How Turo ($250M Car Sharing App Startup) Has Disrupted Peer to Peer Car Rental Industry With These 3 Solutions

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Are you struggling with your car rental business and its daily operation? Planning to digitize it through car rental app solution? Herein we have rounded up 3 solutions of Turo, U.S.-based car sharing app, which recently raised $250M and disrupted the peer to peer car rental industry. Let’s have a quick look at these solutions that you can consider while developing your own car sharing app.

In today’s article, you are going to learn

  • What good does a successful collaboration bring to your business
  • How can gig economy concept bring engagement to your app
  • Apt solutions for your peer to peer car rental business

Being a vehicle rental startup or entrepreneur of car rental business, you must be facing a lot of problems. Problems like fleet management, driver employment issues, car rental catalog management, track of a total number of cars with their current location. All these problems can be solved by having your own car sharing app solution. 

There has been a hype of self-driving trends around the globe, which has given us some fantastic car rental mobile apps. One such car on rent app startup is Turo, which has seen tremendous growth like Uber in a short span of time in the app world. 

According to the latest news, Turo, car rental app startup, has raised $250million in Series E round of funding from IAC, the internet media company that owned and spun out and OkCupid. The company, Turo, has now “past the billion-dollar” mark according to CEO Andre Haddad.

Using mobile software development services in the car rental genre, there are ample opportunities for the transport and logistics businesses. Every business has different needs and to meet those requirements, we, at Space-O Technologies, design and develop customized app like Uber for car rental businesses. Being in the app development genre since 2010, we have seen the app world revolutionize. For better vehicle management system and advancement, you must enter into this auto world and see the change for yourself.

Now, let’s move on to the solutions provided by the Turo app that brought the company’s total fundings to $450million.

3 Solutions of Turo (Car Sharing App) Which has Disrupted Peer to Peer Car Rental Industry

  1. Collaborate with the elite giants

    Being a car rental startup, collaborations will help your business to engage with a wider and more specific target audience. Collabs are like butter for your bread, it adds an extra star to your self-drive car rental business. 

    In the case of Turo app, it has collaborated with Porsche Host Program. The ride hailing app wanted to provide its users with a luxurious experience. Thus, through this program, it combines the world’s premier sports car maker with 5-star Turo hosts. It majorly has top hosts in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, with specific Porsche knowledge. The car sharing company operates in 49 states and 5500 cities worldwide.

    Now, who will say no to Porsche 911 Carrera or Porsche Cayenne? Such elite giants made the app more popular in the “apps to rent car” genre. We have some collab ideas for your startup:

    • Collaborate with the logistics company to maintain your fleet
    • For experienced drivers, you can collab with famous employment agencies
    • To get more goodwill for the business, collab with a luxurious or vintage car dealer who is famous and can engage more audience for your car rental app.
  2. Gig economy concept

    With the gig economy trends, people are getting opportunistic platforms to earn money. Who will leave a chance of earning a little bit more than the usual? Through this car sharing app, the users can earn money for their car payments or in general, can use their car for monetization purposes. 

    On what basis will someone give his car for rental use? The Turo app has provided with liability insurance of $1million from liberty mutual. The car is contractually protected against theft and physical damage. The CEO of Turo, Haddad said the insurance covers both the host and guests, which is not really covered by the personal insurance taken by the user who shares his car. In 2018 the average hosts on the app earned around $550 a month by sharing their car approximately for 10 days.

    So, for your car sharing business, make sure you provide users with apt car insurance, car rental policies, and curated car price listing according to the market value and locations. This will make your car on rent popular among the millennials and frequent travelers.

  3. 24*7 customer support

    What if your user gets stuck with his rented car in the middle of nowhere? 

    This solution is very important as it helps in customer loyalty and strives towards more improvement in the company services. Around the clock customer support through the app is very much necessary. The user can call anytime, anywhere for road assistance, or for some information related to the car rental service, or for emergency assistance.

    Turo, an app like Uber for car rentals, has provided its users with such a solution, just a click away. It hosts over 10million customers worldwide. The only way to rent a car is through the app or web application. The app contains some emergency numbers to call on and they constantly appear as notifications in their respective smartphones.

    Thus, to be the best car rental app like Hertz, Turo, or KAYAK, you need to offer solutions which can actually be your user’s biggest need. For instance, Turo app provides its users with employment, luxurious transport means, it is a complete car rental software for Gen Z.

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Now, you know the importance of collaboration, how gig economy can bring engagement to the app and apt solutions for your car rental business. The fusion of these three can turn the profit tables for your business and can give you leverage ahead of your competitors. You know the core. Now, you just need to get this on board, validate your car rental business idea and get it online, and for that, we can assist you.

So, Are You Ready With Your Car Sharing App Idea?

The car sharing app industry is capitalizing. With these apt solutions of Turo and a sane mobile app idea, you can definitely capture the Uber like app car rental market. As the traveling of people is increasing and the people want privacy to be maintained, the predictions are high on peer to peer car rental industry expansion. 

If you have an idea on car sharing app or want to develop a ride hailing app, cross-verify your idea with us. We have developed over 50 Uber like apps for different businesses and startups. Our refined technical knowledge and skilled app developers for iOS and Android has almost every solution when it comes to developing a mobile app.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to car rental apps development cost, how to hire taxi app developers to create an app like Uber, or app development timeline, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly to solve your queries. The consultation is free of cost.

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