General Questions

Which project management system is to be used?

We use and open a project in the Basecamp.

What will be experience of the Project Manager?

All the project managers having experience in excess of 7 years and they had been in to the development to start with their career.

Will the project manager be able to communicate in English?

Yes, project managers will able to communicate in English efficiently. They will be available for phone call as well as Skype call.

What will be escalation method, if required?

“As a organization we are having a step by step escalation method. Each project will be assigned a Project Manager.

Project manager will be having sole responsibility of delivering project. Following will be the escalation method if required.

All the stake holders will be there in the Basecamp.

  • Delivery Head
  • Sales Head
  • CTO
  • CEO”

How many design iterations will be there?

We are having an experienced UI/UX team. Once you award the project, Project Manager will send you design requirement document, which you required to fill in and send back, based on the same UI/UX designer will create 2-3 sample of icon and loading screen and sent for your approval after 2-3 revisions we expect this to be finalized. Once this is finalized we will move for designing remaining screen and complete the full application UI.

What is Space-O’s core-competence?

Mobile Apps development. We are developing Mobile Apps more than 5 years and have a great expertise in development of both iOS and Android apps.

Can I hire a full time equivalent employee from Space-O for my Mobile Development work?


Will your point of contact be available during my time zone?

Yes if required on prior agreed appointments.

What type of contracts do you work with? Engagement models?

Four types:

  • Fixed priced, fixed scope.
  • Fixed priced, fixed time, flexible scope.
  • Dedicated full time equivalent developer.
  • Time and Material based.

What about Intellectual Property rights? Who owns it?


Will I get refund if I don’t like app developed by you?

We are following Agile methodology, which ensure highest level of quality and most number of iterations with you. We involve clients since the beginning and keep them updated with the project happenings and include their views in the development. So that will never be the case.

Questions for Mobile Application Development

Who is responsible for interaction with Apple?

We can take full charge of this aspect on your behalf. Although, if you wish to sell the app under your own personal or company name, we have to undertake some relevant documentation to cover this. However, we are well versed in these processes and will guide you appropriately through the whole procedure. Likewise, regarding the Apple’s App Store requirements for approval, you need have no concerns as we will liaise on your behalf with Apple representatives to ensure the application reaches the App Store in the shortest possible time.

Who owns the idea and the source code?

Mostly in all the cases, you own the source code and copyrights unless you want us to look for alternatives or joint ventures.

Are you able to write the scope pertaining to the project?

Of course. We have no problem in writing a completely functional scope for your given project. In fact, we can offer you a technical breakdown if you are interested. We would normally present this to you in PDF format. However, if you wish to re-brand it with your company’s profile with a view to presenting it to your clients we can easily set you up with an In-design CS file that will allow you to do so.

Since you self publish app can you tell me why you wouldn’t take advantage of our idea and produce it yourself?

Most importantly, we just don’t do that! It is simply neither professional nor ethical. Our company is really happy to say it is extremely transparent in its actions and policies, so you should have no worries on this front. Also, it is obvious thatthe Apple App Store is so much in public view that it would be so simple for someone to pick up on this and point a finger. Not nice, so we simply wouldn’t do it!

How would it work if we are an advertising agency with clients requiring these apps?

Our range of services is very wide-reaching and includes full consultancy. This incorporates using our team as a sounding board for ideas and actual scope writing itself. We can easily produce a complete scope document and even a mock-up on certain occasions to present to your client. From here on we will be working for you. You can consider us as if we were yourown personal in-house development team. Needless to say we are available upon request, responsive to your requirements and deliver the results in the time frame agreed.

Are you willing to advise us with ideas?

Most definitely. We are willing to participate via Skype or Hangouts for example at no cost to you. Our aim is to help you and to help our team develop the most creative ideas related to the market.

In order to provide us with a quote what would you need from us?

We are able to offer you two options – pricing on either project or hourly rate basis. To provide you with a realistic price quote we require a comprehensive overview that explains the application in as much detail as possible. If needed we can then get back to you for clarification or more specific details before presenting you with our quote in writing. Our policy is to take a quotation as a contract when accepted and therefore adhere to it strictly. However, it is understandable that if the original specifications were to vary significantly at any time we may have to revise and recalculate. In general, though, small variations are acceptable.

How do you protect our ideas? Do you sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)?

We are ready to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if you need one and if you do not have a copy of NDA we can use the one which is provided by Elance.

Do you provide Graphic design and illustrations?

We can adopt your graphic designs or we can produce them as per your taste and inputs, we have our own graphics team.

I would like to integrate Social Media with my Mobile App but I don’t know what’s possible and what’s not. What should I do?

Please refer to our article – Client FAQs: Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter / SMS / MMS API Integration – for the answers

How to install App’s binary through iPhone?

In order to install App’s binary through iPhone, please follow steps as indicated in this link .

How do I install Android’s APK through an Android device?

In order to install Android’s APK through an Android device, please follow steps as indicated in this link .


I am interested in joining Space-O, but I have some career related questions. Where do I find the information?

Please visit this Career FAQs page.


Who owns the legal rights to technology developed by a Space-O engineer?

The client. Space-O is in the business of supplying engineers of the highest caliber, not collecting intellectual property. All development done by a Space-O engineer is the property of the client.

How do we ensure that our IP is protected?

At Space-O developer is no different from any developer on your team in terms of legal status and their ownership of the technology you create. Any non-compete or non-disclosure agreements are made between you and the developer. Space-O does its best to provide forms and legal documents in order to facilitate and streamline these processes. You’re welcome to use your own when entering into an agreement with a Space-O engineer; however, our legal division will need to review the paperwork first.

"No task is too small! This project was a dream of mine and I couldn’t have brought it to life without Space-O‘s assistance. This is the fourth app that we have created together and each one has been a great success. Anytime I have a problem, they are always right there on top of it to provide the best solution. I have already turned a profit on the first app we have created which stands as the #1 education app in its class. I can’t say enough as to how thankful I am to stumble across them. I will definitely come back for more projects as soon as another golden idea pops up. ? Thanks again Space-O!"Michael Cameron
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