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In the evolving eCommerce niche, you will notice a slow yet steady growth of the resale-as-a-service market. It is gaining popularity alongside the traditional thrift market. However, we are still in the initial stages of this development, where the market is just about getting ready for the transformation.

Two main factors are paving the way for this change – the growing need for sustainability and the changing mindset concerning the consumption of fashion & spending. First, more people believe in fast fashion, which means they will change their closet with the evolving fashion trends. As a result, people don’t want to spend a lot of money on fashionable wear.

According to a report by thredUP, the anticipated number of future sellers will go to 118.8 million. More consumers, according to this report by thredUP, are rediscovering thrifting using apps like Depop. Depop created a unique need and defined a path for thrifters to walk through. Many Depop alternatives have worked on the gaps in Depop to find their niche and release their apps.

The market has several opportunities and niches to tap into. It is the perfect time to build an app for selling clothes online.

If you are looking for Depop alternatives, this article might guide you through how these alternatives have identified their niche, why you need such apps, and a detailed look into how you can make your online shopping app.

What is Depop?

Depop is your online flea market that has taken the form of a mobile app. It has made the concept of selling/buying used or repurposed fashion goods popular. The idea behind creating this social eCommerce application was to help people who are no longer using certain goods sell and earn money. At the same time, the people looking for these goods can get them at a reasonable price.

However, that’s not the only reason why an app like Depop is popular. It is also a social media channel for fashion enthusiasts. It allows people to share fashion, design and connect fashion culture with like-minded people. It is a social media channel for fashion lovers.

Most of the products sold here belong to the vintage niche or are pretty rare, expensive pieces. However, many celebrities have pledged their fashionwear and donated the entire amount to charities.

6 Best Marketplace Apps like Depop

We have compared the top marketplace apps on the basis of their installs, ratings and reviews, and revenue. Have a look to find details:

LogoAppInstallsRatingsRevenue (2021)Download
poshmark iconPoshmark10+ Million4.2
96,432 REVIEWS
$260+ MillionAndroid | iOS
mercari iconMercari10+ Million4.6
3,32,857 REVIEWS
$975+ MillionAndroid | iOS
thredup iconthredUP1+ Million4.2
59,627 REVIEWS
$60+ MillionAndroid | iOS
tradesy iconTradesy100K+4.5
$25+ MillionAndroid | iOS
offerup iconOfferUp50+ Million4.2
10,16,192 REVIEWS
$1+ MillionAndroid | iOS
rebag iconRebag50,000+3.8
343 Reviews
$23,064Android | iOS

6 Top Apps Like Depop

Depop has given rise to a plethora of similar apps that help users buy/sell used fashion online and connect with people who love style. As a result, it has helped the online flea market grow and flourish. Here are six such apps you need to know about apps like Depop.

  1. Poshmark

  2. Poshmark is an app like Depop that allows users to buy and sell used and new clothes at excellent discounts. This app was developed in 2011 and enjoys 7.7 million monthly active users in 2021. In 2019 alone, the app increased its revenue from $1 billion to $2 billion.


    Image Source: Poshmark

    Akin to Depop, this marketplace app also offers a social channel to connect. Users can like, share and even comment on the clothes listed by the others. It has plenty of gift ideas that you can give to your near and dear ones along with keeping up with trends.

    The app also hosts a virtual event called “Posh Parties,” where you can list a party look based on the theme. This will increase your visibility and improve your social reach.

    The unique Poshmark features include:

    • Personalized Feed: Based on the data collected from users’ past purchases and activities, the entire feed is customized to suit their requirements.
    • Post Stories: You can list all your shopping in the stories feed. You may even tag them so that users can purchase from the reports directly.
    • Posh Bundles: You can create a bundled offer to seem lucrative to more people. You can even share these bundles with the buyers or include them in your suggestions.

    The number one secret to improving your sales on Poshmark is to click excellent and high-quality images and upload them with meaningful descriptions.

  3. Mercari

  4. Mercari is a marketplace where sellers can sell everything online, from fashion to household goods. The seller would need to set a base price visible to the buyers intending to purchase the product. All the products on the app have a base price.

    It comprises several categories, which makes it segregated and easy to explore. Moreover, you can search for your category choice within minutes, owing to the ease of search and intuitive navigation.


    Image Source: Mercari

    The total monthly active users for the app as of 2021 is 20 million. The app has received a four-star rating on the app stores and observes rank 127 on Apple Store. The total revenue generated by the app is $973 million approximately.

    The functionality that sets Mercari apart:

    • Flat Price: The app charges a flat transaction fee of 10% from its sellers to ensure smooth selling.
    • Payment Processing: The app is responsible for payment processes. The seller is not involved with all the processes, which saves a lot of their time.
    • Shipping Compulsory: The app has introduced this functionality so that you need not involve the buyer or the app with the prepaid shipping label. The seller is held responsible and must only list items they can ship.

