Plan to Integrate At least One of These Exclusive Features in Your Taxi Booking App to Survive Against Uber and Lyft

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Do you want to expand your taxi business like Uber and Lyft?

But how will you improve the quality of your existing taxi booking app?

Developing an app like Uber and surviving in this competitive market is not as easy as it sounds. To take a big piece of ridesharing market, you need to deliver user-friendly access, great experiences to riders, and exclusive features like Uber app is offering to its frequent riders.

According to TechCrunch, Uber is testing a new Premium Hotline Support feature with a small group of users. The all-new 24/7 hotline support will allow Uber’s frequent riders direct access to a team of Uber customer service executives in case if they have any problem.

The two small support pilots were spotted by TechCrunch, including 24/7 hotline and an in-app feature staffed by “specially trained experts”, who will solve the problem of frequent riders. Now, top riders will get faster and personalized support service.

So, how you have planned to expand your taxi business? What unique features you will provide to your top riders? Here, we have listed four exclusive features that you can integrate into your taxi booking app to deliver a great experience to your riders.

Taxi Booking App – Exclusive Four

1. A Personal Address Book in the App

No one likes to enter the same address again and again while booking a ride. Many a time, it irritates riders to type their home or office address every single time when they book a ride.

Therefore, the most exclusive feature that you can integrate into your taxi booking application for your frequent riders is a personal address book that allows them to store their home address and save other destinations in alphabetical order.

Allow them to create their own personal address book in the application so that they don’t have to type the same address every time when they ride the same place. They can easily update old addresses, add new destinations or delete unused ones. So, including this feature will allow your frequent riders to save their time as they don’t need to enter the same address again.

2. Customer Support Service That Available 24/7

As mentioned earlier that Uber is trialing a new premium support hotline for its top riders, so it allows frequent riders to contact customer support executives when they are facing any problem like a car accident, wrongly dropped off in a dangerous neighborhood or etc.

So, Uber clone apps must ensure a safe and hassle-free ride by including a security feature, allowing riders to get in touch with any customer care executive through an application or they can add contact details of any person.

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Passengers can make use of the hotline or customer support service to query a bill, and report things like a driver not turning up or other serious incidents of sexual harassment. With such a support feature, you can make your passengers feel safe and secure while using your service.

3. Preferred Driver

Have you ever booked a taxi to drive back home or office? Do you ever feel that this driver was more polite and humble than others? It happens with a lot of riders when they drive office or home and found any driver well-mannered, so they wish to prefer them every time when they ride.

Why don’t allow your riders to prefer any driver of their choice? You can include a preferred driver feature in your taxi booking app and allow passengers to mark any driver as preferred so that the next time whenever he/she requests for a ride, the request will directly go to the preferred drive as per his availability.

If the preferred driver is available when the rider is sending a request, the request will directly go to him and this way, you can boost customer satisfaction.

4. Free Ride or Discounted Coupons

As you know that after downloading an Uber taxi app for the first time, you can claim your free credit, or you can take your first free or discounted ride. It was the most successful marketing strategy for Uber.

But it is also a good option to provide a free ride or discounted coupon to your frequent or top riders after particular kilometers or rides. For example, if any of the passengers are frequently travels on your taxi, you can offer a free ride or discounted coupon once they complete a particular number of rides or kilometers with you.

This way, you can retain your passengers, who can share their experience with their friends and relatives. Indirectly, you can encourage more users to try your taxi booking application.

These are the top four features that any taxi apps can integrate for their frequent riders and offer a great riding experience to them. Apart from these above-mentioned features, you can integrate other features of your choice that you think can encourage your top riders.

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