3 Lessons of Fitplan for Personal Trainers and Fitness Startups

Are you a fitness startup or a pear personal fitness coach who is planning to expand his fitness studios? What better option than a fitness app? The fitness industry is projected to reach $99.9bn in 2019 and is expected to grow $106bn by 2020. With such rapid growth, the fastest way to engage your audience is through workout app development. Herein we have curated 3 lessons of Fitplan app (best workout app) to be considered by fitness startups and entrepreneurs.

The fitness and wellness industry has a lot to explore through mobile app solutions.

The technological advancement has given Gen Z a new way of achieving a healthy body in the form of workout apps. With the increasing awareness about fit and healthy body, millennials are engaging more towards living a healthy lifestyle.

Who will not like the option of working out flexibly even at 1 a.m.? After a mundane day at work, every human being wants some sought of refreshment. And the best way of getting one is through workout trainer apps like Fitplan, Sweat, 8Fit, Strava, which are evolving the fitness market at an incredible pace.

Talking about the most popular workout app named Fitplan, we came across news from TechCrunch that Fitplan (best fitness app) collaborated with Alex Rodriguez to move deeper into the tailored fitness vertical. It raises $4.5million by partnering with the baseball star, the round was led by VC firm Corazon Capital. Its existing investors Lerer Hippeau, Bullpen Capital, Imaginary, and Advancit Capital said that this investment will be used to accelerate product development and add more athletes as fitness personalities to its platform.

The health and fitness app industry is growing rampant, eliminating diseases. We, at Space-O Technologies, are also contributing to the health and fitness industry by developing top fitness and workout apps with varied features, functionalities, and uses. Using the latest technologies like the Internet of Things, Motion Tracking, and Gyroscopes, we have developed over 40 fitness and sports apps and those apps are covered by top websites like The New York Times, Techcrunch, and SportTechie.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about the most discussed workout app of this time. Yes, you guessed it right. 

Fitplan: One Of The Most Popular Workout Apps

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Image Credit: Fitplan

  • This workout and personal trainer app was launched in 2016 by Canadian nutrition and fitness experts Hamilton and Cam Speck. 
  • Over 14,00,000 members workout using this app every day. It is known as the best workout app for weight loss, providing tailored fitness plans from influencers, athletes, fitness models, cancer survivors, bodybuilders, wellness coaches, gym owners, and parents.
  • On an average Fitplan member is doing 2.7 workouts per week and average workout is 58 minutes per workout. 

Now, let’s learn something more about this top training app by these 3 important lessons. This app offers such trending offerings you will surely be able to decide the right approach for your workout app development.

3 Successful Lessons Of Fitplan (Best Personal Trainer App) For Successful Workout App Development

  1. Get fitness idols as a personal trainer

    When it comes to physique, we all have some of the other fitness role models. 

    What if we get an opportunity to learning or performing the same workout routine as them? 

    Of course, we will be anxious to perform one. To be among the best workout apps, you will have to study human psychology and likes-dislikes of your target audience properly. After knowing the exact working out the pattern, make an effort of approaching the best influencers, fitness experts for your app development.

    Such collaborations will create a hype of your app in the market. For instance, the tie-up with Rodriguez gave the Fitplan app the best exposure possible digitally. The popularity of the athletes, fitness experts, and nutritionists can also engage loyal users to your workout app.

    The fitness experts like Jen Selter, Michelle Lewin, Mike O’ Hearn, Jen Heward, become a source of motivation for fittest self if considered during the workout app development.

  2. Suitable fitness plans to perform at any place

    Workout regime has to be from 7-8 mins to 45-60 mins, with proper segmentation for a pro and a beginner. With such an exercise routine, you can also include step-by-step video, instructing the same for your fitness app users to get into shape. 

    You will be able to retain your online users by providing flexible pear personal fitness coaching. Let the individuals choose their own fitness goals whether it is building muscle, weight loss, marathon prep, and anything. As a fitness app, your role will be to provide:

    • Planned exercises for 3-12 weeks
    • Customized workout plans
    • To add new athletes and fitness plans monthly
    • Daily feedback on which exercise needs improvement 
    • Tips, audio instructions, and video demonstration by the athletes 

    Expert tip: If you are willing to engage your audience socially, enable the social media sharing feature in your app. This will help your users share their weight loss stories and milestones right from the workout app.

  3. Exclusive motivational content, giveaways and more

    Being a workout and fitness app, design a feed exclusively for motivational content, plus fitness and nutritional tips. Such curation will be an informative guide for fitness fanatics and nerds who are just after reading new innovations in different industries.  

    Let’s understand this through an instance.

    When we go to buy expensive shoes, do we buy it by just its appearance?

    No, Right! We ask whether it is water-resistant, the durability of the sole, demonstrate a walk wearing them. The same goes here with health and fitness apps, to make your users believe the effectiveness of the workouts. Live videos, demos, cookery lessons, this will create brand awareness for your business.

    Now, before we come to the end of this blog, we would like to share our contribution to the fitness app development genre. It is very important for us that you rely on us knowing our potential and experience in the mobile app development world. Herein we have showcased three popular workout apps from over 40 fitness app solutions.

Our Contribution In The Fitness App Development Industry

  1. Dara Torres Health & Fitness

    The fastest female swimmer in America wanted a health and fitness app development that consists of her daily workouts to get the fitness enthusiasts in their desired shape. There are various workout videos, instructing users on how to perform any exercise along with its benefits. It comes with lots of features like:

    • Daily workout videos of Dara Torres
    • Listing personal recipes of Dara Torres for healthy eating
    • Updates on her latest events and activists
    • Nutrition guide for weight loss and gain
    • Buy fitness essentials from in-app store

    workout app development

    Image Credit: Dara Torres

  2. Gymboss

    This is the best workout app development which is known for exercises like running, HIIT, Tabata, Crossfit, Home workouts, Weight stretching, and any other workout that requires timing. Various features included in the top training app are.

    • Set different alarms for different exercises
    • Inbuilt stopwatch
    • Access direct music from the app
    • Customizable and moving background colors
    • Visual, audible, and vibrating alarms
    • iCloud drive account to save programs

    workout app

    Image Credit: Gymboss

  3. MyRealBuzz

    This workout app development helps users to train, track, and boost their fitness. It is for the users who love running, cycling or walking as it records all the activities with GPS. Moreover, saving any activity and keeping track of how one is progressing over time. The app comes with various features, including:

    • To record daily fitness activity
    • Track fitness activities like running, walking, and cycling
    • Live GPS tracking
    • Photo sharing to make fitness memories
    • Track weight, body fat, and body measurements

    best workout apps

    Image Credit: MyRealBuzz


So, after looking at our past work and understanding the lessons of the best personal trainer app, Fitplan, we hope you are ready to develop a fitness app for your fitness startups. Instead of thinking about how to create an app, how much does it cost to make a fitness app, just discuss your requirements with our mobile app consultants.

In case, if you have any query or confusion regarding the cost of making fitness apps like Fitplan, iOS/Android app development cost in India, how to make money with an app idea like workout apps how to hire Android app developer, just get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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