About Space-O Technologies

Space-O Technologies is an India based leading Mobile Apps Development Company serving clients across the globe. Since its inception in mid 2010, Space-O has aimed and delivered the best mobile app development services and solutions to their clients. Space-O has developed over 500+ iPhone, iPad and Android applications. Space-O has served different kinds of businesses right from start-ups to industry giants such as Nike.Our philosophy at Space-O is simple – Create the apps that work for their stakeholders.The most successful apps, as we have been experiencing, have to have user friendly navigation systems, eye-catching graphics and the most important…a compelling cause associated with it.

Why Space-O Technologies was Founded

Space-O Technologies was founded by Rakesh Patel and Atit Purani in 2010. They have combined experience of over 30 years. Both of them have worked together for over 6 years. One’s weakness is other’s strength and that’s what makes their relationship tick and Space-O rock.

They opted for mobile apps development just for a reason – to make a positive difference in people’s lives who use mobile devices in their day-to-day life.

They feel excited about recent mobile advancements and believe that it is going to be a game changer in people’s everyday lives.

Now to impact people’s lives, decisions are to be made and risks are to be assumed. Of course, of the right kind.

There is a lot of information out there. Some people feel that we live in what is called “the information overload” age. It becomes a mammoth task to extract the sense out of all the information that is available.

Space-O develops products and services for people to make sense out of information and take the decisions that are right for them.

To do that, they embrace the fact that agility and flexibility are the major components to create innovation driven mobile apps company. They believe that a small group of people can create outstanding mobile apps if directed correctly.

Meet the Leadership Team

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is the CEO and Founder of Space-O Technologies.

In his long career of 2 decades, Rakesh has played key roles in diverse areas of the software business assuming responsibilities as System Analyst and Design Architect, Project Manager, Functional Consultant, Head of Business Development and a Business Unit Leader.

Rakesh has been into Mobile App space from last 6 years and overlooked delivery of more than 3000 Mobile Application Projects. He has defined successful business models for the clients that worked flawlessly for them.

As an entrepreneur he started Space-O in 2010 and now has 100+ developers working on Mobile technologies in 2 state-of-art Development Centers each in India and Russia. Rakesh also contributes to the overall vision of the organization as a mentor.

Apart from his role as an entrepreneur, Rakesh is an author, speaker, and role model to many aspiring entrepreneurs. His unique ideas and vast experience have helped his organization, clients, stakeholders and many others to thrive and achieve a progressive level.

Prior to starting Space-O, Rakesh was Asst-Vice President for IndiaNIC and was responsible for business, mergers and delivery all of IndiaNIC Services.

Contact Rakesh at rakesh@spaceotechnologies.com or Follow him on Twitter @spaceotech.

Atit Purani

Atit Purani Linkedin-20x15 is the Co-founder and CTO of Space-O Technologies. He has been ensuring software deliveries and leading the technology wing of the organization from the front since its inception.

Atit has 13+ years of experience in Offshore Software Development and especially 5+ years in Mobile Application Development. He is a detail oriented guy who knows every attribute of Apple iTunes that contribute towards making the application an integral part of AppStore. Not all the CXOs take that pain to go to that level of detail.

Atit has tremendous passion towards iPhone Application Development and chooses to oversee development of complex iOS projects. He adds value by putting in best of his efforts on top of his day-to-day job as CTO. It is not uncommon to find him working on his MacBook even on the weekends.

Atit continues to contribute towards making Space-O a true, technology focused organization. He engages in technical researches, actively participates with client communications especially with the ones who need to talk with a “tech” guy while their project is being developed and brings in innovative ideas that bridge the gap between technology and its application.

Contact Atit at atit@spaceotechnologies.com.

Atit Purani

Utpal Vaishnav

Utpal Vaishnav

Utpal Vaishnav Linkedin-20x15 is Co-founder and CEO of Space-O Digicom, a Space-O Group Company which is an aspiring mobile apps product development startup.

With 14+ years of experience in Application Software Development, Utpal is passionate about building software applications using Scrum. He has served International Software Industry in different roles such as Analyst Programmer, Project Manager, Solutions Architect and Business Unit Head.

Utpal believes that one does not need an invitation to lead and make a difference.

In his career, Utpal has been instrumental in creating products that tens of thousands of people use. His gist of product development enabled him to set up product development business partnerships and setting up geography specific product development centers.

Scrum – possibly the most powerful agile framework is the latest addition in Utpal’s execution repertoire. Not only he took ScrumMaster certification and practicing Scrum for past four years, he has authored a book on Scrum called #SCRUM tweet that is about sharing bite sized thought lenses on Scrum.

Utpal’s blogs on project management, Scrum and self-help are read by thousands of people all around the world.

Contact Utpal at UV@spaceodigicom.com or follow him on Twitter @utpalvaishnav.

Eugene Erin

Eugene Erin Linkedin-20x15 is the Co-founder and CEO of Space-O Technologies, Russia.

In his career of 12+ years, Eugene has played different roles in techno-leadership functions including Web Developer, Project Manager, and Technical Director.

Prior to taking up the leadership role with Space-O, Eugene has led development teams who produced data-intensive web based applications and linux based server set-up, configuration and maintenance.

Eugene has 6+ years of hands-on experience in Mobile Apps Development. His strengths include handling large client accounts, project management and technical leadership.

In his leisure time, you’ll find otherwise workaholic Eugene in technical conferences or traveling across Russia or nearby countries by Car.

Contact Eugene on eugene@spaceotechnologies.com

Eugene Erin
Vlad Belov

Vladimir Belov

Vladimir Belov aka Vlad Linkedin-20x15 is the Co-founder and CTO of Space-O Technologies, Russia.

He started his career as Delphi and Microsoft Access developer in 2006, soon to learn the data-intensive Flash/Flex based Rich Internet Apps Development and eventually found his comfort on iOS Apps Development world.

Prior to taking up the leadership role with Space-O, Vlad excelled himself by not only technically leading complex iOS projects, but delivering them on time with budget respected and expectations exceeded.

Vlad has 6 years of hands-on experience in Mobile Apps Development. His primary strength is to unearth the hidden technical risks that complex projects might encounter and implementing solutions that reduce or eliminate those risks.

Unlike most other technical officers, Vlad is a very emotional leader. Not surprisingly, he has figured out a way to express his strong emotions thorough the technically competent mobile apps he leads the development of.

In his leisure time, you’ll find Vlad either playing poker on international poker websites or in one or the other technical conferences in different parts of Russia.

Contact Vladimir at vlad@spaceotechnologies.com.