digicom Private Limited, a mobile app product development company.

UV is also the co-founder and President of Yories, a personalized storytelling platform for children in making.

UV has authored a book on Agile Software Development Framework called #SCRUMtweet. #SCRUMtweet has been published from the US.

UV conducts workshops known as UV’s LifeClass where people learn personal and professional development skills through experiential learnings.

To find out more about UV, visit his

Mr. Bob Ramsey

Executive Director at Space-O Starwest Inc, Canada

Bob Ramsey is the President CEO of Starwest Associates and Chairman of the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation (RSJF).

Bob has been an active business and community leader for over 40 years, founding companies in a variety of fields: ground and air ambulance services, medical supplies, air freight transportation, information technologies, management systems, and avionics.

Bob pioneered, designed, and implemented the first EMS private/public partnership EMS models from the mid 1980’s to 2012. Many of those high performance models continue today with various municipalities across the nation for dedicated 911 emergencies and out of hospital ambulance services. He has founded, owned and operated 17 ambulance services through out the US.

In 2006 he designed and implemented in ambulance service inter-operative comprehensive web based electronic medical records, ePCR systems and real-time active management mobile care; and functional tele-medicine Interfacility transport in 2009.

Today, he has been regarded by many as, “one of the fathers and pioneer’s of modern EMS and ambulance service”.

As a recognized leader of emergency medical systems, Bob’s success can be credited to his dedication to serving other’s needs for the best possible systems. His ability to design, implement and provide innovations of high performance clinical EMS services that implement and combine new technologies of measurement interventions .

Bob has been recognized over the years. A few here:

Bob was awarded the prestigious, US National Lifetime Achievement Award from the “Gathering of the Eagles”, The EMS State of Science in 2010 for his many contributions in EMS.

In 2012 Bob Ramsey was awarded and recognized by the Arizona Department of Health Service and Bureau of EMS and Trauma for “Lifetime Achievement” for his decades of service and innovation in EMS.

For over three decades six Arizona Governors have appointed Bob to serve on various Boards and Commissions including Emergency Medical Services Council.

He has served as a board member of numerous public, civic and community groups for more than three decades and in 2007, He has also been on numerous private corporation Boards as well. Today, Bob is on the outside Boards’ of SenesTech, United Hatizalah, and Hospice of the Valley.

ASU’s Public Policy School for Executive Education named the Ramsey Executive Education School after Bob, an Alumni of ASU. The School provides innovative professional development programs and customized services that build the capacity of people and organizations that serve the public. The following certificate programs include: Certified Public Manager, Tribal Certified Public Manager, Arizona Municipal Clerks Institute and Academy, Fire Service Institute, Management and Leadership Institute and Certificate in Public Administration for International Leaders.

Jasmine Patel

Chief Financial Officer of Space-O Technologies

Jasmine Patel leads International Taxation, Financial Planning, Budgetary Control and Financial Risk Management of Space-O Technologies.

Her major responsibilities include assurance of projected revenue goals, cash-flow management and adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements.

She provides strategic leadership for the new initiatives and partnerships that Space-O considers investing in time to time. Her view becomes a key decision factor because it is finance-biased and new initiatives are likely to fail if the finance point of view is not given the attention it deserves.

Jasmine's attention to detail is almost fanatic when she projects, evaluates and ensures the financial health of the organization.

Bhaval Patel

VP(Operation) of Space-O Technologies

Having 15 years of rich career experience, Bhaval who joined as a Project Manager with Space-O in 2011, has climbed the ladder of success to VP(Operation) now.

No matter what his title is, he is ready to make things happen and he is not just ready but he actually makes things happen. A hard sales master by profession but wears different caps depending upon the companies needs. Being a hard worker, and ability to energize & boost the teams working with him, and a person who believes in continuous learning leads different functions of business by assuming personal risks and making the decision that has resulted with tremendous good business.

