What to Do with an App Idea? [7 Actionable Steps]

The mobile app world is flourishing faster than a beanstalk. The app industry is huge and growing daily with new ideas and endless insights. The sky is the limit when it comes to new, creative, and unique mobile app ideas, but the important question is – what to do with this mobile app idea? What to do with your mobile app idea when having no coding skills? What should be the first step?

Ever though, “I have an app idea now what?” Then this step-by-step blog will give you in-depth knowledge about how you can channelize your mobile app development idea into reality.

The mobile app industry has skyrocketed its way to the moon.

Almost every industry is reaping in the mobile app industry. From medicine to garments to transports; all industries are using apps to reach their potential customers. Sometimes the mobile apps give birth to a whole new industry. For instance, Uber generated a whole new fleet industry based on mobile apps development.

According to Statista report, the year 2022 will have over 258 billion mobile applications downloaded worldwide by smartphone users.

Mobile App Download Survey

In the current scenario, one-third of the global population is getting access to the internet. To crave for the next phenomenal mobile app success story like Uber, it is very difficult to outshine among your mobile app competitors.

Using our enterprise mobile app development services, we have developed over 3500 mobile apps within just 10 years, we have gone through all the ups and downs, and all the core of mobile app development. Using this experience, we have curated seven important steps that can help you identify the correct direction and growth of the mobile app idea.

7 Step Framework for New Mobile App Idea

  1. A thorough market research

    Research is the key to success, planning takes shape during this phase. In the case of mobile app development, it is all about how to research rather than what to research. The main goal of market research is to determine a unique way to portray your brand through the app in the market. For this, you need to figure out certain aspects like:

    • Is there a need for an app that you have idealized?
    • Aspects of your business model
    • A compelling brand story and USP
    • Competitor analysis
    • Strengthening your social media presence

    The major challenge is to identify the target market for a sustainable online app business which only comes from in-depth research. Take time to know your target audience before jumping towards top apps competing in your particular genre.

    We are in the mobile app industry from the past 9 years and know exactly what queries are you facing with your app ideas. Now, the question may arouse in your mind, why can’t we guide you for your app development?

    Probably, no. Guidance can be given only when you are sure that you are wanting to develop the app with a basic idea. We as mobile app developers can help you out with enhancing your idea.

    Imagine, Uber app, the founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, approaching a mobile app development company with an idea to develop a taxi app. To develop a taxi app is a very vague and vast idea.

    Research makes the idea precise.

    For example, before creating an app like Uber, these questions need to be raised and asked.

  2. Identify and study the top apps in your category

    After the research, you must have come to a conclusion of whether your app idea is a win or a flop. And if you are still confused or clueless, we have another solution which can definitely help your decision-making process.

    Many times it happens during the research phase, that you are going on reading some of the other app case studies, why do apps fail? reasons from industry experts, or what is the current trending app idea? and other broad searches related to the mobile app world.

    First, stop searching in broad terms, search for specific niche category apps. Narrow down your app to top grossing apps in your category. Let’s again take the example of the Uber app, after seeing the immense success of the taxi business, there are other transport startups who are wanting to enter the market. How will they search top taxi app developments in the taxi business?

    Quick Tip: By typing your targeted app category into the Google Play Store or the App Store, you will come to know the top downloaded apps for that particular product/service.

    We typed “Uber Alternatives” for the taxi app startups.

    Uber Alternatives

    Image Credit: Google Play Store

    After finding a wide range of options, study each app efficiently, to inculcate more ideas to your mobile application development.

    This will definitely enhance your thinking process, with a better mobile app idea to capture the market.

  3. Come up with an ‘out of the box’ idea

    Identify an “out of the box” idea. Something that is unexpected by the audience, which happened with the emergence of Uber and Uber-like apps.

    For such an idea, identify the loopholes and challenges of users while using the top trending apps in your category.

    Let’s take a basic example of the difference between Uber and Lyft, the biggest ride-hailing app giants. It takes only one difference to build a whole new app.

    Uber app is very business oriented and reserved when it comes to consumer -friendliness.  Lyft strived to create a personable and friendly culture, encouraging passengers to ride shotgun to facilitate engagement with the drivers. And here we are, it is working pretty well for them.

    By finding loopholes and challenges, we are not talking about major issues like navigation problem in the app, or development issues. Small, basic issues which you can also catch from the users who are using the app on a regular basis.

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  4. List down basic features to integrate into the app

    Do not panic if you are not able to filter your mobile app idea, after going through the list of top mobile app developments in the niche category.

    Simply write down the basic features that you want in your app. This will help you in describing the must-have features to your app developer. And on your part, you will be able to focus on new unique features which will create your brand niche in the app world.

    Understand one thing, if you want a successful app business, you need to climb the ladder step-by-step.

  5. Go through MVP test

    MVP (Minimum Viable Product) means initial testing of your mobile app idea. The most essential features are added to test the product potential, in your case app potential among the users. MVP gets early data that confirms user interest in a product. The positive response gives a green light to begin developing the full version of the product.

    MVP Test

    Thus, MVP is a reasonable tool in terms of both time and money, to help determine the app’s potential. It is similar to giving out free samples when a new product is launched eg: Uber experimented its service from San Francisco giving attendees a Limo ride. Let the users use your app and observe their reactions.

  6. Listen to feedback

    Feedback is basically how the customer experience has been using your app. It can help in improving your app development. It is exactly how we go to a mall and judge clothing by its design. We as humans tend to speak what we like about the cloth and what we disliked about it. Same goes with your app functionality and features. Basically, it is your report card.

  7. Keep updating and evolving

    Once your mobile app idea passes the MVP test, it is time for you to constantly evolve. For keeping your audience engaged regular updates and new features are the key to stay still at your position in the app market. A mobile app development company can help you with it by dedicatedly performing on your app. Uber had started with just a mere idea of limo taxi service, and now has a whole chain of lower cost-hybrid vehicles in the form of Uber X.

    Are you clear about your mobile app idea? Want to develop a mobile application?

    We have developed over 3500 apps and are very much aware of the current mobile app development ideas. Share your ideas with us, through a contact us form. Let us analyze and check its feasibility.

    Of course, contacting us and validating your new mobile app idea from our app expert is totally free. Ready to take your first step now?

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Bhaval Patel
Bhaval Patel
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Bhaval Patel is the Director (Operations) at Space-O Technologies. He has over 20 years of experience in business management and sales. He has expertise in taxi booking app solutions and on-demand applications. Under his guidance, Space-O has developed 50+ Uber-like taxi apps on both iOS and Android platforms.