    The top features of the Mercari app include:

    • Limited in-person Meetings: This is so that the seller’s time is not consumed in meeting their potential buyers, who do not convert. The app has specific criteria that you need to fulfill before you get an in-person meeting
    • Bundled Listing: The seller can bundle the listings without disturbing their existing listing or creating a new listing. This allows them to create a promotion bundle to attract more sales.
    • Combine Shipping: You can combine different shipping products across categories for a single buyer.
  5. thredUP

  6. This app has over 35000 brands listed, from Gucci to Gap. In addition, sellers can offer close to 90% discounts on top brands across various categories. The company is driven by the thought of going wasteless in its offering and building a better world. It is ranked as one of the best sites for selling used fashion.

    selling used fashion

    Image Source: thredUP

    This is an online consignment store and not your regular marketplace. It buys used clothing from the sellers. It refurbishes, washes, and enhances the quality of this product before selling it to online buyers.

    The company gets a monthly fee from Raas clients (Resale-as-a-service). The total revenue generated from this is estimated to be $2 million. The company forecasts to reach $300 million by 2025.

    The unique features of the thredUP application:

    • The Cleanup Bag: This is a system where you order a bag, put in all your used clothes, and send it back to the company. They will review the clothes and pay for all the goods that showcase quality.
    • Resale Details: When you are reselling, you would like to estimate your earnings. That’s why the app has introduced a payout calculator and resale details feature. It helps know what you will likely earn from the total clothes you send while considering certain factors.
  7. Tradesy

  8. Tradesy is a peer-to-peer marketplace created by women for women. It is where buyers and sellers can meet and greet to buy/sell fashion goods such as clothes, bags, and accessories.

    With this app, the sellers can make a profitable sale. They can earn up to 80% of their amount through selling. There is a certain amount that the seller has to offer up as fees to the website/app.


    Image Source: Tradesy

    The application provides a prepaid shipping label and returns, which is also one of the reasons why this app is unique. In addition, the app has taken special care to authenticate every item on their list and make sure the sale is entirely accurate.

    Tradesy app ranks at 193 in the fashion and apparel category. The current revenue of this app is estimated to be $19 million. In September, the company raised $67 million in a Series D funding round.

    The top features of the Tradesy app:

    • Smart Pricing: This feature allows the application to optimize your pricing so that you reap more benefits by selling. Once you set the base price for the product you sell, you can allow innovative pricing to take over.
      It will ensure that you set a price that will always provide you with are profitable. For instance, there is always a price drop to be expected, and this intelligent pricing will ensure despite the drop, you enjoy profits.
    • Listing Tips: This feature ensures that the seller is more than aware of listing and adding products to the application. It will help optimize your listing for the search intent made on the app, thus ensuring people get the best results.
  9. OfferUp

  10. OfferUp is a highly secure and easy-to-use app. There are fewer hassles and many returns to gain from this app. You can list your product or business for free on OfferUp. However, if a buyer has chosen the product, you might be required to complete the shipping formalities as mentioned in the guidelines.


    Image Source: OfferUp

    It helps authenticate the people you are meeting and ensures complete background verification.

    The features you get with OfferUp.

    • Identity Verification: This is a crucial feature, especially when you sell clothing online. With this functionality, you can ensure that the buyer and seller are authentic. You won’t be scammed as a result and would end up buying genuine products.
    • Follow Sellers: This app allows the buyers to follow the sellers they like. With this feature, users get to know when the seller lists their product. It helps them know of the product immediately.

    You don’t need to pay money to use the app. The best part is it allows you to conduct in-person meetings with the buyer or seller if you want to do that.

  11. Rebag

  12. This app was launched in 2014 to enable buying, selling, and trading of high-end luxury goods. It is one of the best sites to sell used fashion goods. There are over 50 designer brands listed on the marketplace, with thousands of items for every category.

    It allows people who own luxury goods to clear their closets and make new ones. On the other hand, people who aspire for luxury goods at affordable rates can shop on Rebag and claim exciting offers.


    Image Source: Rebag

    In 2019, the company received glossy awards for the best breakthrough startup fashion. In the launch year itself, the company received $52 million in Venture Capital. The company has invested all the funds raised in better technology infrastructure and innovation.

    The order volume for the goods on Rebag is close to 500-1000 per month. The revenue of the company stands at $25.5 million per year.

    The features that set Rebag apart:

    • AI-driven Pricing: The app recently launched a Clair AI tool, an image recognition solution. It can quickly identify as well as price luxury handbags.
    • Complete Liaisoning: The app is responsible for liaisoning between the buyer and seller. It ensures everything from authentication to purchasing and selling of the products. Rebag makes sure the buyer is validated for being credible, and the goods are also put through a scanner before it is purchased.
    • Customizable Widgets: You can create widgets that matter most to you, like your store, locators, listings, and ideas. These shortcuts help you access the app features with ease.

