Build Your Own Mobile App like Amazon Go for Your Brick and Mortar Store

Mobile App like Amazon Go

Since the launch of Amazon store app, many small and large businesses have adopted the idea of eCommerce app development for online business and succeeded.

Tech giants are constantly introducing new ways to sell their goods, and Amazon’s new idea – Amazon Go – is the latest example of innovation in grocery market.

The giant internet retailer claimed that the Amazon Go store is the ‘world’s most advanced shopping technology’ with ‘just walk out shopping experience’.

The most unique thing about Amazon Go retail store is that it doesn’t have any registers. Customers can simply walk in, pick out what they want, and walk out. No lines, No checkouts!

US Grocery Market Is Desperate For Innovation – Don’t Miss The Chance!

The grocery market is so big and so fragmented that US alone spends more than $565 billion dollars a year in groceries. But, regardless of this high revenue, the profit margins have been low in the grocery business. Although, the time has come where Amazon is going to make a big dent in the grocery market with its new Amazon Go concept.

US Grocery Market

Source: Market Realist

Moreover, since we’ve worked with many successful Entrepreneurs from Florida, Dallas, California, and many other countries, we’ve always been interested in working on innovative ideas, suggest extra features from expert development team, and helped them develop their startup apps for their startup ideas.

What is Amazon Go?

Amazon, when announced, described Amazon Go as a new kind of retail store that will require no checkouts. The Amazon Go retail store works with all new Amazon Go app with which, customers can enter the Amazon Go store, pick out groceries they want, and be on their way.

The company has decided to start with a large grocery store in Seattle with roughly 1,800 square feet of retail space.

Furthermore, the Amazon employees are permitted to shop at their first retail store near company’s headquarters, which will be public in early this year.

How Does Amazon Go Work?

To get started, you need a smartphone that supports Amazon Go app and an Amazon account. Customers need to open the app, hold it to a scanning device at the entrance of store (Similar to subway turnstile) and enter the store.

The customers can then put away their phones and start shopping. A sophisticated surveillance system within the store tracks every moment of each customer. It keeps an eye on everything a customer picks up from the shelves, and adds it to their bill after the customer leaves the store.

For example, if the customer is buying products from the retail store location, rather than the customer having to stop and checkout with a cashier or automated check station, the picked up products will already be known and identified with identifier list associated with the customer, and the customer may exit the store with the products.

The exit of the customer will be detected and, as the customer passes through the exit, the customer will be charged a fee for the products without being delayed or having to stop.

The Amazon Go Technology

One part of this retail store is the robust consumer-facing mobile app. Customers can notify the store that you’re getting ready to shop, and when finished, the app will charge customers automatically through a saved payment method.

The other part, Amazon Go System, is combined with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning algorithms. The system keeps its eyes on every product on the shelves, and if the customer puts the taken item back on the shelves, it will remove the item from your digital cart automatically.

The entire concept of Amazon Go Retail Store is based on computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion, similar to self-driving cars. Furthermore, the company could track you and your phone as you browse through the retail store. Amazon analyzes the items you notice but not purchase (Interested in buying), and it gears up to serve you with even more recommended products when you go online to shop.

So, if you have made up your mind to develop eCommerce app for your brick-and-mortar store, make sure that you consider important features to include in your app. Here are some of the essential features of eCommerce app:

ecommerce mobile app features

Why Do We suggest Amazon Go Clone for Your Brick-and-Mortar Retail Store?

Developing an eCommerce app like AmazonGo can do a lot of wonders for retail store owners. First, it gives massive amount of insight data about customers by taking digital analytics offline.

For instance, the AmazonGo store watches customers constantly just as the internet users are tracked, but in a non-creepy way.

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Generally, retail store restocking decisions are made by finding out what has been selling and what hasn’t. But, with Amazon Go technology, you can find what customers looked at, what they changed their minds about, what products were picked up but not purchased, what products were later exchanged for other brands, and so on.

With such deep insights, it provides more opportunity for data collection and re-engagement.

For example, if a shopper picks up an item from the shelf and puts it back, a retailer want to know why. So, the usual approach is by a feedback form or an email, but all customers deny. So, through, AI and deep learning expert algorithms, this process can be automated.

As a matter of fact, any small or big brick-and-mortar retail store owner can take inspiration from Amazon Go and Amazon Go like mobile apps, develop a more specific mobile app with features that could help you understand your customer segment, and provide you data similar to Amazon Go to further enhance the shopping experience in retail business.

All in all, since you got basic idea, and how Amazon eCommerce app development can be beneficial for your brick-and-mortar retail store, it’s time you give it a deep thought, make up your mind, and get cracking on Amazon Go Clone app idea.

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