Planning to Create a Community App for Neighborhood? 3 Tips from Our Experts to Develop an App Like Nextdoor

If you want to create a community app for neighborhood then you must have heard about what is Nextdoor app. Well, Nextdoor is a neighborhood app for local news, social networking, and home services. The intent of this blog is to tell you about 3 important tips from our experts that you need to consider in order to create an app like Nextdoor (or even better)

“Man is by nature a social animal- Aristotle”

This simple statement tells us a lot about human nature. We feel safer when in a group and this is why humans established societies. 

Though, in this technological era, people tend to become distant as everyone has their own digital world in their hands- their smartphones. In this blog, we will talk about how the same technology that distanced people can connect them again.

Community apps. These apps bind people together. These apps help convey important information (like a new member, place for rent, fire breakout, theft among other stuff ) to the people who need to know about it

A person might not meet his friends daily, but definitely encounters some people of his neighborhood. Local neighborhood apps are the best way to connect all the people of the neighborhood.

If you’re a community-based start-up or someone with an idea to develop a community app for specific regions, you can search for the regions where these apps are trending. We analyzed for the countries where these apps are trending in Google Trends and observed that the USA, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand are on the top. Here’s an image that you can check:

create a community app for neighborhood

Image Credits: Google Trends

Apps like Nextdoor, Ioby, Everyblock have been in the market for long and doing next-level work to bring the community together. If you too want to create a community app like Nextdoor, you must embrace these 3 tips from our experts.

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3 Tips To Create a Community App For Neighborhood Like Nextdoor

  1. Do not compromise on the safety of the community

    Nextdoor is among the best community-based apps because it is also a community crime app. It is a free private social network for neighborhoods and communities. People can easily get acquainted with each other.

    The members of the Nextdoor neighborhood app immediately inform about any theft or robbery that takes place by posting about it. 

    When you plan to create a community app for the neighborhood, make sure you don’t forget about the security and safety issues. The app should enable the users to feel free or at least alert about their surroundings.

    People can discuss local news, recommendations, classifieds, and even crime and safety. This helps to identify the unsafe hours or places in the neighborhood if any. People can also find out if others feel safe in their homes.

    create a community app for neighborhood

    Image Credits: Nextdoor

    This way your community app can be the best neighborhood crime app as well.

  2. Help to connect the people

    Nextdoor app is Facebook or social media for neighborhoods. All the people in one neighborhood have an account on this app and are connected with each other. 

    Even you should build an app like Nextdoor where people can discuss day-to-day things with each other. They can search for “who lives in my neighborhood map” and get to know about the new members of the neighborhood community. These new-comers can also ask for help if they need or make new friends easily.

    People can get recommendations for the best local handymen, nearby restaurants, malls, stores, schools or other things. They may also exchange or lend stuff that they are not using at the moment.

    All the members of the community can be informed about the neighborhood events like cookouts, community services, garage sales, sports tournament or children’s activities.

    This is how community-based mobile apps for neighborhood can bridge the communication gap between the people.

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    Being a leading mobile app development company, we have experience in the social media app development as well. In fact, we have developed many social networking apps. Loco Lingo is an app developed by our app developers for people to communicate with the local people in their area in real-time.

    create a community app for neighborhood

    Image Credits: Loco Lingo

    My Circle is an app to share photos, videos, audios, notes and messages with close friends. They can also maintain a journal with this app.


    Image Credits: My Circle

  3. Inform services and deals in the community

    People also use Nextdoor for business by using it as an ‘app for selling stuff in your neighborhood’. If anyone is organizing a yard sale or garage sale, they can inform other members of the community about it.

    When you create a community app for neighborhood, you should make sure that people are made aware of any sales or even one item that a person needs to sell. This is not limited to selling stuff but also services.

    The new-members must get information regarding babysitter or recommended nanny. They can even enquire about pet sitters, dog walkers or house sitters. People can also promote their handicraft, home- catering business or even advertise about houses for sale or rent. 

    create a community app for neighborhood

    Image Credits: Nextdoor

    Your community neighborhood app can act as a neighborhood selling app and helps generating revenue not only for you but also for the users of the app. 

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Summing Up

We hope that after reading the article, you now have a better idea about which aspects you cannot miss in your app for neighborhood community. There are very few good community apps and it is now time to create a community app.

If you have an idea for an app for community then you can cross-verify it with us. Feel free to discuss all your requirements and expectations with us and we will take them forward. You can also hire Android or iPhone app developers for your project

We are sure that there are still many unanswered questions like Indian app developers cost to develop community app, app development timeline of neighborhood app or features to include in an app like Nextdoor. To get answers to these you can consult our mobile app development consultants. Just fill the form in the footer and avail a 30-min free and confidential consultation with our technical expert.

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