Enterprise Mobile Apps for Legal Industry

Enterprise Mobile Apps for Legal Industry

Enterprise Mobile Apps for Legal Industry

With the advent of an era where technological innovations progress by the minute, it is becoming increasingly imperative for companies to keep up with the changing landscape. Every industry is directing its endeavors towards the effective adaptation of efficient technology that can minimize costs and maximize productivity. Enterprise mobility is nothing short of the epitome of such innovative technology, and it can be used effectively in the legal industry.

  • In a typical law firm, the greatest pressure is to find efficient ways to accurately measure, charge for and record billable hours for the work done or services provided every day. With the help of carefully custom designed enterprise mobile apps, these law firms can track, record, and save their progress through a variety of devices in real time. The workflows that these mobile applications provide enable lawyers and paralegals to tap into a common server or database and record their billable hours without the hassle of physically maintaining the records on a central computer or device.
  • The benefits of such extensive file sharing manifest particularly when the law firm is an international one and thousands of lawyers need to access legal documentation and record their progress at the same time. Having to provide for the needs of such a large number of lawyers, with such distant geographical locations, becomes a tedious, time consuming and expensive function. Enterprise mobility serves to eliminate all such challenges. Large law firms are extremely document oriented, and enterprise application solutions automatically index and categorize data stored through them, and make the documents accessible on a single interface, thus enhancing productivity.
  • Furthermore, enterprise mobile applications give law firms the ability to tap into client portfolios immediately, with a single access point. This boosts client response time, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and a higher repeat business rate.
  • Enterprise mobile frameworks provide complete end to end security and do not mean that there is dilution of control over data and activities in the law firm. The central location of head office can still decide what device to give access to, and what the nature of the accessibility should be. Mobile enterprise app solutions come in with the most dedicated security services. Just because data is easily accessible does not deem security breaches necessarily. A law firm can easily implement security frameworks through firewalls, and other measures that ensure the sensitive documentation does not leak out into the wrong hands.
  • Other benefits that enterprise mobile applications can provide include the ability to quickly and cost effectively track capable prospective employees. Many companies around the globe use such applications today that help them track fresh graduates from top law schools.
  • Also, firms that have deployed and used mobile enterprise apps have reported increases in return on investment, saying that the time saved with these applications provide actually enables lawyers to work on things more constructively. This increases their billable hours of service manifolds and brings in greater levels of revenue.

Benefits of Mobility

Increased Productivity

Increased Overall Business Efficiencies

Cost Savings

So, to sum it up, we can provide the following advantages for the legal industry through mobile enterprise applications

  • Track, record and save billable hours on a common serves through multiple, access-enabled devices.
  • Indexed, categorized data available to law firms with employees in distant geographical locations through a single interface.
  • Better consumer satisfaction because you save time, tapping into client portfolios quickly.
  • End to end security and control over data not diluted.
  • Track capable prospective employee and fresh law graduates.
  • Increase in productivity and ROI.

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