Develop an eCommerce app like Kohl’s1

“Over 3 million customers placed orders on from November 23 to November 28, 2015”

Kohl’s serves 49 states with its 1,166 department stores.

According to the Consensus Wall Street analysts’ estimate, eCommerce store, Kohl’s faced a 39.7% fall from the company’s adjusted EPS of $0.63, but it is expected that Kohl’s adjusted earnings per share to rise 2% to $4.09 for the full-year fiscal 2016. High competition environment is the primary reason for decrease in margins of major departments stores.


Be Competitive in the World of eCommerce

Want to become a strong online player like Amazon? Create eCommerce store like Kohl’s or Amazon to give tough competition to the giants by strengthening the digital business channels. Just like Kohl’s, we are integrating all essential features like

Kohl’s Wallet

Kohl’s Cash

Yes2You Rewards

Store Tools & Sales Alerts

We are developing an easy-to-use mobile application, as we know smartphones are the most common starting place for selling products online. Our mobile app designers have an idea about how to create an eCommerce application and thus, they are considering designing factors like Adding Clear Product Image, Considering Typography, Putting White Space, Integrating One-page checkout form, and other related things. Even, we are integrating payment gateway like PayPal,, and others (according to the client’s requirements) for easy payment facility.

How much does it cost to create an app like Kohl’s?

After more than 5 years in the app design and development industry, the question we most frequently get is "how much does it cost to make an app for Android and iOS?" Our mobile app developers always explain before client get a price. There are certain things we must identify to provide exact cost or hours of development. Things like functionalities, imagery, sizing, special features, motion graphics, and app design elements are identified to decide the exact cost/hour.

Having expertise in developing eCommerce application, we have estimated approximate time of development. It takes 1636 hours to develop iOS application like Kohls and 1799 hours for eCommerce Android app development. Backend Web Services (API) takes estimate 250 hours to develop.



  • I have a fixed Budget of $2000. Can I Develop eCommerce site like kohl’s?

    The development cost of an eCommerce app like Kohl is more than $2000. The exact mobile app development cost depends on what features you want to integrate into your application. We assure you to deliver the promised quality of an application.

    Many of our clients have hired experienced US developers, who are charging $250 per hour, to develop their application. However, we charge $26-$46 per hour. We agree, there are some reasons like language, product culture, time zone and exposure that account for some of the difference.

    We have experienced developers, who work on client’s product and idea. Considering the idea and requirements, we share the right investment cost for the design-led-development.

  • Can my Kohl like eCommerce app work across platforms?

    Yes, It can. However, we are recommending you to launch your application first on Android and iOS platform and after that, move gradually towards other devices. We would discuss your app an idea and define into phases / milestones or into versions. In the first launch of idea, we can get to know the platform response and accordingly we can revise the phase of future versions.

  • Can I customize my application?

    We have e-Commerce app developers, who are not limit to get addicted now to just buying products through online stores for testing the user-centric design but who can make custom application by integrating features that kohl’s, Zappos and other eCommerce platforms has.

    We would love to discuss with you and see the interesting features from the different eCommerce store application make your application near to perfect, not-to-just look good but give the wow experience to the buyers/sellers. The cost not varies with this, but the idea to provide the smooth user experience, as when we are working from scratch we would follow this app development process and request and do more research.

  • How Will I Put Products on the App?

    Adding products to the app is basic feature in any of the e-Commerce platform, but it depends that which platform you are using for your website or many of companies use Magento for the e-Commerce store. If you’ve custom php developed portal, we would make the API to call the database and make similar for auto update data in your app. Our full-stack developers build easy-to-use backend of e Commerce application, as we do care UI and UX for backend functionality and similarly develop user-centric app design.

    We also have frontend development team, who are developing mobile-based applications based on usability. And, also offering app maintenance and enhancements service.

  • Can I develop an App like Kohl’s from My Ecommerce Site?

    Yes, why not, if your app idea is similar to Kohl, you should look the start of this app and see the current version of the app, you can also study the changes which Kohl’s made over the period. It is not goal to get the millions of downloads with the first version, it is always iteration process. For e-commerce business, the main goal should be product buying experience. If your idea is like Kohl’s and you like the app design and development part, you should get the idea from it.

  • How can Kohl style application developed by Space-O and stand out from the crowd?

    We are developing and integrate your current ecommerce platform with an app and we do from scratch. We are not making clone, we make kohl type of app where in, we will understand the kohl ui / ux and similarly, make your app which will be better and different to stand out of the crowd.

  • How will we communicate?

    Mostly all of our clients are connected with us through Basecamp and they are enjoying it, But We do use skype, slack, trello and email/phone with our clients to keep all communication on right time and delivery the project on time.

    Already working successful eCommerce app development and on-demand delivery apps, we know things to make the user-centric product which generates sales. We are optimizing application for every mobile platform. We are integrating all essential features like payments, search, filter option and so on.

    We would like to invite you to look into our recently developed project SatSuma app that allows you to sell and purchase your products with ease. We also have integrated social features for users to communicate with the buyers and sellers. Even, users can share anything on social media by using this application. Here are more list of apps which is developed by us.

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