    The app doesn’t charge a flat transaction fee. In fact, they take a certain percentage of the amount you earned.

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Why a Marketplace App Like Depop?

The secondhand market is projected to double in the next 5 years and will reach $77 billion. It is estimated that resale-as-a-service will increase 11x by 2025. There are two major players in the secondhand market- the traditional thrift stores and the resale market.

The Pandemic helped accelerate the growth of this market. As a result, approximately 33 million consumers shopped for secondhand apparel for the first time. Of these, at least 76% of buyers aim to increase their spending on high-quality secondhand clothes against new clothes. This increasing consumption of the secondhand market is why you should develop apps like Depop.

  1. Fosters Conversation Around Fashion

  2. Many fashion-minded people need a place to discuss ideas, curate new fashion processes, or talk about the latest trends. With apps like Depop, you can easily create a social media-like space for your target audience and help them connect over their shared love for fashion.

  3. Boosts Sustainability

  4. Consumers, in general, have started moving towards sustainable living. As a result, people are embracing the fashion reselling market. When thrift stores went online with the apps and marketplace structure, there was an impressive transformation in the buying and selling graph.

    footprint of new vs used clothing

    Image Source: thredUP

    More people turned to apps and started looking forward to buying or selling used goods as it saves the environment and helps you be more sustainable.

  5. Competitive Pricing

  6. A price-conscious consumer looking for branded fashion goods will turn towards an app like Depop. It allows you to buy or sell clothing online at reasonable prices, thus ensuring you get high-quality goods at a better price.

  7. Promotes Resale-as-a-service

  8. As discussed early in this section, the resale market is growing owing to the increasing interest in used clothes.

    Apps like Depop promote the consumption of used clothes, thus accelerating the growth of secondhand products. This could be fashion wear, home products, and other things or gifts.

    One of the most significant benefits for the consumer is that it impacts their spending. Many people have observed huge savings and limited spending as a result of investing in the resale market.

  9. Bigger Discounts

  10. Buyers who want to purchase luxury clothes and designer wear may think twice before investing as they are expensive. However, by selling clothes online, the seller makes a profit while the buyer can wear the designer label at an affordable rate.

    The used goods market allows the buyers to add exciting and trending fashionwear to their closets. As a result, it slowly revamps the closets and will enable people to indulge in fashionable products.

  11. Changing Mindset

  12. It has become essential for businesses to follow the changing mindset of fashion consumers. The used market is gaining more traction as compared to the others. More people are inculcating this habit to shop from the secondhand clothing marketplace.

    Gen Z explicitly considers the resale value of a particular dress before buying it. They are moving towards selling rather than throwing away used clothes. With apps like Depop and thredUP, Gen Z and Millennials can enhance their closets and earn profits from the clothes they have bought in the past and worn.

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Are you still looking for answers such as how long does it take to develop a Depop alternative or how to make money from an eCommerce app like Depop? Check our next section, where we have discussed the top FAQs.

FAQ About Apps Like Depop

How long does it take to develop an app like Depop?

It takes 250 – 600 hours to build an app like Depop. However, this range depends on multiple factors, such as the app’s complexity, features, and functionalities, tech stack that you use.

Is it possible to build a website for the Depop alternative?

Yes, it is possible to build a website similar to Depop. However, there are many websites alternatives available in the market, such as OfferUp, thredUP, and Tradesy.

How to make money from an eCommerce app like Depop?

There are numerous ways in which an eCommerce app like Depop can earn money:

  • It can charge a fixed commission for every sale through the platform. For instance, Depop charges 10% of the whole deal as a commission, which is their revenue source.
  • The fee-for-service model is when the application charges for liaison between you and the buyer. They will handle all things, from shipping to returns policies. In exchange, you can pay them for the services.
  • They also have a premium model, where you will need to pay an upfront charge for using their service.

Is it a good idea to invest in a Depop alternative application?

Yes, it is the right time to invest in a Depop like app for your business idea. The resale market is growing, and more people are moving to thrift shops and applications.

There is a resale boom wherein people want to sell pre-owned goods, and many others want to buy these products. As discussed in the article, close to 33 million have spent money at thrift shops in the post-pandemic period.

There are still requirements and gaps waiting to be converted into opportunities in this segment. However, you can choose one hole or pain point to deliver your solution.

Let’s Build Your Marketplace App Solution

You have seen how apps like Depop can build a new and sustainable world for the fashion industry. It also gives consumers an opportunity to earn extra cash by selling clothes online they won’t wear anymore.

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