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Internet of Things has gone from being just another concept to a brilliantly woven digital revolution that has impacted our daily lives. The idea is to connect things and allow them to communicate over the Internet; processors, software, and web-enabled sensors are connected to each other, and transmit & receive data over the Internet, thus clogging the information world with more data. Enterprises are ready to unleash the potential of this powerful technology that will redefine the way we interact with other humans, machines, and devices.

Space-O Technologies offers outstanding Internet of Things applications, combining their insights with the power of this technology and the expertise of their team. We build apt IoT solutions that are dependent on the nature of need, and the extensiveness of the enterprise.

Top Internet of Things Examples

Let’s understand IoT through examples, before attempting to understand how we help you get the apt IoT solution for your business, and why you should opt for IoT in this digitally disrupted era.

Connected Health: Telemedicine and its accessibility is one of the best examples of connected health. Deriving advantage of remote accessibility to patient data is another advantage of connected health.

Smart Retail: A lot of retail outlets are converging their online and offline retail in order to personalize the offering. Location based offering, QR code scanning to order the products etc. are examples of smart retail.

Wearable: The era of Fitbit, and other fitness gear, as well as gear that connect your movements to the smartphone is in, and it is definitely one of the best ways to unlock the potential of IoT. This IoT application has made it mainstream.

Benefits of IoT Application

  • Build insights on available data
  • Real-time effective decision making
  • Automated and optimized processes
  • Enhanced processes in complex scenarios
  • Monitoring real-time behavior of the processes and devices
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Improved marketing automation
  • Smart and enhanced supply chain
  • Personalize offering
  • Increased sales
  • Better revenue generation

Our IoT Development Process

We have devised a unique and workable IoT development process that helps us cater to your needs, and build applications that suit your purpose.

Ideate: Everything begins with an idea. If your idea is strong, it will be developed into an IoT application. At the ideation stage, we tend to define the roadmap for the application development as well. This is where we gather requirements, understand your goals, and take feedback from your customers.

Prototype: Once the idea is ready, and the backbone in the form of a roadmap has been prepared, we mount towards the next step i.e. prototyping. We build prototypes for your IoT application to give you an idea of how it will look, and what will be connected where.

Architecture: Once the macro-level strategy has been defined, we start building the architecture at the micro level. We detail out the end-to-end blueprints and converge them with cloud, mobile, and analytics for the best results.

Design & Development: Once the architecture and the micro level connections have been defined, we start with the actual design process. We start coding the applications and developing the software.

Testing: Nothing is complete if it has not been tested properly. We use the agile methodology to ensure development and testing of sprints. We ensure completely tested applications for your enterprise

Monitor: We keep the applications under scrutiny, and keep monitoring and evaluating them, in order to make advancements and improvements as needed

Industries That we Serve

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Travel

Services we Offer

  • IoT Consultancy
  • IoT Solutions
  • IoT Architecture Development
  • IoT Module Development
  • IoT Testing
  • Support & Maintenance

Why Space-O?

We have the best-in-class IoT application development team that offers brilliant solutions to your business needs. We transform your enterprises with our excellent solutions and support services. IoT is still in the budding stage and can transpire smartness into your enterprise, effectively improving productivity. We leverage the technology to maximize your company’s potential and increase the ROI.

Our client-centric approach allows us to give you dynamic solutions to enhance your customer satisfaction needs.

If you want to go smart with Internet of Things, connect with us for the most incredible solutions.

I had a great experience working with Space-O and I am so glad I chose them for my project. I think the way I explained my idea to them was a bit vague because I'm not a technical person but still they understood it really well, optimized it and laid out a perfect work plan. Extremely professional in all aspects of development - pre-development phase & documentation as well as execution, etc. The team's responsiveness is amazing and they work fast and efficiently to fix any bugs and deliver exactly what is requested. Space-O is a perfect fit for everyone who's new at this business or who have experience. I highly recommend Space-O and am looking forward to working with them again.DesisLava
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