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Building Real Time traffic and strategy apps that can respond to the user’s request in no time are trending now & why investors are hiring real time mobile application developers on the hourly base.

Humanity has known some form of technology and mechanism since the dawn of civilization. From the generation of fire to the turning of the wheels, everything is technology. Technology has been refined and redefined now, latest of which are Mobile, web, and desktop applications and that our split into two categories: “static” or “real-time.” But, increasing the glory of apps, real-time mobile apps development is a piece of technology that is carrying smartphones on its back.

“Real-time apps are infinitely more engaging.”

Why does an app need to be real-time?

The Real Time Apps are made to reflect real life experience of action and reaction or cause and effect, on an immediate basis. For an e.g. Real-time applications let you edit docs together, battle your online buddies, find the nearest taxi and traffic status, and see when your friend is typing an “iMessage.” Real time apps enable people in experiencing interactions like they do in reality.

Majority of the apps, in the early days, used to be static. It did not allow interaction between the user and the app. Now, though, seeing the extensive and illustrative use of Real Time features, truckloads of apps use this feature to be more engaged with the user.

What type of apps use Real Time features?

Real Time features have been adopted in apps from multivariate fields that include, enterprises (WebEx, ETrade’s MarketCaster), telecom industries (Facetime), games (World of Warcraft), chat rooms, social networking sites (Facebook’s Ticker), news providing apps (NYTimes) and many more.

At the same time, how can one miss the real time transport apps? Arrivo Sydney, NextThere, TransitTimes and many others such apps offer real time services. These kind of apps utilize the most of real time feature giving you the exact transit accessibility details with timings and service updates.

Apps like these have nothing in common except for the fact that they have driven all the areas in concern, towards real time/ real life effect.

Real-time technology is
Tangled & Costly
But that’s changing…

The kind of real-time apps that are available today, form merely 30% of the iceberg. The rest of the 70% is drowned in the ocean. Gauging the future of real time apps, here are the new possibilities that it may bring in the way we shop, communicate, travel, work and educate by changing the way in which the real world works and interacts.

What are the Challenges inReal Time App Development?

Real-time apps can minimize the load bearing with enormous speed so as to assist the systems in handling the toughest problems in no time at all. While apps like this are at demand, the right solution providing companies are few. We can help you with the real time SaaS solutions using our knowledge in Pusher, Pubnub, Firehose and many other SaaS Event Notification systems. We can upgrade your PHP/RoR/Java application to consume real time events readily with the use of backend event notification systems.

However, the challenge that does come forth in the development of an app with real-time configuration is the prediction of how many users will use the app at a given moment. If the number is huge, then chances of delayed responses increase. As a part of the discussion to find the solution to this challenge, our technical real time traffic app expert along with the developers found the perfect solution to the problem. Their suggestion was never to keep all the data on one server. Using Elastic Load Balancing, this problem can be solved and sorted in no time.

Our Real Time App Development Experiments

MySafetyBuddy (MSB), an app that ensures the safety of human life in general, has the basic function of notifying friends and family members about the movement of a person, from one place to another.


We also applied the real-time feature in Glovo, which is an E-Butler app that never lets the customer down. The moment any customer’s request is sent, Glovo kicks the task in as well, in Real Time.

Everyone and everything is moving faster in the world driven by technology and even a moment’s delay in this pace is unacceptable. Mobility joining hands with real time is the solution that will never let reality slow down.

Our team is also keen on identifying more possibilities with real-time features and will share more case-studies as and when an innovation finds its way to Space-O. Are you looking for real-time controls or real-time data features? Get your free consultation from us to talk about your REAL-TIME app idea.

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