Y Combinator And TechCrunch Disrupt Fight Their Way Towards The Same Goal!

Feeding The Startups

Y Combinator just got its session 2 over with a couple of days ago and yet the energy is still in the air. Why? Because TechCrunch’s much talked about event, ‘Disrupt’ is on its way. Disrupt San Fransisco is going to be hosted during September 21st – 23rd, 2015. A smooth flow from the Winter session of Y Combinator to the San Francisco TC Disrupt is expected. Along with the hopeful startup owners, a lot of others are also looking forward to the raw talent that these stages have and will showcase.

The question that arises is, which Venture Capital event is better than the other? Yes, most of you believe that it is difficult to choose and that both the events are different from each other, and we agree. And yet for those people who are planning a startup, anywhere in the world, and are expecting sponsorship, this confusion is as tangible as it gets. Which event should they take part in and how will it benefit them? Where will they get the utmost benefit they deserve. Giving an answer to such a difficult question is going to be difficult but here goes.

Y Combinator

YCY Combinator is an event hosted twice a year, which allows startups to attain seed funding. This event is not just about the pitches that startup founders make in front of investors, but also about giving a three-month long training to the founding members of the startup in order to develop the idea to a maturity wherein it can be ready to launch when presented in front of the panel of investors. Here is how it works:

  • It starts with the process of willing startups to send in their applications without attaching the business plan or proposal.
  • The applications that are found worthy are chosen, and their founding members are asked to shift to the bay area where Y Combinator is going to be hosted.
  • Some part or all of the expenses for the stay in the bay area is being incurred by Y Combinator.
  • The training given at Y Combinator includes, discussion on the startup ideas, solving conflicts between founding members, training the founders to face the toughest and ambiguous questions to be posed by the investors and much more.
  • At the interval of every few days, a dinner feast is organized wherein celebrated startup founders, and other experts are called in to share their knowledge and experience.
  • Through Y Combinator does not like its event to be called a boot camp for startups, in a way it is a boot camp.
  • By the end of 10 weeks, the actual two-three day event begins, allowing the stage for these startups to make their pitches and impress the investors. At the end of the day, only a few startups can get the money, but all the startups can get the perfect training of their lifetime.
  • In the end, Y Combinator attempts at creating a win-win situation for all.

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TechCrunch Disrupt

DisruptTechCrunch’s Disrupt is a 3-day event organized once in a year, in New York, San Francisco, and Beijing. 21 – 23 September 2015 is time for Disrupt to happen in San Francisco. Making Disrupt an active platform, TechCrunch makes sure it doesn’t just limit this stage to making pitches and giving sponsorship. Here is how it works:

  • TechCrunch starts its three-day event with a weekend spread Hackathon.
  • Allowing teams to participate in this Hackathon, this time to be held on 19-20th September, TechCrunch gives a chance for hackers to prove their worth along with the startups.
  • 24 hours will be allotted to each participating team to create an app. Some apps provide awesome services while some just turn out to be hilarious. But despite it all, this weekend Hackathon is always a grand opening of the Disrupt event.
  • The Hackathon winners get to show their hack on the Disrupt stage, creating another opportunity for the talented people.
  • Then begins the actual conference, wherein the selected 30 companies will pitch to the investors, panel members, TechCrunch writers and the members of the audience.
  • Amongst the 30, six will be chosen for a final face-off and finally, the winner will be brought to light.
  • One Battlefield contender will take home a $50,000 check and the coveted Disrupt Cup. If lucky, then the winner may even get an early acquiring.

Note: We have recently published the latest article on TechCrunch Disrupt 2017, which is going to held in Berlin this year. This article has a totally different idea. We have written it for the special community – Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Investors. The people who are planning to change the world with technological advancement. We request you to check it out.

Our Observation

  • While, at Y Combinator, many startup founders are selected to be given a chance to make the pitch; at Disrupt, only a selected 30 get the chance.
  • Y Combinator hosts all the startup founders selected for a 10 weeks training, giving ample chances and opportunity for everyone from all backgrounds to learn the ways of the market.
  • On the other hand, at Disrupt, the selected companies are directly called in to make the presentation.
  • Disrupt, keeps the event vibrant with the Hackathon. Y Combinator’s event is all about pitches and nothing else.
  • Disrupt chooses 30 companies that are allowed to present their ideas over the period of 3 days, which means 10 companies a day can make the pitch. At Y Combinator, the number of companies chosen isn’t fixed, and it may range from 50s to 60s, allocating less time per presentation.
  • Multiple companies can win sponsors at Y Combinator while at Disrupt there can be only one winner. The money therefore does not get divided, and proper seed funding is achieved by one company only.

So which startup seed funding event is the better one?

Well, it depends on what you give priority to. Do you want training as well as a stage to make a brilliant pitch? Then the choice is obvious. It is Y Combinator.

If you however want more time to make sure you can make your product/service clearly and are in need of money more than training, then Disrupt it is for you.

So roll up your sleeves and get started now.


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