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Gaurang Bhatt

Space-O for me – Fantastic team, great culture, and a ton of momentum.

This place is on a rocket ship and it’s really exciting to be a part of that rise. They have given me great benefits that provide me the opportunity to grow, and passionate workers who contribute to the company’s growth.

The founders and execs are super down-to-earth and are really approachable and transparent with the rest of the organization.

Gaurang Bhatt – Project Manager

9 Years of Experience
Ankit Shah

The last three years at Space-O has been a great experience for me. I have been able to develop both my ‘personality’ and my “professionalism’. It is a great place to work, and the colleagues and supervisors always ready to provide their support whenever needed.

There are many reasons why I’m proud to work at Space-O, but it’s mostly because the company cares about its people and is committed to the success of their employees.

What I feel denotes Space-O

S – Superiority

P – Productive, Perfectionists

A – Analytical

C – Customer satisfaction

E – Extraordinary

O – Family –like organization

Ankit Shah – Sr. Project Manager

9 Years of Experience
Hardik Shah - Team Leader & Sr. Graphic Designer

I have been working with Space-O for the last 2 years as a Team Leader (Design). I also possess 15 years of experience in the design industry.

I’m extremely happy to work with Space-O Technologies because they have provided me a great platform to perform challenging tasks in Designing. Yes, we deliver world-class creative work that has brought us a lot of international acclaim.

Hardik Shah – Team Leader (Design)

15 Years of Experience
Amit Patoliya - Senior Android Developer

I’ve been a part of Space-O for the last 4 years as a Team Leader (Android), and it is easy to say that my career started for me here. I can proudly say that I work with Space-O, as coming to this wonderful organization has been a blessing for me.

The people, the infrastructure, and the company’s mission created a powerful and challenging working environment for us. Space-O organizes helpful seminars and group sessions to build my skills and knowledge as a developer.

I am thankful to Space-O for giving me this opportunity, as well as the help and guidance in the various events I have participated in for the company. The culture is such that it lets you be more creative and innovative, as we are all treated very valuable.

Amit Patoliya – Team Leader (Android)

5 Years of Experience

I have been working here for the last 3 years and before that I was working in TCS for 2 years. I can definitely say that now after joining Space-O, I have started my career and doing a “Real Job”.

Here at Space-O, the best thing which I have got is Job Satisfaction. Working in a challenging environment and in a tremendous atmosphere is the key part of Space-O. Compare to my previous jobs, here I am working with the greatest team who encourage me on every stage, give credit to my good work and guide me whenever I am stuck in any problem.

And I think I’ll be able to fulfill all my dreams while working at Space-O.

Kiran Patel, Team Leader (iOS)

6 Years of Experience

I have been working here for the last 4+ years and I can say that working environment of Space-O is the best environment I can get.

I have learnt a lot while working here and my colleagues are really helpful to me. Whenever I face a problem, they are always with me to help.

Company provide us a platform to improve our knowledge and skills by arranging training sessions.

Keyur Bhalodiya, Team Leader (iOS)

5 Years of Experience

I Jigar Mistry, have been working since last 1.8 years as a Project Manager at Space-O, and Space-O provides all the reasons to work with joy and to have long relationship with the company. Being a project manager, I got chance to work with good knowledgeable developers who make the difficult projects to simple, which eases my job. At the end I will give five stars to Space-O for their motto: not to treat the people in the company as an employee but as the family member.

Jigar Mistry, Project Manager

8 Years of Experience
I've been working with Space-O for over a year now. Nice experience working with the group there. Lots of hurdles and each one was worked out professionally. Very happy with the final product and the work they put in. Thanks very much!!Colton Wright
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