Food Delivery App Development: 4 Engaging Features of Just Eat (Top Food Delivery App) To Embrace Your Target Audience


Are you planning to start your own food delivery startup or already have that you want to expand? Herein we have curated 4 core features of Just Eat food delivery app that you as a startup can consider while developing your own food delivery app.

The culture of on-demand food ordering and delivering has given the traditional hosting trends a rest. Now, online food ordering is an instant solution for hosting parties, get-togethers, and family dinners. With food delivery apps and services, families are able to spend more time knowing each other.

Gone are the days when people used to do most of the conversation from the kitchen or were missing out in creating lovely family memories. Various food delivery apps are frequently encouraging by the mass at large.

Who does not like hot food delivered at their doorsteps? And that also on time.

The food delivery apps like UberEats, Just Eat, and GrubHub has proficiently bridged the gap between users and restaurants. If a user at midnight wants to eat a burger or pizza and his desired take away restaurant is on the other side from where he lives, the on-demand food delivery app makes it easily possible.

Coming across the latest news from TechCrunch, the food delivery wars in Europe remains hotter than a vindaloo as today Just Eat and, two biggest food delivery and take-out service providers, announced they are merging the companies. This deal will both the companies to take on more scale, competing better with Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Both these giants in the food delivery market are publicly listed with a market cap of around $5 billion.

So, before moving ahead, let’s check out some important stats of food delivery segment.

As per Statista, the consumer delivery segment, the number of food delivery app users is expected to amount to 802.9m by 2023.


There are many food apps across the globe, but successful ones are a niche. An accuracy with proper delivery service makes a food delivery app earn its share of the revenue. One of the apps is Just Eat delivery app which has a good market repo in Europe for its fast delivery service and revenue generation.

Just Eat is based on a search tool for local restaurants to deliver food since 2001. This food delivery app offers various menus by restaurants, mainly the ones for takeaways. It instantly provides food options by efficient search filter, and the delivery driver takes care of timely food availability. This app has provided fruitful benefits to online users and created massive income. Below are some statistics which are hard to believe, but this on-demand food delivery app has turned the tables for other competitors.

Here are some stats by Statista that proves online food delivery service has a wider business scope. It has dramatically seen some increase from 2011 to 2018. Just Eat food app has a drastic revenue generation from 33.8 million British pounds in 2011 to 779.5 million in 2018.


After discussing the emergence of the Just Eat app, let us figure out the features of this online food delivery application to understand the successful revenue stats behind the online food app.

4 Key Features To Develop Successful Food Delivery App Like Just Eat

1. Inserting Food Items in the Search Bar

In this mobile app technological phase, there are a lot of food apps competing with each other to reach more customers and deliver food efficiently. Just Eat online delivery app for food has brought a unique feature “Inline Ordering” which eliminates the scrolling tiredness. The app identifies all the possible options in a given location who offer that particular cuisine for takeout food delivery.


The inline ordering makes a user experience exceptional. It allows them to add items right there on the menu. Instead of boring scroll down menus and finding restaurants, users just need to insert the food items in the search bar that is quite convenient. It makes building the takeaway menu order really quick and intuitive; the customer satisfaction results are beyond original expectations. In your food app, such easy search navigation will avail you great customer engagement and satisfaction.

2. Allow Users to Save Card Details

The Just Eat food app has developed a scalable platform. It does not slow down the performance of the app in peak ordering and delivering hours. The online food ordering app stores card/bank information for quick payment.


A user can either pay by cash or card with saved details in their Just Eat account for quicker reordering. This app is the most convenient when it comes to remembering favorite restaurants and previous orders. By going back into history, a user can easily figure out the payment method and the restaurant from where the delivery was made.

So, being a food delivery startup or entrepreneur, include this feature to develop the best food delivery app. And allow users to instantly make payments for the orders.

3. Filtered Search Results

How much time will you spend on an app that has searching loopholes? Probably, you will get frustrated in the next 15-20 minutes.

Search results have to be curated in the effective leman terms. You will have to think by stepping in the shoe of your online food ordering audience. It is a basic funda, more consumers will order food from your food ordering app if, they are able to find food items easily by spending less time and energy in searching.


Just eat is the online food app that has filtered search results by restaurant reviews, cuisine or customer ratings. Let us understand this with an example if you go to buy a pair of jeans. First of all, you will never go alone and will take someone to review the look. As we are our personal favorites, we always see the good or bad from other’s eyes.

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To choose the best possible option for online food delivery, the best cuisine, restaurant or customer review is shown. This builds trust among the customers and serves as goodwill in the market for the firm.  

Pamper your user when they are surfing the food delivering and ordering app. Such small initiatives designed in your food delivery app will make an exceptional service in the market.

4. Customized Delivery Service

The main aim of developing a mobile app is to accelerate the convenience of users. The major success behind any business app is customer satisfaction. Business goes up to any limit to lure customers, one of which is “Delivery Option.”


Just Eat food app has an option for pick up order or delivery at home option. This option makes it easy for the firm and customers to process. If the customer is on his way to someplace, he can use the food app to order the food. He can pick the order from the restaurant which saves the time and energy of both the parties.

If the user wants to make a delivery beforehand, the delivery at home or workplace comes into the picture. Such flexible features in a food delivery app make it stand out different from other food delivering apps.


We have stated 4 effective features which lead Just Eat food delivery app to achieve huge revenues and customer base up to 2018. If you are ready to develop such an app like Uber for food delivery, before developing a niche of your own app in the cluttered app world, you should study solutions to create an app for ordering food and drink.

So, feel free to discuss your food delivery app idea with us. We are a leading firm in developing mobile app for iOS and Android platforms. We have developed over 50 on-demand food ordering apps like Postmates and Zomato along with unique features and functionalities.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding the cost of an Uber for food delivery app, features of food ordering apps, or what is the right way of hiring mobile app development companies, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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