Why Uber For Trucks Is The Perfect On-demand Marketplace For Startup


Ever since the Uber became successful, almost every company that deals with transportation have started adapting the Uber transportation strategy and hiring Uber developers.

The on-demand marketplace or the so-called Uberization industry is growing at a rapid speed. Healthcare, food delivery, grocery delivery, liquor delivery – there seems to be an “Uber of” of almost everything. And now the term – Uber for Trucks – is gaining a strong grip in the on-demand services.

According to the American Trucking Association, about 70% of all freight moved in the United States by Uber for trucking. And without trucks, the American economy brakes to a stop.

As per the recent report from TechCrunch, Kobo360, a Nigerian trucking logistics startup, has raised $6 million to upgrade its platform and expand operations to Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire and Togo. The company has an Uber-like app that connects truckers and companies with freight needs.

However, our today’s article is going to address all the inquiries from our clients from Florida, Chicago, and California who would like to develop Uber clone for Uber for trucks industry.

The idea of Uber For Trucks

By looking at the above information, you must know how much the industry is worth. But still, the local trucking industry is fragmented because of empty containers. The cost of repositioning an empty container is almost the same as the full containers. And obviously, moving empty trucks won’t make any money for local logistics companies. The longer the trucks wait to be filled, the higher the cost.

In order to stop this, the local trucking industry needs a new solution. The solution that will contact the freight brokers, and connect them with a carrier. But again, these brokers charge up to 20%, which turns out to be not the best option for the logistics companies in the 21st century.

So, what’s the alternative to this problem?

The Solution…

Similar to Uber app that connects drivers with the passengers, your Uber transportation app can fill the gap between truckers and shippers, which eliminates the need of freight brokers. And this service, that establishes a direct connection between shippers and truckers can be dubbed as Uber trucking.

The freight industry can benefit a lot from an Uber-like app for logistics which can lower the expenses, increase the visibility of the company, and most importantly, minimize the trucks move around with empty containers.

The Uber For Trucking Industry

There are already many companies picked up the idea of building an Uber for trucking app for shippers to connect with the carriers seamlessly and market themselves as an Uber for trucks industry.

In fact, shippers can benefit to a great extent from such an Uber transportation app. The features for such Uber for logistics app can be like…

  • Targeted Freight Tracking
  • Freight Tendering
  • Freight Schedule Management
  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Integrated Payment System

How Uber For Trucks App Can Help The Industry?

If a tow truck app can establish a direct connection between a shipper and a carrier, it will be possible for both, truckers and shippers to work together efficiently. Though, it would need a real-time location-based system and a bunch of tools to store user data and handle server side, etc..

But, mostly all carrier companies have GPS to identify the location of the device in real time. So, in order to make Uber for Trucks App work, you would need to get access to the location data.

Moreover, to make the process much simpler, developing the separate solution for both Shippers and Truckers would make the task much easier. And, in case you need guidance or help, you can take help from the app development company to take care of your Uber for Trucking App as well as its backend development.

Solution For Uber For Trucks App Development

The goal of this solution is to offer an easy connection to let truckers earn most out of their trucks and shippers can contact truckers directly, without having to pay a broker.

And, for this, it would require to develop two app solutions.

App For Truckers

The main goal of this app for truckers is to help them find available shipments and fill the empty space in their trucks. The truckers, in the app, will be able to see waiting list with requests, view shipper’s details, get push notifications, chat with shipper, check for routes, etc.

For instance, when the driver first signs up in the app, he’ll be able to browse through the list of all available shipments near the area. And, the trucker who accepts the shipment first, gets the job first. Additionally, it should be clear that shipper cannot cancel the shipment request once it is accepted by the trucker.

App For Shippers

Similar to truckers, the goal of the app for shippers is to find available nearby trucks. In the app, the shippers will be able to make new shipping requests, specify the source and destination location, pay for shipping, get delivery confirmation, etc..

The shipper can create a shipment requirement and send the request to nearby truckers, chat with them, finalize the deal, and upload documentation with location data to get a task done. This is not only more efficient, but it could be less expensive as well.

How Uber For Trucking App Can Make Money?

Uber for trucks mobile app should not only automate the process, but also fill trucks, and make the business more profitable. It should also offer a user-friendly pricing policy for both, shippers and truckers.

For instance, you may keep your transportation app free for the carriers and charge shippers up to 3% of load value, or from the total cost amount. Looking at 15% charge that freight brokers usually take, it surely looks very low-profit scale.

But think of it like this: how much the shippers and truckers will be instantly attracted to use your Uber for trucking app to do their business. And if you still insist on obtaining higher pay, you could also offer premium services such as secure transportation, standard packages, etc to profit higher on the same.

By developing such a solution for the supply chain logistics transportation company, you can help truckers move around more efficiently, and with minimal empty containers. So if you starting to think it’s time to give this idea a deep thought, we look forward to helping you with the same.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding Uber for trucking apps development, trucking freight, and Uber trucking business, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consulation is absolutely free of cost.

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