Full-stack vs MEAN Stack: Which Stack to Choose for Web Development?

9 Key Differences Between Full-stack vs MEAN Stack

Here are the key differences between full-stack and MEAN stack.

Sr.NoComparison FactorFull-stackMEAN Stack
1.TerminologyFull-stack development covers the portion of both backend and frontend development. Those who are proficient in working on the client and server side are called full stack developers.MEAN stack is a part of the full-stack framework. It focuses on 4 frameworks – MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js – It is a backend web application framework
2.FrameworksFull-stack development covers both client-side and server-side frameworks.MEAN development includes 4 web frameworks. MongoDB, Express.js, Angular & Node.js
3.DemandFull-stack development is high in demand as it allows to work with diverse development tools and technologies. Even to build complex websites, companies prefer full stack development.MEAN stack development is still in demand, however, the demand is still lower than full stack development.
4.TechnologiesApart from front-end and back-end knowledge, full stack development also includes Git and git commands.Knowledge of JavaScript and related technologies is a must to perform MEAN stack development.
5.Name and Stack UsageDevelopers who are well versed in client-side and server-side software development is called full-stack developer. In short, full-stack developers have knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies.A MEAN stack developer who works on a collection of JavaScript technologies are known as a MEAN stack developer.
6.DatabaseIt allows to work with numerous databases from MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.MEAN stack only uses one database which is MongoDB.
7.Robust Server-Side Programming LanguageServer side programming languages such as PHP, Python, C#, C++, and Java are utilized in full stack development.Rather than utilizing multiple languages, the MEAN technology stack only focuses on JavaScript. Hence, it can’t be considered as robust as full-stack development.
8.Front End and Back End ToolsBootstrap, VSCode, Vue.JS, and Postman are front end and back end tools utlised in full-stack development.In MEAN stack development WebStorm IDE is the first choice of most developers.
9.Well Known FrameworksAccording to Statista, React.js has become one of the favorite web development frameworks as 42.62% of developers prefer to use React.jsAngular is a core part of the MEAN stack, and it is utilized by 22.96% of developers in the MEAN stack development.

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Apart from this, we have comprehensively discussed the MEAN stack and MERN stack which will help you to understand every aspect of difference, features, and detailed breakdown of the MEAN and MERN stack. Refer to the following section to get the answer to what is full-stack development.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full Stack

Full stack refers to the development of both front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) components of a software application. A full stack developer would be responsible for building a website or application from start to finish, including the user interface, server-side logic, and database integration.

A full-stack developer utilizes different web application development software such as Visual Studio Code and GitHub to build a fully functional website. Also, refer to this guide to get the complete information about how to become a full stack developer.

Next, we will discuss the pros and cons of full-stack.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Full Stack Development

Here are the pros and cons of full-stack development.

Full-stack development is cost-effective, in comparison to hiring experts in different core areas.Full stack development narrow downs the opportunity due to the smaller knowledge base. Hence, it limits the integrating capabilities.
Full-stack developers can develop different types of web applications by applying full-stack development. Dynamic web apps, static web apps, and single-page web apps can be easily built by full-stack developers.Full stack developers who may not be able to keep up with the latest technologies and trends. Because they constantly need to switch technologies and languages to execute a variety of projects.
Full stack development is the perfect choice for small to enterprise-level businesses. Full stack developers are exceptional problem solvers and take care of the entire project from start to finish.As full stack development includes multiple technologies, it gets difficult for the develop to dig deeper to learn a specific language.
The majority of the full stack developers have executive and management-level skills to grasp multiple skills of different domains.

What is MEAN Stack?

MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is a web development framework that comprises four open-source technologies: MongoDB (database), Express.js (backend web framework), AngularJS (frontend web framework), and Node.js (runtime environment). Together, these technologies provide developers with a powerful platform for creating full-stack web applications that are highly scalable and efficient.

MEAN stack is a popular JavaScript-based framework for creating complex and dynamic web applications.

Which companies are using MEAN stack?
Companies such as PayPal, Upwork, and Fiverr utilize the MEAN tech stack.

