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If you are a liquor shop owner or liquor business entrepreneur, looking to hire a technology partner or looking for an online liquor store management solution, then you are on the right page. It doesn’t matter whether your liquor store is located in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, or in any other country, if you are looking to automate your inventory management, inventory tracking, cash flow system, alcohol delivery app development is an authentic online option for you.

 On-demand alcohol delivery app development is surprisingly showing constant growth in revenue. With the constant growth of e-commerce channels, customers are accustomed to buying liquor online. The emergence of on-demand alcohol delivery app solutions like Drizly, Saucey, Doordash, Minibar, have disrupted the traditional alcohol delivery. At Space-O Technologies we have developed alcohol apps, out of which we are going to discuss two of them, Bevy & Lacy, along with some features. You should also try to automate your liquor delivery service with mobile solutions.

Past 5 years of Online Alcohol Delivery App

  • Over the past 5 years, online liquor delivery has grown by 10.6% to reach revenue of $776m in 2018. The number of businesses has also grown by 9.7% and employment in this on-demand app trend has grown by 7.3%.
  • We saw a consistent increase in liquor delivery services in the past 5 years. People are finding online alcohol delivery interesting and are using it more often.

Online Alcohol Delivery App Trend

Current market trend:-

  • According to today’s market trend for alcohol, it is said to be amounting at US$251,444m in 2019. This market is expected to grow annually by 2.7% (CAGR 2019-2023)
  • The largest segment of the market is Beer with a volume of US $115,678m in 2019.
  • Through global comparison, most revenue is generated in the U.S. (US$251,444m in 2019).

So, apart from these stats, there is more information which will answer all your whys? & why you should go for an online liquor store or POS solution. 

At Space-O Technologies, we have already developed Android and iOS based alcohol delivery app solution to contribute to the genre. Lacy and Bevy are one of them. 

Here are some screenshots of the applications we have developed.

Liquor Delivery App Development

Image Credit: Lacy

Online Alcohol Delivery App Development

Image Credit: Bevy

These are selective apps from our on-demand alcohol delivery app developments. Our clients were liquor store owners like you, who had a clear idea of expanding their business into the best online liquor stores. They came across a simple phenomenon, why should we leave alcohol behind in this ever-growing on-demand app development world. We made it possible to legally launch the online liquor delivery service app.

3 Major Challenges Faced By Liquor Stores Without Online Alcohol Delivery App

  • Inventory management 

Manage & maintain a store easily.

We know how hard it is to manage stocks. To continuously note the count in the excel or make a list on loose paper sheets is tedious. For someone who is not accurate at counting can fumble a lot. Plus to put them in their respective panels, checking originality is a lot to handle.

Through online alcohol delivery app development you will be easily managing the product catalogs with a proper stock count. Inventories can be revisited, items can be filtered out, which makes inventory tracking and maintaining way easier.

  • Employee theft

Trust your employees.

Every store has gone through such employee theft in some or the other way. There is no control over such thefts, the only dismissal is a way out. You as an owner of a liquor shop never leave the store to employees. They can easily consume liquor for themselves or may also or steal product for selling somewhere.

An online liquor delivery service app can avoid that for you. As every minute detail is integrated into the app development from booking a liquor bottle to its GPS tracking solution nothing can be stolen or consumed by employees. Here, through the payment gateway integration cash balance is also maintained. You can easily trust your employees and create a healthy bond to retain them for long.

  • Organization of product catalog

Maintain balance in ordering and organizing products.

You must be hustling to organize product catalog for the store. Keeping track of product that sells and what doesn’t is a challenge, it becomes a mundane work to keep the numbers and figures. To keep a check for what to order or what is out of stock is resolved by alcohol delivery app development.

The Uber for X model can offer you with comparisons of profit-loss for example instead of showing revenue & quantities it will show where the money is going. The app is a POS solution, which can show product comparisons, wherein you can track down preferred products and rate it according to the consumers to gain more business.

Now, let’s move on to some features for your alcohol delivery app so that if you are planning to create one, your development can be the new online on-demand solution.

5 Features Every Liquor Store Owner Should Consider During Alcohol Delivery App Development

#1 Logins are a must

The app must have a login process to have data of online users and to maintain fair customer records. The login should be kept easy with options of Facebook or Gmail signups for constantly advertising the app through emails or Facebook promotions.

#2 Convenient scheduling

We all have the tendency of making lists or to keep on jotting points in our diaries as and when we remember. Same goes with the alcohol app, let your users schedule the quantity of liquor before placing an order as a “wish list” column.

Features of Alcohol Delivery App

#3 Filtered product search and automated calculator

Keep your product search as a transparent offering. Precise filtration for example if the user is searching for beer, filter it down to bottom fermentation beers, top fermentation beers. Segment it by price range high- low, low-high whatever you feel is apt for the business.

Automated calculators give accurate billing amount. There are no human errors possible. Big lists can be calculated in seconds. It is the best way to assure a successful revenue generation.

#4 Multiple addresses and payment options

Many times it happens that apps have one or two address preferences, integrate multiple addresses so that directly a user can surprise someone by delivering liquor bottles to their place. 

Integrate a seamless payment gateway integration system for online transactions. Give more than one payment option like a debit card, credit card, online bank transfer.

#5 Track down orders

The most trusted feature is tracking. Users feel secure when they receive notification alerts and graphical map representation makes easy to read tracking. It is a safe performance measure tool too, that tells business to rate their employees with no biased decision. And for users to rate the app as a whole.


There are more such features that we can discuss over a call. We strive for excellent mobile app developments in the app genre. We are known for our web and app-based solutions in the form of software development, web development, Android app development, iOS app development. 

Developing over 3500 apps, now we are up with a raging urge to disrupt the app world with something as great as Uber- taxi app development. For your alcohol delivery app development we have precise measures that can generate online traffic for your business.

In case if you want to discuss further on alcohol app development cost, Indian mobile app developer cost, Uber for alcohol development, Android app development company, fill the contact form below. Consultation is free of cost.

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