Car Sharing Apps Are Disrupting Car Rental Industry: 4 Core Features of Getaround (Peer to Peer Car Rental App) That Valued at Over $1.5B

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Are you into car rental business which you want to grow like Turo and GetAround that will enter the unicorn club with $200 million financing? If yes, you have landed on the right blog. Herein we have covered important features of car sharing app like Getaround that we wrote on the basis of developing over 50 apps like Uber. While identifying these important features, we contacted our experienced taxi app consultant who shared a list of core features to consider during car sharing app development. So, let’s check what inside.

Renting a car from smartphones is like a cake-walk.

Peer to peer car sharing is much more economical and preferred for long-distance traveling and is more convenient than hiring a taxi. Why are users engaging more to these apps instead of taxi apps? Driving by oneself is freedom of doing everything and anything. “You are your own boss” is making apps like Kayak, Hertz as the best car rental apps.

Uber for X genre is expanding with each passing day in the form of carpooling app, rideshare apps, ride hailing apps, car sharing app development. The best part about the mobile apps is, every app has its own targeted audience even when competing in the same app market. 

Being in the mobile app development world since 2010, we have made over 50 Uber clone apps and we know what it requires to develop an app like Uber. Now, before diving into the car rental app features that you can consider while developing your own car sharing app, let’s have a look at which regions are beneficial for your taxi booking app development. California, New York, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, are the busiest and most preferred car sharing app territories. So, target these regions with your Uber like app development.

car sharing app development


They say, “Keep a close eye on your competition.” Before developing a carpool app, you should closely have a look at the list of carpooling and ride sharing apps

When we talk about the list of car rental startups, there are existing as well as the emerging ones. We came across a recent car sharing startup that entered the unicorn club named Getaround (founded in 2009). According to TechCrunch, Getaround app closed series D funding of $300million last year, a round led by SoftBank with participation from Toyota Motor Corporation. In April 2019, Getaround absorbed the carsharing platform Drivy for $300 million.

With this expansion, the current 200,00 members were able to rent the vehicles from their mobile phones at $5 per hour. This helped the app in raising $600 million in equity funding to date. 

Getaround: Car Sharing App

  • The personal car rental app was founded in 2009 by Sam Zaid, Jessica Scorpio, and Elliot Kroo.
  • It launched its car-sharing service in 2011, relying on gig workers. The taxi app solutions provided car rental owners with a marketplace for $500 to $1,000 a month in payments, depending on how often their cars are rented.
  • Now, the Getaround app is available in 170 European cities. With more than 5 million users between the two companies, it has now become the world’s leading car sharing marketplace.  

Now, let’s move on to the features provided by the Getaround app that makes this application popular and brought the company’s total funding to $443million.

4 Features of Getaround App Every Car Sharing Startup Should Consider for Successful Car Sharing App Development

#1 Easy verification & filter search by cars or location

Convenience has become the key to success for mobile apps. The users are all about availing instant access through the internet of things. Thus, the most important is your app’s home page, which is the verification of a user.

Make sure this verification step is not too lengthy. Keep the procedure short including a copy of license, name, number, profession. Once when he logs in successfully, curate your search bar with cars as well as location-based car availability setting.

By such search filtration, a user can easily have a glance at location-based cars or check car availability right after the verification. For businesses like you, investing in the car sharing app development is a must as it helps in managing and maintaining cars in real-time.

#2 Unlocking vehicle with technological advancement

Who would not love the convenience of clicking and unlocking a car just a few steps away?

To become the best car rental app startup, you have to keep up with the ever-changing technological advancements. There are many technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning that makes mobile apps more user-friendly and easy to use.

car sharing app development

Image Credit: Getaround

Such a facility of unlocking a car saves a lot of energy and time of a user. Instant unlocking helps the user to reach his destination earlier than traveling to the owner’s house to collect the car and commence the ride. It is also known as “no key exchange policy.”

Expert tip: Curate cab sharing features which are intuitive and navigate the user easily through the app. Such easy functioning will engage more audience and will increase brand awareness of the online business solution.

#3 Easy trip extension and car sharing flexibilities

We all have sudden plans and long trips which can get extended or canceled at any given point of time. To avoid miscommunication and ace the car rental service, provide the users with “trip extension” or “trip cancelation” feature. With the gig economy concept, make sure you are charging minimal cancelation fees. Study your competitor’s price before settling on a figure. 

Trip extensions are bliss for your business and the user both. Manage your fleets by keeping such adjustments in mind. You can also provide 5-6 days lease to your users so that they can manage their voyage in the specified extended car rental period.

#4 In-app messaging & car performance management

Through in-app messaging, both the parties will not invade their privacy. Messaging also acts as a written proof for the users and the owners who have listed their cars in the renting service of the app. 

car sharing app development

Image Credit: Turo

Every car sharing app development should have a performance manager, which allows the hosts to look at their overall app performance. It helps in meeting the loopholes and handles the efficiency of the car rentals. Thus, a ride hailing business is meant to be even more convenient than it is now. 

Are You Ready With Your Car Sharing App Idea?

The car sharing app industry is expanding. With these apt features of Getaround and a sane how to make an app like Uber idea, you can definitely capture the Uber like app for car rental market. As the traveling of people is increasing and the people want privacy to be maintained, the predictions are high on peer to peer car rental industry expansion. 

The market of car rental app is growing rapidly from $60-80 billion in 2015 to approximately $125-160 billion in 2022, reaching a CAGR of 12.5%.

statistics of car rental apps

So, if you have an idea on taxi booking  app development or want to develop a ride hailing app, cross-verify your idea with us. Our refined technical knowledge and skilled app developers for iOS and Android has almost every solution when it comes to developing mobile apps.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to car rental app development cost, how to hire taxi app developers to create an app like Uber, or Uber app development cost, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly to solve your queries. The consultation is free of cost.

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