With the MEAN stack, you can build a simple web app, microservice, or API.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MEAN Stack Development

You have learned about the MEAN stack, next check the pros and cons of the MEAN stack development.

The MEAN stack framework follows a single uniform language entirely for stack development.To make use of JavaScript, you must have a solid comprehension of the language. A beginner’s or entry-level understanding is insufficient. But with others such as full-stack, you can get by with just a basic understanding of a couple of languages.
MEAN stack development allows the development of robust and open-source solutions for small to medium-scale applications.MEAN is not suitable to build large-scale applications. As there are higher chances of losing data in MongoDB due to heavy load of users.
Being a MEAN stack developer, you have the flexibility to test an app on a cloud platform, once the development process is over.

We have discussed the pros and cons of MEAN stack development. Next, you will get the answer to selecting the appropriate tech stack according to your business requirements.

Which Tech Stack Should You Choose for Your Business?

If you are confused about choosing the right tech stack for your business, check the following table and take the decision accordingly.

When to Choose Full-stack Development?

The following table describes the factors and the reasons for selecting the full-stack development for your business.

List of FactorsWhy Choose Full-stack Development?
Cost-saving and Better Team ManagementTo provide a scalable solution or work on cross-platform, you require full-stack development, since it includes the spectrum of technologies. It means you can save company costs and manage your team seamlessly.
Rapid DevelopmentBy implementing full stack development, you will be able to deliver better products within the deadline. Full-stack development reduces the dependency, hence making the development process smoother.
Flexibility of Utilising Multiple Tech-stack and FrameworksAs full-stack development includes varieties of programming languages and frameworks, it is more in demand.
Unique CodeFull stack development permits the chance to work with diverse software tools which will give you an edge compared to other developers.

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Do you know what are the reasons to select MEAN stack development? Check the next section to find out.

When to Choose MEAN Stack Development?

Express which is an essential part of MEAN tech stack is used by 22.99% developers across the globe in 2022.

mean stack developers across the world

Source: Statista

However, there is more to it. Check this table to know the important factors and reasons behind choosing MEAN stack development.

List of FactorsWhy Choose MEAN Stack Development?
Permits Seamless DevelopmentMEAN offers advanced features such as Node.js’s event driven architecture which help extremely fast and easy web app development.
Single Language DevelopmentThe MEAN stack is written in JavaScript, thus it makes the web development clean. Unlike PHP, where web apps will be written in PHP, queries in MySQL and client-side code will be in JavaScript.
Superior PerformanceMEAN consists of multiple JavaScript technologies to build exceptional web apps which are secure and efficient.
Open-sourceMEAN stack is composed of Angular, Express, MongoDB, and Node.js, which are all open-source frameworks. Therefore, being a company, you can save most of the amount on saving costs.
Isomorphic CodingMEAN stack supports isomorphic coding to easily share code in a simple manner. When the developers switch the code from one framework to another, they expect it to be compatible.

Next, check the most frequently asked questions about the MEAN stack vs full stack on Google.

FAQ About Full Stack vs MEAN Stack

Which are the skill sets required to become a MERN stack developer?

The following are the skill sets required to become a MERN stack developer.

  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript
  • Expertise in PHP, jQuery, Symfony, and MySQL
  • Experience in effectively managing Angular, Express.js, MongoDB, and Node.js

What is the salary range of MERN stack and full-stack developers?

As per Glassdoor, in New York, the salary of a MERN stack developer is $85,037/yr.
On the other hand, the salary of full-stack developers is $1,05,512/yr.

Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your Web Development

You have learned the basic and key differences between full-stack and MEAN stack. Along with that, you learned the meaning and advantages of full stack and MEAN stack development.

If you want to know more about choosing the right tech stack for your business, consult us. Being a leading web app development company, you can be assured to get the exact solution for your problem.

Whether you have a doubt about choosing the right tech stack or validating your web app idea, our professional web app consultant will surely help you to reach your business goals.

If you have learned any concepts out of this blog about full-stack or MEAN stack, please share the information with your colleagues and team.

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