Uber For Babysitters: Why Babysitting Agencies Need an App

Are you an agency helping parents with Babysitters? If yes, do you have a mobile application for your business? No? You need to buckle up now and get an app like Uber for babysitters dedicated to your business. Why? Here are 3 reasons agencies for babysitters need to develop a mobile app.

With the youth in this world becoming more ambitious towards their careers and professions, there has emerged a new profession with booming demand. The profession is lovingly called as “Babysitting”.

Even if you don’t believe, it definitely is a profession in today’s time where new-gen parents hire a babysitter to take care of their children and step out to conquer the world.

It has become a modern generation profession, to which we can say that there are several babysitting agencies out there in the market to help you find babysitters or nannies at your call.

According to a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job growth for babysitters is projected to be by 6% from 2021 to 2031; which means there are a lot of growth opportunities on the way for the babysitting agencies.

Well, to grow you need to move as per the trends and market pace. Hence, these babysitter agencies also need to be fast-pacing as their clients are. 

They need to be available to reach out on their clients’ fingertips and hence, all they need is a mobile app dedicated to their services, online nanny agency. This is one and there are various other reasons from which the below 3, are the top ones for the Babysitting businesses to have a babysitting mobile app.

3 Reasons Why Babysitters Agencies Need to Invest in Babysitting Apps

  1. Become visible in the market

    Business in today’s time leads all with visibility.

    The more you are visible to your prospective clients, the more you are attracting new deals.

    As all of us are, we spend most of our functioning time using our mobile phones.

    This report by RescueTime: Blog, shows that on an average we use around 4 hours of our daily time on mobile phones; if we say that an average human sleeps for 8 hours a day and takes 3 hours for all the biological activities, we get around 13 hours of those can be used productively, and we use our mobile phones for more than 4 hours a day.

    babysitting app development

    This shows us that if you have a business and you want it to run wide and wild, you need to fit your availability to this 5-inch screen.

    That is solely possible if you have a dedicated excellently functioning mobile app broadcasting your business services in the market.

    Although a mobile app will let the user know about all your services and products, you need a hyperactive marketing strategy to bring more and more users to download your mobile app.

    Only a well-planned marketing strategy can help display your business’ mobile app top in the search results on the Apple App store or the Google Play store.

    If you follow proper steps and become successful in establishing the desired mobile app, you are sure going to get a call soon from many super-busy professionals-cum-parents.

  2. Strengthening the client trust in you

    Be it any business, trust is an important factor to develop and sustain a long-term relationship.

    Especially when it comes to looking after their loved ones, their own blood; the parents will always be concerned whether your agency is the one deserving their trust or not.

    Well, they have met you personally, that’s great. However, when you show them that you are available to contact just at their fingertips with all the necessary answers, they trust you more.

    The best babysitting app can help you with the various features such as a CCTV supervision feature which will help them to keep a check on their child and the babysitter.

    develop babysitting app

    Find a babysitter app will also keep you and the parents notified that everything is going alright.

    You can add up the GPS function in it which helps parents monitor the activities of the babysitter.

    Features like updating the feeding and sleeping activities which your assigned babysitter will monitor and update on the app will help the parents get assured that their child is not starving and resting peacefully.

    Also, you can add up features such as emergency calling or update in any difficult times for the child, where the babysitter will take the necessary basic steps yet update the parents so that they come to their child as early as possible.

    Providing and considering all such features in a babysitter app like Uber development will keep the client less worried about their child and strengthen their trust in your services.

  3. Money and management in a few clicks

    While looking after their child, you need to get paid. At the same time, the parents are so busy that they can’t manually keep a track of all the attendances of the babysitters or process the salaries.

    Thus, babysitter applications with a feature of the calendar will enable the babysitters to log their attendances which will notify the parents and these entries can help parents keep the track of it.

    mobile app for babysitting

    An online payment feature will enable the parents to pay instantly in a few clicks just the way they do it on Zomato for their food and it will help the babysitters to get their salary on time.

    In this feature, you can include various payment modes to offer a lot of choices to the clients which can ease them manage their transactions and hence, bringing a happy, very happy customer in your business.

A mobile app is highly recommendable to agencies for babysitters

Parents think a lot before taking any decisions regarding their children. Help them take the correct decision showing that you are the one they had been looking for their child.

A babysitting app can increase your agencies visibility in this competitive market. Moreover, the nanny app ensures parents that their child is safe while they are away from them. If you consider all the above points for your uber for babysitters app, you can surely attain the desired growth with the help of an excellent mobile application.

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