Car Rental App Development: 4 Ingredients Car Rental Startups Need to Know From Car Rental App like Turo

Are you planning to start your own car rental business or want to grow your existing startup with car rental app development? Herein we have mentioned 4 ingredients that car rental startups need to know before developing best car rental app like Turo.

Car rental mobile apps are the next “Airbnb” for the car industry at large.

If Airbnb has took over the world of renting of houses and apartments, then the car rental business is following its footsteps with apps like Turo and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Rental cars are a necessity for many people. They provide a need for people who cannot afford cars, but still, need to use it from time to time. As a result, rental cars save the day, and they don’t seem to be going out of business soon.

Car rental apps and car sharing apps are much in demand from the past years. There are some proven stats that clearly states a win-win for car rental and car sharing startups or entrepreneurs. Let’s check out some amazing facts about the car rental industry that car rental startups need to know.

Some Facts and Figures of Care Rental Industry

  • In 2019, car rentals segment amounted to US$26,873m.

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  • The report from shows the annual forecast growth rate at 3.4% (CAGR 2019-2023), which is resulting in the market volume of US$30,686m for 2023.
  • User penetration in 2019 is estimated at 1.7% and is expected to grow at 1.8% by 2023.

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There is an unexpected growth in the “car on rent” market. If you are thinking to grow your taxi renting business, we have a perfect solution in the form of “car rental app development.”

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For a more clear idea on online car rental apps and car sharing apps business, let us dig into the best car rental apps of 2019. Turo & Enterprise Rent-A-Car, have recently topped the car on rent app chart as per the sensortower report.

  • Turo is the most downloaded self-drive car rental app with an increase of 15%  from 2018. A total close to 7,48,000 new installs has made the app top the charts.
  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the second most downloaded ride-sharing app with an increase of 12% from 2018. A total close to 2,77,000 installs, it is accompanying Turo in the car rental app world.
  • According to, Turo was the most downloaded car rental and sharing app in the United States during May 2019 with close to 296,000 new installs.

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Before discussing the features of these car renting apps, let’s dive into the history of these two peer to peer car rental app developments.

Turo: Better Than Car Rental

  • Launched back in 2016, Turo app is available in Canada. It is the best car rental app as it provides peer to peer car rental solution.
  • Anyone who has a car can do business by providing their cars to travelers who are roaming in their area.
  • As per, currently, it has more than 6,50,000 members and 22,000 cars listed in Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. It has now also moved to Nova Scotia and plans to launch next in Prince Edward Island.
  • The average Canadian car owner earns $600 per month when sharing his or her car only nine days a month on the platform.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car: Car Rental App

  • The car on rent app is a personal car rental assistant. It is available since 1960 in Missouri, United States.
  • This app like Uber for car rental provides access to exotic car collection.
  • With over 7000 worldwide locations, the users can find rental cars near their localities.
  • Roadside assistance is available 24/7 for customer support. The users also avail some perks like reward points for free rental cars.

After understanding the overview of the Uber like app development for car rentals, let’s understand some useful features that you as a startup can consider in developing your “car hire app.”

4 Ingredients of Turo (Car Sharing App) to Consider During Car Rental App Development

  1. Allow Users to Select Cars

    Being a car rental startup, make sure you are available at the most needed places like airports. The most important ingredient for any rental service is vehicles. Opt for the mixture of fleets from an old Rolls Royce to the new Mercedes Benz. Turo app has over 800 models from where its online user can choose from.

    The on-demand car rental app development works best when new customers are able to access a vehicle on the spot. For that convenience, you need to have proper fleet management and an accurate pricing chart with photo gallery. A filtered menu will give a clean UI experience and in return, it will increase user engagement.

    So, consider this feature in mind when developing your own car rental app for your car rental business.

  2. Filtered Delivery Options & Vehicle Features

    With the digital wave, users are liking more personalized and niche filtration in mobile app development. The car rental app development must filter their pick-up locations like were to bring the car? Airport, downtown, or car for business travel?

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    To provide better car facilities, your car sharing app should have a “car feature” filter. By such filtration, you can come to know which features are opted by your users, when renting a car. You can also say, which features are “a must have” in their car for comfort purposes.

    Being a car rental startup, keep in mind that your users love being pampered. Through mobile app development, your availability increases among the mass, which also means more responsibility and better on-the-go disposal services. Match your own demand-supply graph, and the goodwill will come through.

  3. Unlock Cars Through App

    The peer to peer car rental apps is now moving outrageously towards intricate app setups. One of which is “unlocking cars through the app.” As we said earlier, users like services at their disposal, this new feature allows users to locate, book, and unlock cars instantly from the car rental app.

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    Experiment with today’s trending technology to get more exposure and provide the best revenue structure to the hosts that are earning under your car rental app model. So, whether you have 10 car rental owners, who are ready to give their cars on rent or 100 owners, make sure that your car rental app has this feature and allows users to unlock cars through the app.

  4. Messaging the Hosts Anytime & Searches for Rental Locations

    The car rental app development gives both the parties a 24/7 availability. A user can message anytime to the host for renting his vehicle. Messaging feature gives a formal touch to the app, rather than keeping a calling feature.

    A geolocation map is an important feature for your car hire app. The map can become your usage in many ways, it can become a search option for users. The users can locate the car rentals through the “location list” feature. Maps can also be integrated to check the cars on-route availability, and status.

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Anybody with a smartphone can connect to the internet and can get services at their disposal without leaving their home. Who will take the pain of going to local rental service, make calls, and enter the credit card number for the payment process?

Moreover, every car owner or Uber driver has become a line of support to answer simple details about the vehicle or the route.

For your car rental business, we have some more insights that will leave you stunned with the scope of such on-demand car rental app development. According to, the rental car industry is hyping in the U.S. The global comparison shows the revenue of US$10,289m in the U.S. in the year 2019.

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You can also target countries like China, Germany, France, Japan and other countries with car rental service demands. With car rental apps, the car rental and care sharing business are available on everyone’s fingertips and the access to it will be made just a tap away. We are in the smartphone age, dive in and see what wonders it does for your business.

Another stats from shows a clear usage of car rentals as per the age criteria. Car is the most convenient mode of traveling as compared to the train and bus for all the age groups. In that car renting niche, if you are providing a self drive car rental facility, it will act as a cherry on the cake. People love traveling and driving on their own. You will definitely be a game changer and a disrupter of the car rental industry.

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So, if you have any idea on online car rental app development, cross verify it with us. We are a leading mobile app development company and has developed over 3500 apps with over 20 unique features and functionalities like in-app payment, GPS tracking, in-app messaging, multi-lingual support, social media integration and more.

In case, if you still have any confusion or query related to taxi app development cost, Uber like app development for your car rental business, Indian app developer cost for car rental app development, or how to hire mobile app developer for your app idea, then discuss it with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will contact you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free.

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