Better Care & Better Understanding with Enterprise Mobility for Healthcare

Enterprise Mobility for Healthcare

With increase in number of patients with Diabetes, heart ailment, stress, infectious diseases commonly seen among children and many more innumerable diseases; the need for Health Care has been spurred up tremendously.

Healthcare is a hot topic which is going viral creating a great opportunity for technology solutions that can lead more provisional care and make it easy for both patients and professionals. The age of mobile has helped in bringing out apps for enterprise mobility for healthcare and the mHealth care is expected to reach $26 billion by 2017.

Despite a considerable growth, the enterprise mobility for healthcare is in an embryonic state when compared to the US $ 6 trillion global healthcare market, which is making way for an opportunity and supply of mHealth on a larger scale.

In today’s business world, we rely on the availability and access to the information in real time, and the real time technology today is “Mobile”, especially true in case of Healthcare. Enterprise mobility thus enables us to have a workforce of instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere and anytime.

What enterprise business mobility provides for a health care practitioners?

  • Instant access to information through mobile applications anywhere, anytime
  • Mobility is not just a device, but can be a fixed device that are located everywhere a user goes.
  • Access to electronic health record about their patient’s information, clinicians can make a quick decision and save lives
  • As per Health Care Information & Management Systems, 69% of health care providers use mobile devices to access information.
  • Mobility solutions improves data security and reliability.
  • Reduces cost of the hospitals & saves environment – by printing less documents, sending emails etc..
  • Clear communication between doctors and caregivers giving a clear insight about the disease and patients background

Changing the face of the Patient Care

  • Reduces operational expenses and helps both doctors and patients
  • Enterprise mobility health care helps patients by guiding them what they need to eat and what not, especially while traveling who wish to keep themselves fit and fine and during other occasions
  • Information about their diet, illness, medicines etc., can be monitored and information can be availed.
  • The medical test results can be accessed through mobiles through which they can monitor their health issues.
  • The spread of virus spreading in the city can be altered though these mobile devices.
  • The mHealth can easily connect patient, doctor and insurance company.

Increase of smartphones in health care

As per research2guidance, by 2015 an estimated 1.4 billion people will use smartphones. One out of three people will have a health-related app on their smartphone. With the demand of smartphone, more people will be looking for health information on their phones.

Survey by Price Water house Cooper expects 6 in 10 patients expects that the enterprise mobility for healthcare will change the way they find information on health issues going forward.

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