5 Healthcare App Ideas from Our Healthcare App Developers

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“1.7 Billion smartphone users will be using healthcare apps by 2018.”

– FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration)

The use of healthcare apps have increased patient engagement, which means more individuals are focused on improving their health and wellness by sticking to a healthy diet recommended by a fitness expert, regular doctor visits for checkups, and adhering to their medication schedule along with follow-up appointments.

Today, the healthcare apps are revolutionizing the way medical aid is given in terms of consultations, treatments, and medicine prescriptions.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global mobile health market is expected to see annual growth rate of 33.5% between 2015-2020.

Like every other industry, the healthcare industry is also in the race to gain mobile technology advantage. In fact, based on this survey, about 52% people prefer smartphone to get health related information like prescription details, health diagnosis information, and much more. And around 33% medical professionals / doctors prefer utilizing smartphones to make their task efficiently.

Currently, the healthcare app market has already reached $20 Billion, and this research also says that the global mHealth market or healthcare app market will grow further to $59.15 Billion dollar industry by 2020.

Now there are different types of hospitals and wellness centers available in different areas and cities, but there are only a handful of multi-specialty hospitals in every city. This makes it difficult for patients to find the right place to avail the best treatment.

Thus, many hospitals as well as healthcare professionals and mHealth entrepreneurs are seeking for healthcare app development to provide better services, while also increasing their profits. So in this blog, we’re going to cover 7 healthcare app ideas provided by industry’s top healthcare app developers.

Top Healthcare App ideas

Medical applications, mHealth solutions, and health-related patient apps are now conquering the market rapidly. Healthcare applications or the so called mHealth solutions are growing along with the global increase of the smartphone usage.

Such mobile apps for healthcare organizations help to provide their services with quality care, improved workflow, and increased patient interaction, while minimizing the cost and complexity. Nowadays, the way people are adapting smartphone technology and looking for convenient ways during illness has directly impacted as an increased demand of healthcare applications.

And don’t just trust the words, take a look at the numbers yourself.

healthcare apps

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According to a report by Pew Research Center, 15% of smartphone users of 18-29 ages have healthcare apps on their mobile. And this statistics says that 50% of smartphone users may download health apps by the end of 2017.

By looking at these numbers, we’re sure that you got your answer for – Why Build Healthcare app. So, let’s get to those healthcare app ideas and types of healthcare apps Space-O can help you develop.

1 – Healthcare Monitoring App

This type of apps are mainly developed to monitor chronic conditions like diabetes, blood pressure, sugar levels, cancer, and much more. The app allows doctors or healthcare professionals to track health conditions of their each and every patient by keeping their health history to provide appropriate treatment or prescription.

2 – General Health and Wellness Test App

General health and wellness test apps are useful mainly for patients who are suffering from a disease or want to track their health with tools such as blood pressure test, heart rate test, and measure diabetes. This type of apps can be developed by anyone for the people who just want to track and record their health data on regular basis.

3 – Sleep App

These apps also fall under the same category as health test apps and can be developed by either doctors or entrepreneurs. The app is basically an ideal solution for people having trouble relaxing into a restful sleep. Users can select some relaxing sounds to get a goodnight’s sleep.

4 – Personal Medical Records App

A personal medical records app is a diary kind of app that allows patients to add their personal health records manually and share those records with doctor prior to the appointment. This type of solution allows doctor to learn patient’s past health history and by keeping it in mind, doctors can prescribe medicines or take further action.

In fact, our blockchain developers have already dig deeper into this subject and came up with a solution of developing personal medical records app on blockchain technology. You can read our blog about how a personal medical records app developed on Blockchain could revolutionize the health sector.

5 – Doctor Appointment App

Doctor appointment app is quite simple and mainly developed for doctors’ benefits. Many healthcare professionals and well-known doctors develop their own doctor appointment app for their patients to let them know their availability and give an option to book an appointment.

Another option is to make a social platform for both patients and doctors where patients can connect with doctors based on their illness and ask for consultation, schedule a call, or book an appointment for home visit.

Developing Your Own Healthcare App

Having analyzed dozens of healthcare apps and developed as well (check portfolio here), we’ve reached to a level where we can develop a custom healthcare app to match the app requirements of either a hospital, wellness center, or doctor.

Space-O Technologies offers custom health app development services where we understand your app requirements and provide full medical app development cycle, including native or cross-platform technology. This means, we can develop a healthcare app on your own idea or you can choose from above healthcare app ideas, and develop for iPhone and Android platform.

So if you want to develop healthcare app or hire healthcare app developers for your ongoing app project, Space-O can help you convert it into reality.


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