4 Features of Brainly Homework App That Has Raised $30M to Become the Best App for Education

This blog is for Edtech startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a homework app like Brainly that recently raised $30M to deliver new solutions in the education industry. Herein we have covered the 4 powerful homework app features that you can consider during homework app development.

With the advent of educational apps, technology is sweeping through classrooms, and learning is made interesting and simple. No more monotonous & tedious blackboard and chalk methods. The e-learning app is all about machine learning and AI-based approach for smarter teaching. There has been a rapid growth in the apps for education and learning. Brainly is added as a recent name in the list. 

Funding in education, funding in Brainly

Talking about the e-learning and education apps, recently, we came across the news of Brainly app. It is a Poland-based homework app, which recently raised $30million in funding. The funding was led by Naspers which also invested $14million round in 2017 with other investors like Runa Capital and Manta Ray. It brought the total raised by the company at $68.5 million. 

Such accomplishments by the best free educational apps show the other side of the coin in which education is becoming a lucrative business. For all the Edtech startups and companies, we studied some amazing stats on the top statistic website that prove the rise of learning apps and increase social learning communities in the coming years.


Education industry statistics

The global education market is expected to increase by $37.8 billion in 2020, which was only $3.4 billion in 2011. Thus, education is the necessity of coming years and so is the education app development like language learning apps, tuition app solution, assignment tracking system, storytelling apps for kids, or educational apps for toddlers. 

homework app features

Now, after these educational app ideas, let’s move on to the Brainly app’s features that are engaging over 150 million students which will give your educational app more innovative ideas.

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4 Features of Brainly App to Consider for Your Education App Development

  1. Specific question curation & search filtration

    The education learning app, Brainly, focuses on becoming a reliable source for students who are stuck while doing homework. Now you might be wondering in this Google inspired world why would one rely on an e-learning app.

    There is a lot of scattered information available on Google searches, but a filtered and specific questionnaire is where the app found its opportunity. Here’s where Brainly curated feature, having specific questions that students might come across in their homework. This helps students to accurately understand and complete their learning on time.

    Brainly mobile app for education

    Image Credit: Brainly

    Through the Brainly app, the students can also ask questions and obtain similar other results related to the query. From this search result, a student finds what others are asking or may find some other questions which they are probably not aware of.

    Being an Edtech startup, keep your education app’s search filter the most efficient. Through machine learning technology, you can easily curate thousands of possible permutation-combinations for every answer effectively. 

  2. Avail answers in an instance

    The platform gives a chance to answer questions to students and teachers both. Answers given by a student are thoroughly checked by moderators. And some answers are explained in detail by teachers. So far the app has over 50 million answered questions, there are thousands of moderators who make sure that the answers are absolutely filtered and correct.

    education app development

    Image Credit: Brainly

    If you are planning to create an education app, curate the answering in both typing as well as photo format. If a user is in a hurry then he can upload a quick photo for the answer, and if a user wants to give a detailed step-by-step format, he can type the answer. There should be no word limit placed in the app. 

    We atSpace-O technologies are telling this on the basis of so far developing over 50 educational apps. We design, develop, test and launch customized educational applications for schools and colleges. School Reviewer and Counting in Japanese are two of the apps as a reference work. Our portfolios portray our clientele process, feature integration, idea generation and technological challenges we faced during the app development.

  3. All subjects in one app

    Using Brainly homework app, a student can ask any homework answers, practice for exams, essays, research on subjects like Maths, History, English, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies, Arts, Computers and World languages. It also has a special section featuring prep questions for SAT & PSAT exams. It covers education levels, such as elementary school, middle school, high school, and college. 

    develop an education app

    Image Credit: Brainly

    So, being an Edtech startup or a college-school startup, your educational app must cover the subjects and upcoming entrance exam’s material for the targeted audience to engage more into your app. You can also approach for tutors who are experienced in those subjects, whose answers are famous for students to learn. Curate such answers and integrate into your app for the instant reach of the app.

  4. Earn points by sharing knowledge

    For steady engagement of the educational app, you need to integrate feature like points collection or homework solving games. Students engage more through the app to obtain certain ranks, which in turn affects the app’s ranking.

    educational app ideas

    Image Credit: Brainly

    There is no denying that education is getting modernized and has traveled a long way to become digitized. To obtain a proper UI/UX, seamless app development, and creative idea inception, an education app development company like us can help you with some in-depth guidance into market app trends. Thus, before ending this blog we would like to provide you with some essential features which will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Education App Ideas

One of our expert app developers has suggested some more features to include in your own education app like Brainly to get more attention from students and teachers. Here are some recommended features to include:

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  • Video chat with the mentors or teachers
  • Audio classes by the experts
  • Group/private messaging 
  • Tracking progress
  • Push notifications

If you still have any query or confusion regarding educational app development cost, how to create an app like Brainly, or how to hire mobile app developers, discuss it with our expert consultants. Just fill our contact us form and our representative will get in touch with you shortly to guide you through the whole mobile app development process for your app idea. The consultation is absolutely free of cost. 

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