Bhaval believes that when a person joins Space-O which aims to be India’s fastest growing Mobile Apps Development Company, he has the same possibilities that Bhaval had. That is to make their dream come true, by putting in whatever it takes, by assuming personal risks while creating value for the stakeholders, by doing the things because they are right, not because their senior has told them to do… When you choose a company to work with, either you will be taught to “comply” with the rules and be a cog in the wheel or you will be given freedom to create your own destiny. Work with a company who fulfills your dreams.

A true leader is one who takes out time to share their knowledge to others and Bhaval does the same, he likes to motivate and gives management training to his team members and keeps them updated with the latest business and management traits.

Narendra Purohit

Delivery Head of Space-O Technologies

Narendra Purohit aka NP, Having in-depth knowledge about Software Delivery and 14+ years of experience in Web and Mobile App development industry, joined Space-O as project manager and was soon promoted tremendous pressure he performed without leaving any stone turned from planning to monitoring and reporting, resource management, quality and risk management etc..

He is able to take a clean sweep and able to meet or exceed stakeholders needs and expectations. Being a hard task master in dealing with clients he is able to convenience clients and sweep them in his hands and client are very much satisfied with his communication and action, he involves in making compromises with different groups in order to meet or exceed stakeholders needs and the pace at which he is able to deliver the projects are unbelievable. He makes sure he keeps up with his client commitment at any given point of time.

NP believes in working on people and that makes him being very supportive towards his team members. Keeping the value of Space-O that believes in culture of getting the SHIT done; fast, which means, no matter how ugly the problem is, NP makes sure it is done (and smartly) even if it has to get head over heels.

Dharit Gajjar

Sr. Business Development Manager of Space-O Technologies

Dharit has 5+ years of experience in developing new business in assigned territory and converting generated leads into business. He has been with Space-O since last 3 years, started his career with Space-O as Sr. Business Development Executive and quickly moved up the ladder by consistently achieving higher sales growth.

Currently, Dharit heads a business development team that consists of Lead Generators, Business Development Executive & Business Analyst. His ability to understand the client's’ need effectively and efficiently is one of his USP, where he consults based on the client's need. With his blend of Techno-commercial skills, he adds a flavor to the organization in bringing in repeating clients.

Dharit believes in ‘Customer First’ policy and goes to a level of consulting with them that helps customers to win trust in working with Space-O. He believes that there is always a solution for the problem if discussed and approached effectively. He doesn’t believe in 8 to 5 office culture and always say, when you are in sales, you need to be present 24x7x365.

Have an idea? Brief him. And with his knowledge of business and technology, he will suggest you best possible ways that will help you to make your dream idea into reality.

Jigar Mistry

Technical Head at Space-O Technologies

Jigar Mistry is one of the technical pillars of Space-O Technologies. Being in the Web and Mobile app development industry for more than 11 years, solving critical technical problems is as easy for him as taking a sip of tea. Problem-related to anything.

His expertise says more about him than words can ever do. He has extensive experience in client-server development using Swing and AWT, Servlets, Applets, JSP, JavaScript, HTML, JDBC, Spring, Hibernate, Struts MVC J2EE framework. Ruby on Rails.

Ankit Shah

Senior Project Manager of Space-O Technologies

Started his career in VB6.0 in 2006, then .NET for ERP projects and eventually found his comfort in the mobile app development world.

Having 11+ years of experience in the IT industry, Ankit Shah joined Space-O family as a team leader in the year 2011. He has played various roles in the company from Team Leader to Product Manager to Outsourcing Manager to Sr. Project Manager to the collection and Finance head.

A hard task master, but the most loving person in the team. Till date, he has the most successful customer satisfaction stories. He is well-known for his instant solutions to various problems and can suggest the best possible ways to make your app successful in the market.

Ankit believes that Leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders and this is the reason he has the best leadership qualities in him. Considering the “Get Shit Done” culture of Space-O Technologies, Ankit always ensure that the things are done in the right and smart manner.

From Ankit's point of view, customer stands at the top following employees and stakeholders.

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