Travel Planner App: Here are 4 of the Best Features to Include While Developing a Trip Planning App


This blog is for travel organizing startups and entrepreneurs. Here, we have covered top features of a successful traveling app that startups can consider during travel planner app development.

No doubt people love to travel and explore different countries, cities, and places, but when it comes to arranging or planning a trip, everyone finds it difficult. From booking tickets to hotel rooms and packing to assembling passports, it is a true challenge to handle successfully.

With the emergence of best travel apps like TripIt, Google Trips and Roadtrippers, planning and organizing a trip is no longer such a big deal.  Using these apps, any place people wish to visit, any hotel where they want to stay, and any food to taste are just a few simple taps away on the smartphone. There is an app for all types of trips and tourists needs whether it is planning or booking.

Travel Research and Booking Industry Market

  • According to the latest report by Opera Mediaworks, mobile is the No. 1 platform for travel research and booking.
  • According to the same report, More than 66% of people prefer to use their smartphone for travel search, whereas 85% of people said that they use mobile devices when it comes to booking travel
  • The graph shows the percentage of people country-wise, who said that the ease of use would have a positive impact on completing travel purchases on smartphones.
  • One in three people said that they are using a specific travel planner and travel organizing apps like Yelp, Triplt, Roadtrippers, and TripAdvisor.
  • Talking about the global market of digital travel sales, it is worth about $450 billion globally.
  • Today, mobile apps are a vital part of travel planning, especially for business travelers. Currently, TripIt is one of the most popular travel planner apps.

TripIt: An Easier Trip Every Time

  • Founded back in 2006, TripIt is the world’s highest-rated travel-organizing application that automatically creates a master itinerary for travelers.
  • The itinerary plans for every single trip can be accessed by users anytime and anywhere using any device.
  • The app works easily as users only have to forward their purchase confirmation emails to TripIt and it will automatically generate master itineraries with complete travel plans and other required information.
  • Using this app, travelers can easily print or access their trip plans from anywhere and share their itineraries and travel calendars with friends.

If you are running a travel organizing startup company, make sure that you develop your own best trip planning app, allowing your customers to plan and organize a trip using some useful features.

Here are four unique features of travel planner apps, which you as a startup can consider while developing your own vacation planner app.

4 Features to Make a Successful Trip Planning App

1. Create Trip Itineraries

If you have decided to create all in one best trip planner app, helping users to plan their trip using vacation trip planner app, then the main feature to include is trip itineraries. Allow your app users to create a trip itinerary, including all their trip details.


Image Source: Triplt

Let’s take an example of TripIt app that automatically transforms its users’ emails into a master itinerary for every trip, so all their plans are at one single place. To develop the best travel itinerary app that stands-out, you can allow your users to generate a trip or vacation itinerary with just a few simple taps on the screen. They can access the itinerary in the device and share it with their friends and family members directly from vacation planning app. 

Moreover, enabling users to create customize itinerary by adding all the trip details, including hotel reservations, flight booking details, restaurants, places to visit, activities to do, written notes, pictures and links. Make sure to go forward to delivery your app users a tailored interface, making it easy to add the exact travel details for the trip and complete it in just a few minutes.

2. Calendar & Schedules in Sync

Another feature that plays an important role in travel organizer app is calendar and schedules in sync. You can allow your app users to keep their travel plans, schedules, and calendar in sync.

They can keep their online or mobile calendar in sync with all their travel plans so that it works with Google Calendar, Outlook or any other calendar. However, you make sure that your travel planner app supports different iCal applications like Sunrise Calendar and Apple iCal.

In addition to this, the schedule is also essential to consider as users can have all their plans scheduled in one place and will never forget about important plans.

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3. Maps to Discover Nearby Restaurants, ATMs & Places

The third important feature that you need to include in free trip planner app is Google Maps or Waze, allowing your app users to search nearby places like restaurants, ATMs, cafes, and museum to visit.


Image Source: Triplt

They can explore different places whether it is a restaurant or any museum, they can find all the places on the map along with address, ratings & reviews, opening timings, and entry fees. It will help users to make a list of the places that are nearby their hotels and under budget.

4. Alerts & Notifications

The fourth feature that you as a travel startup or company can consider for your best travel management app is notification and alert about their trip planning, flight bookings, delays, cancellations and end-time gate changes.


Image Source: Triplt

By providing real-time updates and reminders about flight bookings, timings, and hotel check-in time, you can keep your users one step ahead through your trip planning app. In addition to this, you can also send notifications and alerts about discount deals, offers and coupon codes that your users can use on the booking hotels and flight tickets.

In short, push notification and alerts are considered as the must-have feature for travelers as it will help them to never forget about their important plans and flight timings.

On a Concluding Note

So, these are some of the important features that you can consider while developing the best trip planner app that makes it easy for your users to send travel plans to their calendar and never forget about it.

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